Love is a Constant in the Universe - Dr. Diva Verdun

Love Has No Face, It Is A Constant in the Universe and is Constant in You!

Love has been symbolized and even immortalized as lovers and sex, red hearts, flowers and gifts, reinforcing our feelings of not being lovable and accepted when any one of these is not evident in our experience.  We have been socialized to believe that we are never enough and that we can never be enough, leaving us in a persistent quest to seek love outside of ourselves to fill a void implanted by social and cultural scripts designed to control our behaviors.  This is not the Spiritual design of love, it is the world’s idea of what love should be, which leaves many fractured and depressed because they can never fill the hole in their own soul.

The truth is that love is a constant in the Universe.  A constant is something that does not change or vary.  It maintains uniformity.  It is regular and continues without pause or let-up.  A constant is unceasing.  It should be noted that all of the above fully define Spirit.

Spirit is LOVE and is constant as the Universe, totally unceasing, without change and never varies or lets up. Created in the image and likeness of Spirit, we are LOVE ITself.  We are Spirit, Love in manifest form, living a human experience. In this awareness we come to realize that we can never be without Love because we are Love ITself.

When we feel we are without love in our experience, it is our own lack of awareness of who we are as Love, because love is always fully constant within us.  There is no lack of love, only the lack of realization of IT.  We have love in our experience in equal measure to our awareness of the Presence of Spirit as Love and our ONEness with IT.

Love is a Constant in the Universe - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen we are not aware of the constant embodiment of love in the Universe, we begin to search for it outside of ourselves and continue to find failed experiences.  This is because we can only power our magnet with the equal measure of what we have come to realize exist within self.  So if we are void of self-love, we will be void of loving relationships as our mirror reflection of our perception of self.

The key to living is all held within our understanding of LOVE.  If we are searching for love outside of ourselves, we have no understanding or awareness of what love actually is.  We are looking for something or someone to fill a void that only we ourselves can fill through the recognition of truth that we are love ITself.

As we continue to seek love outside of ourselves, we will continue to journey through various trials and disappointments as we attempt to mold and control the outside ideals of love into what we feel we need to restore the hole we have in our own soul.  We cannot mold or control something outside of ourselves to fit into a void that exist within us.

The truth is that there is no void.  There is only the thought of lack and limitation with regard to love.  This is an erroneous thought,  because you can never be in lack of LOVE when you are fully created as love.  You simply are not aware of the truth of who you are and the outside experiences will only temporarily fill the void.  You will increasingly feel the need for more love to fill the hole which continues to increase in size based on your fractured and negative thoughts surrounding love.  Until you come into the awareness that love has no face, because Love is a constant in the Universe, you will never be able to fill the void as it really does not exist within you, only in your lack of awareness that you are Love ITself seeking nothing.

To heal our love voids we must begin to search deeply within to find the areas of self that feel less than enough.  As we find these areas, we must begin to restore ourselves.  We must do the mental work to remove the thoughts of being less than enough and replace them with the knowledge that we are here to live fully all of L.I.F.E. in a Universe that is constantly held together in perfect order through LOVE.

We have become accustomed to believing that our feelings and emotions are love. No!  They are a by-product that love can generate.  Our feelings and emotions waver and change as they continue to provide us with sensory information on what we like and don’t like.  However, love is constant and is never changing.  It is not a feeling, it is YOUR VERY BEING.

Your whole BEING is LOVE, and in this awareness of truth you come to realize that you are never without love, nor are you in need of love.  You realize that everyone and everything is fully LOVE and that you attract more love into your experience in equal measure according to your awareness and recognition of your constant BEING… YOU!



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