Joy is Your Birthright - Center and Connect and Be Joy-filled - Dr. Diva Verdun

Joy is Your Birthright – Center and Connect

We choose our emotional states of being.  We choose to be happy or sad, to be angry or mad.  However, joy is something we exude from within our very Being.  It is the foundation that allows us to embrace and enjoy long-lasting happiness.  It is what gives us the power to overcome sadness and depression.

Joy is foundational.  It sets the foundation upon which to build happiness, which is an emotion that shifts and changes on the surface.  Happiness is a temporary emotion we can find even in moments of deep sadness and depression.  We can be momentarily happy in thanking someone for checking on us when we are sad.  We may find happiness in the satisfaction of a good meal.  However, happiness can fade as quickly as our thoughts return to the dark space we are currently experiencing.

Joy is deeper than happiness.  It is the well of contentment that comes from within you that knows all will be OK no matter what seems to be happening in your experience.  Joy is not simply an emotional state coupled with enthusiasm and excitement like happiness.  It is a deep knowing and contentment that warms your soul.  Joy is a deep confidence that you are always in the right space and time, even when things seem to be upside down.  Joy over steps turmoil and pain, hurt and shame and confirms that you are OK because you know your POWER.

Joy is Your Birthright - Center and Connect and Be Joy-filled - Dr. Diva VerdunIt is through Joy that we are capable of generating a smile, a warm embrace or gentle and loving gestures.  There may be no real cause for overwhelming happiness when we smile, we simply feel a connection that generates the smile.  This is joy.

Joy is something that is deeply a part of you that grounds you in the knowing of your own POWER.  It is what stands strong within you and meets depression and sadness head-on and lets you know you can let it all go.

To count it all joy means we are going to that deeper place where we know within that we are grounded in Spirit and that we cannot be shaken.  It means we can allow the storms of L.I.F.E. to pass over because they cannot destroy us, they only assist us in growing stronger Spiritual roots to continue to stand.  Our joy comes forth each and every morning after a period of contemplation and meditation in which we find all the answers we seek and realize we are connected and ONE with the Divine in a perfectly ordered Universe.

Through self-mastery we let our joy be full, or fully present.  We allow the knowing that we are always OK in a perfectly ordered Universe bring about the confidence that is necessary to stand in the face of all adversity.  We are joyful in the midst of every storm, because we know that we are natural-born over-comers.

Joy is constantly generated within us and allows us to experience both sadness and happiness as counter equals so that we can make adjustments in our experience to continue to stand in our joy.  We live in the center, we live from the middle to the outside.  We live in the peace and joy of Spirit, allowing this energy to attract to us all we desire.  We are still and joyful in the knowing that we always have the victory on the other end of any experience as we open our minds and hearts to learn, to forgive, to process and to grow through our trials as we let go and know.

In the peace and deep knowing of JOY, you will find happiness stands at your side more often than not.  You will be equipped with the POWER to move from sadness and depression back to the center of your own Joy.

Let go of all that worries you and allow your joy to be fully experienced within you.  Let go of the over contemplation of sadness and self-pity and feel the POWER of Love surge within you.



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