Finding the Inner You - Dr. Diva Verdun

Finding the Inner You

It is difficult to really know who we are when the world has made such an impact on defining us.  The media tells us what we are supposed to look like, feel like and be like.  The politicians reminds us that we out-of-order, and religion molds us into zombies that are stripped of our POWER.  We are then desensitized to understand what we are feeling because we are so busy attempting to fit into a shame based society.  A society that teaches us that we are not enough if we do not follow a set pattern of behaviors and actions.

We knew who we were when we were little children.  We had no prejudices, no hatred, no anger, no hostility towards anyone until we were scripted by society and religion.  The scripts we are to follow assure we conform to what the world has decided we should be, do or become. We have been so out of touch with who we are for so long that to hear we have a POWER within us that is greater than all things known is hard to contemplate, because we do not know how to access it any longer.

Once we elect to exercise our independence to be a free-thinker we come into the realization that there is something bigger and deeper about living.  As we continue to peel back the layers to uncover the truth of our own BEING, we come to discover that the POWER that is resident within the Universe is also resident within us.

We are taught that we are created in the image and likeness of a POWERful Creator and then stripped of the capability to operate in the Divine POWER that we are created in through behavioral patterning.  Once we can touch the inner part of ourselves we can access our Divine POWER and we begin to see miraculous changes happen in our experience.

Finding the Inner You - Dr. Diva VerdunWe learn that we can choose to be exempt from the mass thought that defines us as not sufficient enough, not capable, not lovable, not attractive, not educated etc…  We come into the understanding that it does not matter what world values we have not achieved or accumulated.  We have a POWER within us that allows us to tap into a reserve of resources to live the L.I.F.E. of our dreams.

First we must realize that we are more than just a human being.  We are Spirit, the ONE and ONLY Divine Creator living a human experience.  Once we come into the full understanding and realization of this simple truth we begin to realize there is more to us than what we are currently living.  We have sensed it all along, we simply did not know how to access it because we have been stripped of the knowledge of our POWER.

As we begin to exercise self-mastery, we go deeper within to resolve our pains, hurts and fears and we align with the ONEness of SPIRIT within.  We find the Inner Divine that lives within us and we come into the Awareness of Truth that it is through this POWER that we have our full BEING. It is through this POWER that we are capable of demonstrating a L.I.F.E. that manifest our dreams.

To know who we really are is an exercise in independent free thinking.  We must look at what we have been taught and begin to ask the question, “How is this applicable to me and what I desire to have in my L.I.F.E.?”.  We must begin to assimilate the truth for ourselves and sit in the quiet time to access our inner BEING so that we are empowered with truth, strength and courage to overcome our greatest challenges.  We will then begin to see our lives align with the Universal perfection as we begin to demonstrate miracles in our experience.

You are GREAT!  You were born GREAT! You have a POWER resident within you that gives you immense POWER to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.  The key is in setting your mind to it.  We set our mind in order through meditation and contemplation by being still and knowing the inner peace, which is where our strength comes from.  We find we are no longer bent and pent-up in our egos, but ready to live fully in our divinity to experience the fruits of L.I.F.E. that are our birthright.



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Note:  Today’s message is in alignment with my appearance on tonight’s broadcast on TB Radio with Tasha Bilrmore, sharing Finding the Inner You, which broadcast at 8 pm PST –






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