Owning the Perfect Relationship - Dr. Diva Verdun

Owning the Perfect Relationship

We all have the image of what a perfect relationship would be to us.  Unfortunately, what may seem perfect to one person may not be the ideal of perfection to another making it difficult to create the image of a perfect relationship for both people.  The problem is our reference to both perfection and to relationships.  The idea of a fairy tale relationship where there is not conflict is just that; a fairy tale.  Each person has a different frame of reference based on their particular experiences that sets the tone for what they believe would be the relationship of their dreams.

Sadly many have based the relationship on superficial things like physical attributes, money, connections or opportunity, sexual prowess, control and fear.   Superficial ideals create a weak foundation upon which to build a relationship.  There is no love, just the lustful moment that wanes after a period of time resulting in more conflict than resolution. There will be periods of disagreement, but when the relationship has a solid foundation based on love of self first, these moments of not seeing eye to eye are not detrimental to the relationship itself as both people begin to release control and stop pointing blame to allow each other the freedom to continue to grow.

Owning the Perfect Relationship - Dr. Diva VerdunHaving the PERFECT RELATIONSHIP means you fully understand both perfection and relationship.  It means that you understand and KNOW that both people are created into spiritual perfection.  It is understanding that there is no possible way to ever measure up to the world’s idea of perfection because it cannot be achieved.  It is understanding that in spiritual perfection there is nothing to measure up to, there is only the realization of truth to grow into.  As well, a deeper and more intimate understanding of relationship begins to evolve within as one becomes fully present in the true PERFECT RELATIONSHIP, the relationship with Self, which is having an intimate experience with the Divine Presence that lives within.  It is coming into the awareness of truth that Spirit is living within you.

Coming into the awareness of the true PERFECT RELATIONSHIP means you are fully engaged in self-mastery.  You are working on self in each and every moment to make the necessary adjustments to change negative energy, and negative thoughts.  It means you are working on self to use each experience to grow and evolve into higher levels of awareness.  It means that you are loving self at such a high frequency that you have no time to be in fear or to be invested in controlling other people, because you are to busy working on self.  It means you are allowing other people to evolve into their own PERFECT RELATIONSHIP within as well.

The more you continue to invest love into yourself first, you are taking the steps to fix your own character flaws, personality dysfunctions, fears, and control issues.  The more you resolve to invest in the PERFECT RELATIONSHIP with self, perfection naturally comes about in the relationships you experience.

All to often we want to be in a relationship so desperately that we bring fractured pieces to the relationship expecting the other person to put us back together.  The truth is that only you can heal you.  Only you can change the distilled beliefs that have corrupted previous relationships by putting unjust demands on them or looking for the relationship to resolve all the issues of L.I.F.E. from which every single answer already lives within you.

Relationships are a mirror reflection of the person you are.  You cannot attract the PERFECT RELATIONSHIP into your experience if you have not become the perfect person to mirror this perfection.  To have the PERFECT RELATIONSHIP we must sit and look at what we are demanding in the relationship itself and come to terms with the truth about ourselves as we note how many of these values we are able to return to our partners.  Once you do the mental work and begin to focus on the PERFECT RELATIONSHIP with self, you will begin to experience noticeable differences in the relationships you have with others as you begin to attract the mirror reflections of who you have become into your experience.



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2 thoughts on “Owning the Perfect Relationship

  1. Omg. Been seeking guidance on whether to break up with someone. Been feeling like this on and off for years but always manage to push it back down again. Head was in a really bad place last night. Tonight was Searching for pictures of “perfect relationship” and was drawn to the picture above of the woman hugging her self and read your article. The Universe has answered me so clearly through you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Xxxxxx

    1. You are so very welcome. The Universe is always aligning us with our greatest and highest good. It is challenging to move from the space of heart and mind. When both are in alignment then we are prepared to move in the direction that brings us into the awareness of that there is so much more good awaiting us on the other side of the tough decisions. Sending you peace and love as you move into your perfect alignment to realize your worth and your truth. Remember, the decisions you make are always about you and what you desire for yourself. The beauty is in always knowing we can make a new decision at any point in time to override any previous decision.

      Love and Magic!!!



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