dealing with our feelings - dr diva verdun

Dealing With Your Feelings

Your feelings run from hot to cold and everything in between.  They are a very important part of who you are.  They are guides that direct you through the course of L.I.F.E. and share key nuggets of truth, that when fully understood can catapult you into your POWER. The problem with feelings is we are not comfortable feeling how we feel and want others to be responsible for how and what we are feeling.  No one can process your feelings but you.  They are your tools and only you can feel them working within you.

When we wear our feelings on our sleeve and expect everyone else to acknowledge them we have not come to terms with dealing with our feelings so that we can learn the necessary lessons they are teaching us.  Your feelings are a Spiritual tool, and filled with POWER.  They are not designed for others to learn from. They are designed for us to filter and process information so that we become aware of who we are and what we like and don’t like.  Our feelings are our radar, or guiding system.

dealing with our feelings - dr diva verdunWhen we are not in touch with our feelings we are not in touch with our inner self.  Our feelings are the guides that assist us in carving out new paths to our successes.  When we are hurt or in pain and grief, our feelings are indicating something deeper than just the surface level of pain we are experiencing. We must sit with our feelings to explore the deeper truths and find why we actually are feeling the way we do.  In almost all cases we will find fear is at the bottom of why we feel bad. As we begin to explore our feelings and uncover their source we begin to pass the test to move forward in our own POWER.

No one is responsible for your feelings but you.  Your feelings are your Divine Tool Box to living and experiencing L.I.F.E. It is through feeling bad and feeling good that we come to terms with the understanding that we are here to live in the middle.  When we feel bad, we make adjustments internally so that we feel good and as we continue to make these adjustments we learn how to live in the middle, which means we begin to live in a place of joy, seldom shifted from one extreme to another because we know how to use our feelings to keep us on target.

We can have someone acknowledge how we feel, but we will only feel better for a short period of time until we go within and deal with our own feelings. Your feelings are extremely important, but it is most important to realize that they are yours to experience, and yours only.  While it is nice to have someone recognize how you feel and show compassion, no one has to acknowledge your feelings but you.  When you begin to acknowledge and take responsibility for how you feel you grow stronger and begin moving forward in your own healing without expecting others to do the work for you.

Attempting to negotiate with someone to prove that your feelings matter results in only more pain, as you express your feelings and they are expressing theirs.  Whose feelings are most important?  Yours, but only to you!  Allow the other person to have their feelings as well, it is not a matter of who is right or wrong, but a matter of allowing our feelings to take us deeper into an internal awareness as we continue to grow in our own POWER.



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