You Were Born the Best! - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Were Born At Your Best

“I am the Greatest, I said that even before I knew I was” ~Mohammad Ali

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You are the best you can be every single day.  Because you have not achieved a certain goal or lived a certain experience has nothing to do with you being your best.  You were born a spiritually perfect individual, into a Perfectly Ordered Universe, at the appointed time that your Presence was necessary to be applied in the Universal cycle.

Your soul purpose for BEING is exactly that; SOUL BEING. Contrary to what you have been lead to believe your purpose for BEING is not to achieve your greatest dream, to minister to others, to get married and have kids, get an education or any other reason. The only reason you are here is to live and be present in each and every moment as Spirit living a human experience.

You are a Spirit that lives in a body. You are a SOUL that is here in BEINGness to experience L.I.F.E., and the things we accomplish are only a small part of that experience. You are created in the image and likeness of Spirit, with the ability to co-create. You are Spirit living in you and through you having a human experience based on your judgments, filters, emotional ups and downs etc…  You are here to partake of the fullness of L.I.F.E. and drink from ITS very essence so that you become more and more aware of your own POWER.

You were born at your best. You are growing daily in awareness of your POWER.  You are not becoming better, you are becoming more aware that you are already the BEST.  You were born with this POWER.  You are simply growing into the awareness of it.

For example: You are born either male or female, but gender makes no real difference to you as a small child. You just are, and its all about play anyway. You only become more aware of your body as either male of female as you begin to grow up and become more aware of your sexuality as you get older. Through growth you evolve into the fullness of a grown man or a grown woman as you continue to realize exactly who you are. Being born at your best is the same thing. You were born at your best, there is nothing less about you except what you have allowed yourself to believe, and then this is merely an erroneous thought that you can choose to change and turn your focus toward your perfection as the best.

You Were Born the Best! - Dr. Diva VerdunWe merely grow into our greatness. We already are great. We already are our best even if we fall short of the goal, it has no bearing on how great we are.  We simply have not become aware of our greatness yet.  We may be harboring low self-esteem and self-doubt so we cannot see it.  But it does not mean we are less than our best.  We may not have achieved what we think we want to by a certain point in L.I.F.E., or feel we are missing out on something all together, but this does not mean we are not our best.  It means we have allowed the world to shame us into believing we are less than our best.

You were born with all you need to be all you desire to be.  You were born at your best.  You gave the greatest performance to be born.  You came here strong and moved through the greatest and most difficult challenge you will ever experience; BEING BORN.  This was hard work for someone so tiny.  But you were determined to be here, to be here NOW.  Why?  So that you can experience growing into the POWER that you are.

Imagine the GREAT POWER YOU POSSESS to simply BE BORN. Imagine you still have this same POWER and possess if for L.I.F.E. to do and create anything that you want in this experience.

Stop allowing the world to tell you that you are less than your best. You are always the best you in each and every moment.  You can never be more in that particular moment, you grow from that moment to more. Maybe, you didn’t give it all you had in a particular moment, but it has no bearing on you being your best. If you lost the race, it is not because you are not your best, it is because you still are in training.

Keep training. Keep growing. Keep trying. Keep moving. Keep Believing. Keep LIVING!  For you are here for ONE specific purpose. TO LIVE L.I.F.E. and to LIVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY. Everything else is simply an experience on your journey to LIVING YOUR POWER.



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