It's Not all in God's Hands - You have to do the Work - Dr. Diva Verdun

It’s Not All In God’s Hands – You Have to Do the Work

It's Not all in God's Hands - You have to do the Work - Dr. Diva VerdunSomeone shared with me the popular statement, “It’s all in God’s Hands Now”.  No! The truth is that God gave you hands and birthed you in the image and likeness making it up to you to make your L.I.F.E. what you want it to be.

God will not step in and fix anything for you because you have been given free will choice.  This means that Spirit literally is riding shot-gun inside of you while you make all the choices and decisions.  Spirit will not override any decision you make.  Even when you sit still and get quiet to find the answers within, you still must get up and take action through the POWER of your own MIND.  You must chose to exercise your own will to use the advice, information and confirmation that you got in your prayer/meditation time.

When we exclaim that our lives are in God’s hands, we are not exercising the POWER that God gave us.  We are sitting and suffering through a process waiting for a God in the sky to award us with the gold star called favor, because we have stumbled, fell and carried such pain to the goal line to deserve the prize.  This is dogma that keeps you bound in an attitude of powerlessness, which is directly the opposite of what you truly are.

You were born in the image and likeness of the Creator, with the POWER to co-create.  We can bring forth L.I.F.E. from our bodies.  We can see something in our mind and invent it.  We can dream of something spectacular and live it.  We have the innate POWER to BE All we see in our mind.  However, we are still in denial and not grasping our true POWER when we proclaim, “It’s all in God’s Hands”.

It's Not all in God's Hands - You have to do the Work - Dr. Diva VerdunGod is Spirit, and Spirit lives within you. Thus, Spirit can only have hands living through you.  The reality is that your L.I.F.E. is fully in YOUR hands.  You have to do the work to live the L.I.F.E. you desire to experience.

You can live it, but it is up to you to do the necessary mental work to keep your mind positive and empowered, and then take the physical action to do the work.  Remember, faith without works is dead.  We must work, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, to see our dreams manifest.

To simply brush off a belief that somehow God is going to miraculously make your L.I.F.E. different is denial. Not one thing in your L.I.F.E. will change until you do.

If you are sitting back waiting on a rescue from God, be it by Spiritual means of by physical intervention, you will continue to suffer and be in pain and see no change.  When you are taking action to do the necessary work, the Spiritual intervention you seek will manifest for you through you. It comes from the POWER that is within you as it activates the Law of Attraction to pull, like a magnet, all that you desire to you. Again, the Law is no respecter of persons, it will work depending on what you believe both positive and negative.

To simply go about each day thinking it is in God’s hands, without taking any necessary action,  means we are leaving our L.I.F.E. to be blown in the wind.  We are subjected to every shift of the wind and to every storm and cannot stand.  By exercising self-mastery, we come to understand that L.I.F.E. is about our firm beliefs, awareness, realization, decisions and actions. We realize that Spirit is working through us for us and that we must work through ourselves to attune to the POWER that lives within us to gain the footing we need to step up and live the lives we desire to experience.

It is up to you to make the necessary changes; not God.  It is in your hands, which work through the mental energy you stimulate them with.  Once you begin to fully master self, then you fully begin to understand that you have the POWER of God living within that gives you all you need to effectuate the changes you want to see manifest in your experience.



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