It is What it Is - Let it BE - Dr. Diva Verdun

It Is What It Is – Let it Be

To often we get caught up in the process that we are not even aware that we are attempting to control it or the people involved in it.  We take it upon ourselves to fix everything and try to make it right.  We want to restore the situation, restore the person, restore the event to the time before it happened even though we realize it is impossible.  We simply don’t want to give in to the possibility that we are powerless against the issue and powerless over what other people are doing and feeling.  Still somewhere in our ego we continue to force a change based on what we want to happen.

It is What it Is - Let it BE - Dr. Diva VerdunChange is inevitable. It is what it is. It is part of the natural cycle of L.I.F.E., and when we give in to change and allow it to just BE what it is we come to understand that the change itself is what is leading us into higher levels of our good.  When we continue to resist change and fight the situation through our shear mental effort we are only wearing ourselves thin, because like water running down a mountain, we cannot stop the flow of change.  It is only when we elect to go with the flow of the water that we actually begin to become aware of how fast we can get to the next destination if we just ride the wave.

Letting things just BE is a very difficult concept for us to engage in because we have learned to fix things and so we are adept at the process of fixing something when it is broken.  We will make excuses for ourselves and for other people thinking that we are patching the hole.  We believe that we must physically do something to usher in change, or that we must do something to stop it from happening.  We put our egos in the midst and attempt to control the whole process based on our filters of how things should be.  However, how things should BE is always how they are in the given moment, whatever they are, both good and bad.  Things are the way they are because they got that way through a cycle of change that lead up to the moment that we see the actual physical change take place.

When we have compassion and understanding for ourselves we can face change and embrace it, which in turn allows us to let go and let others embrace the change that they are experiencing as well.  We have no control over others, we only can control our own thinking, nothing more.  We must allow them to do what they do or will do and allow it all to BE.  We must allow our own journey to simply BE what it is as we begin to explore and learn from the path we are currently walking.  We then will change paths once we find that change is appropriate in its own timing.

To let something or someone just BE means we are comfortable BEING who we are.  When we are comfortable with self and allowing change to be present in our own experience, we then are free to allow others to BE who they are and experience their own growth as well.  This means we accept powerlessness as a natural part of our experience and that we are prepared to learn to trust Spirit is always moving on our behalf and on the behalf of others.  We are in turn beginning a new journey where we allow our connection to Spirit to lead and guide us as we take responsibility for ourselves and allow others to do the same.



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