You were born with a seal of approval - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Were Born with a Seal of Approval

You were born with an official seal of approval.  You are the genuine 100% original, totally and uniquely individually you.  To seek approval means you do not believe in your own unique and individual ability.  You do not believe in your own POWER and that you are here for a specific purpose, which is not your job or career, but to live a fully abundant experience expressed through your BEINGness.

You were created as the best you can be. You are simply growing into the fullness of who you already are.  A flower is still a flower, even though it is still in the bud stage, it simply is blooming into the fullness of its beauty as the flower it is.  You are like the flower, continually blooming each day into the full beauty of who you are.

You are not here by mistake, no matter what anyone has told you.  You are not here to gain approval, you already were born with Divine Approval.  You were granted the gift of L.I.F.E. to live in this expression right here and now.

You were born with a seal of approval - Dr. Diva VerdunLooking for approval outside of ourselves means we do not feel we are sufficient or good enough to stand amongst others.  It means we are being overly critical of ourselves.  We are not taking the simple moments to just look in the mirror and appreciate the gift we are.  Yes! YOU ARE A GIFT!  A perfect part of the Divine Puzzle of L.I.F.E.

You are born as Spiritual Perfection, and you far exceed the world’s ideals of perfection.  You are created perfect, whole, and complete exactly the way that you are.  You are learning more and more about L.I.F.E. as you explore this experience and you increase in awareness to stand in the fullness of YOUR POWER.

There is nothing and no one to measure up too or against.  You can not be measured.  You are unique and there is only ONE you, so how can you measure something that is unique against something else?  Stop being so critical of yourself and look at yourself the way Spirit does.  As the perfect creation designed to live, explore and discover the awesomeness of your own POWER.

You are a unique blooming flower, you do not compare to anyone else.  You are not here to fit in, you are here to stand out.



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