Life is Not a Competition - It is an Experience - Dr. Diva Verdun

Life Is Not a Competition – It Is An Experience

The world has been very successful in creating a L.I.F.E. competition amongst the masses, which ensures commercialism.  Competition is good and drives business, but should not drive your L.I.F.E. Living does not mean we are running a race to see who can get to the end first. There is no competition to the coffin.  So why are we rushing to compete with others for our good?

Athletes compete in sports to win, but they are all aware that the greatest competition is with self.  It is the challenge to get up and train every morning to beat your own timing.  It is the discipline to do the necessary work to improve their own natural talent.  The outward competition that we see has already been won in their mind as they have been competing with self to fine tune their own abilities.

Life is Not a Competition - It is an Experience - Dr. Diva VerdunIn living our lives we are not in competition with those that arrived before us. For example:  We cannot expect to graduate from high school tomorrow if we are only in kindergarten.  We simply enjoy being in kindergarten and allow the natural process of growth to take place as we look forward to graduation with expectancy.  We are not disgruntled by the fact that many will graduate before us, we simply are living in expectancy of our timing in which we will graduate as well.  L.I.F.E. is a graduation process.  We graduate from one experience to another.  The key is in learning and growing more aware of who we are in each experience.  It is through the gradual learning process that we grow and develop into our own natural POWER and begin to manifest fruit in our own lives.

We are not in competition with anyone to grow into our own POWER.  We are not in competition with anyone to gain more material possessions than they have.  We are not in competition with anyone to get married, have children or achieve the careers we dream of either.  We can have all of these things in our experience.  We can have all that we desire to experience.  It is understanding that it will manifest in perfect order and in divine right timing in accordance with our growth and maturity.

ILife is Not a Competition - It is an Experience - Dr. Diva Verdunf we rush to attain something that we have not actually earned, we lose it faster than we gained it.  This is the case with all things in L.I.F.E.  There is no competition to rush to gain anything.  We can take our time and know that we gain everything through Divine inheritance.  There is no competition to gain what is already yours.  There may be a period of development, which requires our patience to attain it, but we cannot rush it and we are not in competition with anyone to attain it by a certain age or time.

L.I.F.E. is not a competition, it is an experience.  It is a journey of discovery encapsulated in lessons that catapult us into our dreams.  When we allow ourselves to go through the discovery process we relax in the knowing that we are always moving into our highest and greatest good even when it doesn’t feel like.

There is no need to compete with anyone to live L.I.F.E.  Everything that you desire to experience will come to pass as you continue to move forward and discover your own POWER.  You are here to live in the peace of non-competition with L.I.F.E.   See it as an opportunity to experience so much more, as you move through your journey and naturally allow your dreams to manifest from the fruits of your own labor.  Your only competition is with self.  It is a competition of training yourself to be disciplined and to do the necessary mental work to learn from the lessons that L.I.F.E. presents.



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