You Define Who You Are - Dr. Diva Verdun

Only You Can Define Who You Are

Someone has been telling us who we should be, how we should be and even what we should be since we were children. We were told what we could do, what we could not do, where we could go or not go, what we could study, and in some cases even who to date or marry.  We were left with little power to make our own decisions.  We were constantly reminded that we were not capable of making wise decisions for ourselves or were not old enough to make them.  Now that we are adults we still unconsciously allow these parental scripts to keep us in fear of making our own decisions.

We are now consumed by the fear of what others may be thinking and feelings of not being sufficient.  We need validation for our decisions before we feel comfortable enough to make them.  We are looking for all of the answers and approval we need outside of ourselves to define who we are.  We then can’t seem to understand why we are always miserable with the decisions that we make.  This is because we are making decisions based on value systems that are not our own.

Your L.I.F.E. experiences are designed to give you the necessary information through both the good and the bad, which provide you with the knowledge of what you like and do not like.  When you feel compelled to ask someone else to make a decision for you for your own L.I.F.E., you are giving away your own power and allowing someone else to define you based on their experiences.

You Define Who You Are - Dr. Diva VerdunAll advice is not fully applicable to your situation.  Take advice into consideration, but base your decision on what you FEEL will be the best decision for you.  Jumping out or into a situation before considering fully how you FEEL about it will result in more misery on the other end of the decision when you did not make it for yourself.

We must make our own decisions and face the consequences of those decisions in order to grow and gain valuable insight for our own L.I.F.E. journey.  We must have our own experiences so that we can become more aware of our own POWER, so that we become comfortable trusting ourselves to make valuable and rewarding decisions.

Making a bad decision, only means we learn a valuable lesson, not that we are not capable of making good decisions. We will only learn how to make good decisions if we take the risk to make our own decisions based on our own value systems.

If you allow someone to coerce you into a decision, you are no longer in control of who you are, the other person is now in control. You have literally given over your thinking and feeling capacity to someone else to make your L.I.F.E. choices.

In truth, you must face and deal with your fears to make choices for yourself, or you will continue to be miserable in whatever scenario that comes about until you do.

Only you can define who you are.  No one has the ability to define you.  No one has the ability to make decisions for you, unless you make the decision to go with their decision.  No one is capable of learning and discovering the necessary path for you to live your L.I.F.E.  You are fully responsible for how you are living, for who you have become, and for what you are going through.

When we stand in our own POWER to make our own decisions and to allow ourselves to grow through the fears we face, we begin to define who we are.  We begin to develop into the person we were born to be.  Until we stand in our own truth, we are simply paying lip service to L.I.F.E. and allowing ourselves to be carried back and forth by the wind.

You have the POWER to stand, and to stand strong through your own intuitive sense.  You have an inner awareness of who you are and what is necessary to live the experience you desire to live.  Stop giving up your POWER to fully live by putting yourself on hold because you are afraid to make your own decisions.  It is OK to stand alone in your decision to do something for yourself. You do not need anyone’s approval to LIVE YOUR L.I.F.E.

Those that have chosen to be strong enough to break away from the mold of fear of what others think, and their own feelings of lower self-worth have stepped into their POWER to live the L.I.F.E. they want to experience and so can you.



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