Giving Yourself Credit - Dr. Diva Verdun

Giving Yourself Credit

We live in a world where the negative always leads our thoughts first, making us over critical of ourselves.  We always assume the worst possible scenarios and think the worst of ourselves as we compare ourselves with others.  By comparison we always come up short because our negative filter is always looking to see where we don’t measure up to what we see in others.  We were not born with the belief of not being enough, it is something that is engrained in us through cultural programming.

Giving Yourself Credit - Dr. Diva VerdunThere is absolutely nothing wrong with you. NOTHING!  Did I say that there is nothing wrong with you? Did you actually hear it and receive it?  There is nothing wrong with you! You were born spiritually perfect, whole and complete.  Everything else you learned that makes you feel less than what you are, you inherited from the cultural programming of a shame based society that grooms us to believe the worst first in order to maintain societal controls.

We have been taught that if we think too much about ourselves we are conceited, we are vain and pompous. However, thinking the most of yourself does not have any bearing on other people.  It does not mean you think less of others, or that you are better than anyone else, it means you KNOW you are equally as good as everyone else.

Remember, you were born in the image and likeness of the Divine.  You are Divine PRESENCE in manifest human form. Spirit is living in you as you and enjoying an experience of L.I.F.E. through you.  Thus, the more you honor and love yourself, the more you are honoring and loving the Divine that lives within you.

Giving Yourself Credit - Dr. Diva VerdunThere is absolutely no reason to overly criticize yourself and tear yourself apart for anything that you feel may be a shortcoming.  There is absolutely no reason to tear yourself a apart and put yourself down for making mistakes, which are a natural part of our L.I.F.E. learning curve as we explore and discover living.  There is absolutely no reason for you to feel that the way you look is not sufficient because of what the media portrays as beauty or what others have said.  It is all in your head what you believe about you, and what you should believe about you is that you are purposefully here, created and designed unique and beautiful just the way.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  You must come to realize that you are simply growing through your mistakes and experiencing a path called discovery as you explore living.

Stop criticizing yourself and begin to give yourself credit for simply BEING you.  As long as you continue to recognize that you are a L.I.F.E. explorer, you will come to realize that all you grow through is not designed to assure you that you are less, but is designed to encourage you to go within and KNOW YOUR POWER to step into the MORE that YOU ALREADY ARE.

Giving Yourself Credit - Dr. Diva VerdunGive yourself credit.  You have already undertaken the greatest challenge you will ever take in L.I.F.E., that was being born.  To be so tiny and work so hard to come into this experience proves your GREATNESS.  You have a POWER that lives within you that is equal to the same POWER that lives in everyone else.  You are here in a beautiful earth suit that was crafted specifically for you, exactly the way it looks, and it is perfect.

Stop comparing your physical, mental and emotional attributes to someone else.  You are not conceited or self-righteous because you believe in you.  You are loving yourself more and learning that through the love of self you love others more.  You are seeing that your love of self builds you up to take the reins to steer the POWER that you have within you to stand in a place of KNOWING exactly who you are.

Mohammad Ali was the Champ because he believed he was the greatest.  He repeatedly said, “I’m the Greatest” and he believed in his greatness and became greater.  As he grew into his greatness he began to say, “I was wrong, I’m greater than I thought I was”.  Then when people criticized him for thinking he was great, he followed with, “I’m not conceited, just convinced”.   Because he believed he was the greatest he grew into his POWER and the world had no choice but to recognize his greatness and loves him for it.  Ali was and is very confident about who he is, and he stood in that POWER.  You have this same majestic POWER.  Stop criticizing your self.  “You are the GREATEST”  Know IT!



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2 thoughts on “Giving Yourself Credit

  1. This is a really good post. l am glad I found this website. I have been going thru some trying times and alot of times when I log onto my computer in the mornings and sit and read this with my coffee, I book mark it so I can go back. Such an inspirational site. Thank you.. D..

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