Empowerment Through Surrender - Dr. Diva Verdun

Empowerment Through Surrender

Empowerment Through Surrender - Dr. Diva VerdunWe generally see surrender as defeat and feelings of loss.  However, in the Spiritual realm surrender is exactly what sets us up to become more empowered. We put our egos on hold and surrender to a place of peace as we begin to realize that while we may be defeated in our human capacity, we have great POWER within us when we align with our Spiritual natures.

Through surrender we accept the new lessons we are learning from the experience and we begin to get quiet within and still our minds to allow Spirit to guide us.  As we become peaceful we become more aware of Divine Guidance as we surrender to the perfect and Divine Order of the Universal flow that is always working on our behalf to manifest our highest and greatest good, even in times when it may not feel like it.

New doors begin to swing open and we walk through effortlessly.  Windows of opportunity begin to open as we surrender to our Higher POWER and become empowered in better, and more effective ways than we ever believed possible.

As we continue to practice the PRESENCE, which is being still in the peace and allowing Spirit to guide us, we begin to freely let go and allow God to help us move through our challenges, trials, hurts, and shame.  We begin to see that L.I.F.E. is fully about possibilities, not about obstacles.  We begin to see the obstacles as merely the tools that train us in higher levels of awareness of our POWER.  We literally become skilled in surrendering to peace to resolve our own issues in perfect and Divine Order, knowing that our highest and greatest good is always at hand.

Empowerment Through Surrender - Dr. Diva VerdunThrough surrender we put our egos in the trunk and allow Spirit to drive us where we want to go.  We begin to see our energy channeled effectively so that we are winning at L.I.F.E. and capable of sustaining positive energy in the midst of the greatest challenges because we know that tough times are merely tools that allow us to step into higher levels of our own POWER as we continue to surrender to the Great I AM, that is ONE with us, living within us.

Surrendering to your Higher POWER is going within and knowing Spirit on an intimate basis. It is knowing you are here by Divine Purpose and that you are in perfect alignment with the plan for your L.I.F.E.

Through surrender you are telling your ego it is defeated, but you are fully aware that you are here to win as you naturally begin to step into your Divine Inheritance, which is to Live L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly.  Thus, the sooner you surrender your ego, the faster you begin to see your problems resolved and the manifestation of your good.



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