Living in the Middle - Learning to Balance Your Emotions

Living in the Middle – Learning to Balance Your Emotions

We experience so many ups and downs throughout our experience. We enjoy being in ecstatic joy, romantic love, and exuberance, but we cannot maintain these constant heightened emotions and experiences as L.I.F.E. is a process of learning through exploration and discovery.  In our exploration we will find pain and sadness as well as joy and happiness. This is the natural process of living. We cannot sit and blame L.I.F.E. for being so unfair for the swing in our emotions.  We must learn to balance the two extremes so that we can live in the middle, in a place of calm, that allows us to filter through the bad and see the good.  A place that allows us to know that extreme excitement is momentary and to be savored.  A place where we see depression and sadness as our opportunity to take a break and go within to sort through the necessary information to grasp our own POWER.

Sadness, depression, hurt, pain and shame are temporary experiences of low energy that signal we must address own fears.  Emotions are not really negative from the stand point they are bad, they negative from the stand point they have a negative energy charge, or vibration.  They are the counter opposite of the emotions we prefer to experience.

Living in the Middle - Learning to Balance Your EmotionsThe key to peace, joy and abundance is in learning to balance your energy.  You are a human magnet, and just like the magnet you must have both a negative charge and a positive charge in order for the magnet to work. The key is in learning to balance these energies, learning to live in the middle so that when you experience extremes you can go with them and fully be present in them so that you can gain the awareness from them.  There is just as valuable a gift in our sorrows and pains as there is in our joy and excitement. We can only become aware of this gift when we know how to balance by staying mentally focused on the middle.

Hurricanes and Tornadoes both are turbulent storms, but both have an eye where there is a calm.  This is the place where the air is moving counter-clockwise to the air that is pushing the storm.  In the counter-clockwise movement there is a neutral point at which there is a still, where the fierceness of the storm is balanced.  This is the middle where all is quite in the midst of the storm.  At your center, is a great POWER, which is where all is still.  You have to learn to balance the energies that you are experiencing in order to return to your POWER.

Our emotions and feelings are designed to guide us. They are the rudder that steers our L.I.F.E. ship.  All to often we allow ourselves to be grounded in the negative charge without POWERing up the positive one.  We even allow ourselves to fight to stay in the negative charge, or vibration because we hurt and want someone to recognize it.  We refuse to do the work to allow positive energy in so we can balance our magnet.  The key to balancing our emotions so we can move to the middle is not allowing our negative emotions to move us so deep into an extreme that we cannot learn from a particular experience.   Once we get the lesson our emotions and feelings are signalling, we can begin to shift our energy so that we allow the positive vibrations to begin to bring us back into peace restoring balance in our experience.

When we get to a point that we can see all of our emotions as ONE, we begin to embrace the negative feelings from the standpoint that they attract the positive charge and are merely a part of our experience that brings about more good as we move forward. Because day is light and night is dark does not make one good over bad.  But just  as we are not emotionally phased by the day going from light to dark, we are to live in the middle in our emotional experience as well.  It does not mean we do not experience day and night, it means we are OK with both coming to pass as they do and we simply live the experience.

Learning to live in balance or living in the middle can only be achieved by loving yourself and experiencing the full gamut of emotions, which is natural and OK.  You do not have to be fearful of being sad, lonely, depressed, hurt or even in shame.  You can learn to use these emotions to guide you through a deeper lesson that will help you improve your thoughts, character, behaviors and actions as you immediately begin to come back into Divine Harmony within your own Being.

Living in the middle is living emotionally balanced and calm.  It is knowing that you will experience levels of emotions in a spectrum, but you recognize that none of the extreme emotions are the reality of where you live.  They are only there to give you information that guides you into deeper awareness of self.  As you begin to process and filter information you learn how to stay centered in peace through self-love and begin to live your L.I.F.E. in the middle.  You are the solid and sturdy ship, and you can use your emotions as the rudder to navigate the waters to a full, joyful and peaceful experience where you are always in the greatest expectation of your good.



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