Comeback from Setbacks - Dr. Diva Verdun

Comeback from Setbacks

A setback as defined in the dictionary is an unanticipated or sudden check in progress; a change from better to worse.

Comeback from Setbacks - Dr. Diva VerdunWe have all experienced a sudden change in progress; or an unanticipated event that took us back to square one or took us totally out of the game. However, the key to setbacks is learning how to use them to come back stronger and more effectively to accomplish your dreams, objectives and goals.

Through setbacks we gain an opportunity to refine our direction, while evaluating our  motivations.  Through the setback we define our own determination to manifest something we want to experience in our lives.  Pitching in the towel in some cases is exactly what we should do, and in those particular cases we will intuitively know that is the right decision.  However, for the most part we get so burnt out, frustrated and disappointed that we literally quit because things get harder or more difficult than we originally anticipated they would when the key to success is simply a new plan.

Comeback from Setbacks - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen we experience a setback it throws us so far off-center that it forces us to get out of our ego. It means we are attempting to force things to happen through our own will, or we are moving on the wrong goal first, creating a premature platform that cannot hold the weight of our dreams.

In order to come back from setbacks we have to sit and process our disappointments and weigh out the issues that we are experiencing.  We have to look at our goals and make the determination that we are going to continue to move forward or if we need to throw in the towel.  Once we have this decision in hand we can begin to re-structure a new plan for our comeback.

As we plan our comeback we refine our focus and make all the adjustments necessary that we learned from the first failed attempt.  We also begin to realize that we are not exempt from failing again as we continue to move forward.  We realize that we continue to achieve small successes and information through the lessons we gain.

Everything that was achieved in greatness was achieved through temporary setbacks, which is a system of failures that refines the direction, motivation and focus so that one can win.

Setbacks by no means define our loss. They define our direction to success if we elect to stay in the game, and we elect to stay in the game by staying focused on our goals while using the setback as a step back to take a new approach to comeback and win.



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