Avoiding Word Traps - Dr. Diva Verdun

Overcoming Word Traps

Words have no power until we put our emotions, feelings and belief behind them. This is why it is vitally important for us to get our emotions under control.  We must harness this power so that we can channel it for our good rather than allow it to run rampant like a wild horse.

Once we begin to control our emotions, we can begin to align our feelings, which sets the tone for our belief system, because it is what we truly believe deeply that will manifest in our experience.  Our beliefs charge our words with a dynamic energy that sparks an action in the Universe.  This is the full magnitude of the meaning IT IS DONE UNTO YOU AS YOU BELIEVE.  What we believe, we speak, thus what we believe charges our words with POWER.

Avoiding Word Traps - Dr. Diva VerdunWords have no POWER until we put our feelings and beliefs into them.  Once we do, they are charged to magnetize to us exactly what we believe both good and bad.  Remember, it was the POWER of words that brought light into existence as Spirit spoke and said, “Light Be” and then light was.

The greatest caution is in learning to not allow the POWER of someone’s words to electrically charge you negatively even when the words being spoken may be something that you truly want to hear.  When we have allowed ourselves to sink below the bar of our POWER we may feel we need certain words to be spoken to us so that we are restored to wholeness. We can be so vulnerable to well-timed words that we succumb to their power and find ourselves in a process of denial as we attempt to make ourselves believe in the words spoken over our intuitive knowledge that they may be words we feel we need to hear to feel value.  In many cases these same words may lead us to being lied to, mistreated or even abused.

Avoiding Word Traps - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen you are openly vulnerable to words, you are exposed to those that use cheap talk to sway your decisions and thoughts so that they can control, manipulate and misuse you. The need or want to hear words like “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, or even a well-timed excuse may temporarily stop the pain, however, if the words spoken have no foundation and you have overridden your intuitive factor that tells you better, you may find yourself realizing a person’s behavior does not match the words spoken.

Through self-mastery we learn we can speak POWER words to ourselves. When we speak POWER words to ourselves we quickly recognize words of true POWER spoken by others over words used to establish power over us. We begin to take control of our own emotional well-being and realize it is not about what someone says to us, it is about what we feel and say about ourselves. We begin to use Words to POWER us up over allowing them to trap us by setting us up.

You were not given the spirit of fear, but of POWER, and of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND. It is through your love of self that you are capable of exercising your strong mind and standing in your POWER to discern word traps as you infuse your words with POWER and LOVE to manifest all you desire in your experience.

Words can have no power over you unless you infuse them with power, both yours and those that are spoken to you.  Stand in your own truth and love for self to charge your words and the words that you receive with the POWER that manifest blessings in your experience.



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