So what does letting go and letting God look like - Dr. Diva Verdun

So What Does Letting Go Look Like?

Someone ask me the question, “what does letting go actually look like?“.  This is actually a very powerful and interesting question because we have built so much of our lives around control and fear that we literally have no clue what it actually is like to let go.  To say “let go” to someone, who is holding on for dear L.I.F.E. when their situation seems so dire and bleak, leaves little consultation for them to resolve the issue they are facing.

Letting go does not look like anything, it is a feeling, a feeling of total resolve and release.  It is a feeling that everything is going to be OK no matter how bad things seem to be. It is the feeling of detaching from the outcome and knowing peace within.

It is our fear of letting go of control or attempting to force something to happen that prohibits us from actually detaching from the outcome.  Through detachment we come to a peaceful resolve where we KNOW that no matter the outcome, we will be provided for as Spirit can never fail itself.  We are learning to trust the Universe through the peace within, which is how we access our POWER to effectuate change in our lives. This is the process of letting go.

When we let go, we are trusting that whatever the outcome actually turns out to be we are moving into a new experience that will bring us into more truth about who we are.  While we are experiencing the trial, we then can relax in the knowing that whatever the outcome, we will be blessed on the other side of it in perfect peace as the Universe takes over and manifest for us that which we desire.

The desires we have may be housing, money, possessions or even relationships.  We may have a certain outcome in mind, but that does not mean that particular outcome is our perfect good.  We may even experience turmoil as we go through a learning experience to discover that what we may have desired or thought we wanted is not the perfect outcome for us.  Thus, what seems to be chaotic, will bring about the natural and divine perfect outcome.

So what does letting go and letting God look like - Dr. Diva VerdunWhile it may not look or feel like it, the Universe works in perfect order and part of this order is clearing space for something new to be molded into it.  What you may be going through may not look like what you desire to experience, but Spirit is working everything together for your perfect good.

For example:  You may need housing, but the immediate resolution may not be the house of your dreams.  It may be a temporary roof over your head that keeps you safe and warm while you work through your process to align yourself in your POWER to manifest your dream home.  The immediate need is met, but your journey is only making a pit stop to the final destination.  Know that the temporary housing reflects the temporary clearing of your mental state so that you can make the necessary adjustments to confirm within exactly what you would like to manifest in your experience.

You may come to realize in letting go of the control of an outcome that you are in perfect peace and harmony with the actual manifestation that came about.  Letting go means we are simply detached from the outcome of a thing, knowing that we will have everything we desire as we continue to grow through our journey and exercise patience.

We cannot have a lunar or solar eclipse until the planetary alignments are in perfect order.  Because the Universe operates on order, we cannot expect what we desire will manifest over night as quickly as we may see it in our dreams. Sometimes all the pieces have to be aligned. The dream is the end result, not what you are actually in.  The dream is what you are working towards.  Through letting go you detach and realize that all must align in order for that which you desire to perfectly manifest.

When we are in the middle of the trial and the issues of L.I.F.E. it seems so difficult to let go.  We may even become annoyed with the statement “let go and let God”.  We may even feel that we don’t want to hear all the spiritual fluffy stuff because we are in a real problem.  The truth is that we cannot resolve any problem without going to the peace within, which we enter through letting go.  It is in this place within us that we find all the answers we need to know. What we are experiencing is a learning opportunity from which we gain great power that catapults us into fully living.

Attempting to control or force a demonstration and allowing fear to clutter your mind only delays the manifestation all together.  By letting go we actually drop our mental attachment.  It is like picking up an object and intentionally just letting it drop to the floor.  We have to let go with intention.  We have to know that letting go means we are not attached to the outcome.

We still are doing the necessary steps toward the unfolding of the dream, but we are not attempting to force the outcome in a certain timing.  We realize that just like the planets must align for an eclipse, we must allow every element of our experience to align to see our dreams manifest.

It is not about what letting go looks like.  It is about what it feels like.  It is the release of the attachment to a certain outcome, allowing all that is your perfect good to manifest as it will in your experience.  We cannot control the manifestation and the timing.  We CAN control our thoughts and the need to force or control the outcome.  We CAN let go and allow all to align by going within and knowing that everything is always working towards our highest and greatest good in perfect peace.



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