The Healing POWER of Your SMILE

Smiling is a Universal language that shares the essence of our BEING with others.  It is a Universal language that allows us to read even the pain that backs the smile.  While, it is something that is very difficult to do when we are depressed and sad because the pain is so deep, joy is still there buried under the despair.  It is our smile that allows us to touch the miracle saving POWER within that makes us feel better almost instantly.

When we smile we are opening the window of our Spirit to access great POWER and Great Joy, which is expressing great LOVE through the simple action of our lips being parted to allow our face to light up with joy even if it is only for a moment.

Smiling is a Universal Language

When we are sad and depressed, we can use the practice of smiling to access our joy, which exist constantly within us.  It may be buried deep under our pain, but it is there.  It is waiting for us to unearth it.  Once we do we can feel it rising up from within us when we smile.

Yes! It is hard when we don’t feel joyful to smile, but this is the mental work we must put in to move past the low energy cycle and pain we are experiencing.  We may have to force a smile , but it still prompts us to laugh on the inside at our own adversity as we release and let go of our pain and learn to take L.I.F.E. lightly.  We can smile and begin to be comfortable in our own skin knowing that we ARE the full POWER of Spirit living right here and right now.  We can force a smile and realize that bad times are truly temporary, and that underneath all we are experiencing is a constant source of LOVE, of JOY and of POWER, which we can access simply through smiling, especially when we don’t feel like it.

Money, houses and things don’t make us who we are.  What makes us who we truly are is our SMILE. Our smile is what reaches out to others and allows us to grant them access into our soul as we enter theirs.  Our smile extends the invitation for us to look into each others eyes and embrace the essence of our BEING.

Your smile has the capacity to change everything that you are experiencing through the simple act of flexing a few muscles in your face.  Your smile is the one thing that is Universal.  It is understood even when you can’t speak the same language as others.  Your smile is what opens the doors to new opportunities and successes. Your smile displays your spiritual perfection and shares who you are with the world. Your smile heals your pains and opens your heart.

Remember, you are crafted perfect, whole and totally complete by the Intelligent One Mind in every way.  Nothing is ever broken, not even your heart, although it may feel like it at times but it still maintains a PERFECT and STEADY beat and sustains you even through emotionally turbulent times. Shake off the despair and depression, stand up, know your POWER and SMILE.



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