You Don't Need Anyone's Approval -- Be YOU! - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Don’t Need Anyone’s Approval – BE YOU!

All to often we are looking for approval from everyone in order to feel whole and complete. We want to fit in and be liked and respected by others so we hold back on our own decisions for ourselves and act on the feedback we get from others over sitting and meditating for guidance from within.  We are in fear of people leaving us or disapproving of our actions and look for approval from people who have none to give.  In many cases our need to be liked and be seen as nice, friendly, kind, loving and attractive drives us to decisions that make us extremely miserable because we are not being authentic in who we truly are.

When we are looking for approval from others we are acting and putting on a facade to be what we feel we must be to other people in order to gain the approval.  Being authenticallyYou Don't Need Anyone's Approval -- Be YOU! - Dr. Diva Verdun who we are means we approve of ourselves and do not need a stamp of approval from other people in order for us to move forward to live the L.I.F.E. we want to experience.

Our need for approval stems from our childhood and our desire to be right and good to gain the respect of our parents.  As children we gave adults power over us in order to gain this approval.  For many of us this is a learned behavior pattern that we have brought into our adult lives where we are still giving others great power over us in order to fulfill our unmet needs to be approved of. We are no longer living in our own skin, we are existing and being shifted by the wind based on our need for approval.

Living your L.I.F.E. to gain approval from others creates more suffering as you put your intuition on hold, placing you in a prison that keeps you from experiencing the fruit of your own goals and accomplishments.  We willing forgo our own dreams in exchange for the ideas and suggestions of others to meet our need for approval.

All to often we are willing to sacrifice our dreams and desires for fear of losing the approval we seek. Our eyes are on a prize that has little value, when we have no value of self.  You are here to live YOUR L.I.F.E. as you see it through your own filters, not live it according to the judgement of others.  In turn as you allow others to live their lives the same way, you take your focus off of what they are doing by comparison and put it back on what you wish to do with your own L.I.F.E. by investing love and approval of self.

You are here to experience the abundance of L.I.F.E., which is more than just money and good fortune, it is joy, happiness, love, peace, and harmony as well.  It is every good thing that possibly exist in this experience and you must be willing to go through the learning curves, which are presented through the bad times, in order to come into the awareness of what good times truly are.  The learning curve brings about the fullness of truth of who you are as you grow in the awareness and realization that you are here to LOVE yourself first and that you were stamped approved at the time of your conception by the Creator.  You do not need anyone’s approval to BE who you are or to explore and discover L.I.F.E.  You were stamped approved by the Almighty personally, which is the only approval that counts.



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