Discipline is the key to living - Dr. Diva Verdun

Discipline is the Key to Living


1.  a field of study
2.  training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character
3.  control gained by enforcing obedience or order
4.  orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior – self-control

Discipline begins with controlling our thoughts.  When we are able to control what we are thinking and continue to realign our mental activity we begin to stand in our POWER to manifest all we desire in our experience.  We become focused and stay the course to obtain that which we are working towards.  We begin to realize that in order to see our dreams manifest we must exercise discipline in every area of our lives.

As children we equated discipline to punishment. As we grew up, we continued to allow this thought to ferment in our minds and continued to see discipline as a negative act that was used to control our behaviors. So we continue to retaliate in our own minds about being disciplined when in actuality discipline has nothing to do with outside punishment. It has to do with self-control and internal POWER.

Discipline is the key to living - Dr. Diva VerdunDiscipline does NOT go against our free will.  Our parents were enforcing measures to teach us how to apply self-control.  We have mixed the message up and equated the punishment for being out of control with the act of discipline itself.  As adults, we still find ourselves out of control, and the results of the punishment are the pains we suffer through our mistakes.

When we are disciplined within we find ourselves avoiding the MIND FIELDS, the fields of negative thought, that get us into so many areas of trouble.  We begin to learn our free will still must be channeled so that we can process our behaviors in a peaceful and ordered state of being.  We will then find we are no longer flipping around from one activity to another, from one experience to another because we are in control of the MIND FIELD, so we no longer spiral.  We are now capable of sitting still to learn from our issues so that we are empowered to move forward.

We must be disciplined in small task simply to take care of ourselves.  To brush our teeth, to bath, to groom, these are disciplined task.  We have been doing them so long that they simply become a part of who we are.  The goal is to make all necessary disciplined activities a simple part of you.  Then they never feel like something you are forcing yourself to do.  They merely become part of self-care that takes you to higher levels in your experience.

If we want to become more we must sit still and BE MORE.  Yes! Sit still and BE MORE.  You must go within and still your mind and gain control of your thinking.  You must weed out the little foxes that are destroying the vine.  These are the negative thoughts that are wrapped around every vine of truth and squeezing the L.I.F.E. out of your thoughts by keeping you paralyzed in fear.

We must be disciplined to search for truth within so that we know the peace that surpasses all understanding, which is at the root of our POWER.  In this peace we gain mental order and we are motivated to take control of our lives.  We are now disciplined to continue to move in this pattern of order as it becomes a part of who we are.  We no longer are fighting and retaliating about being disciplined because we feel someone is forcing us to do something we don’t want to do. We have taken control of our mental processes and realize that once we are in control of our thoughts we are fully in control of our lives and we are totally prepared and motivated to take the necessary and consistent action to do what is needed to live our dreams.

Discipline is the key to living - Dr. Diva VerdunThrough our disciplined approach to living, we find we are now very patient with L.I.F.E.  We are no longer in a rush because we fully understand the value in living in each and every moment.  We understand that perfect order is always in action in our experience and that in this divine and perfect order we must complete each assignment to get to the next phase of our experience.  When we have not been disciplined enough to complete one phase we cannot graduate to another one no matter how much pain we feel we are in.  We must complete the L.I.F.E. assignment in order to graduate with honors to the next level.

When we become disciplined we respect order and we see order in everything in the Universe and know that once we are at peace and trust Divine Order we begin to speed up the process to manifest our dreams.  We begin to come into the full awareness of truth regarding patience and the perfect work that leaves us wanting nothing.  We become disciplined to go within and still our minds to know peace in every situation.  We know that we are always moving through each experience towards our graduation with honors to a higher realization of L.I.F.E. as we begin to discipline ourselves to move through our hurts, pains, fears and shame to know what we must do to move forward.

This is self-mastery at its highest function.  We are beginning to embody ONE MIND and LIVE IN IT!  We begin to know that there is a specific design to L.I.F.E. and that through our mental discipline we become fully aware of it and in turn we begin to discipline and order our behaviors and actions, because we now are thinking clearly, using the POWER of ONE MIND within us.

Through discipline we are empowered, not caged or punished.  We are controlling our own lives to live an ordered experience.  One that we are in control of.  We release and let go of our need to control other people and outcomes, because we realize that we have our hands full simply controlling our own minds. Our minds are now to busy setting new goals and plans for us to take action on in perfect disciplined order and we are no longer fearful of what others are thinking about our plan.  We are aggressively living L.I.F.E., because we know that through discipline, we have found a patience that leads us in peace to trust the Universe to always do the perfect work as we move towards our dreams.



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