Moving out of the P.A.S.T. - Dr. Diva Verdun

Moving Out of Your P.A.S.T.

It is time to move out of your P.A.S.T. into the PRESENCE of living.  Living means we are always experiencing something new in the ever-present NOW. Unfortunately, if our minds are stuck in our P.A.S.T. we are mentally burdened by yesterday’s pain, hurt and shame leaving our bodies alone to experience the NOW.  The problem is our bodies alone cannot recall for us the experiences we are missing because we are mentally stuck in the replay of yesterday.

The P.A.S.T. can be hard to let go of because we are holding on to our guilt, or longing for changes to happen, or maybe we are in denial or resentment. All of these are wasteful energy that draws us backwards and prohibits us from today’s joy, happiness and abundance. We typically are so busy living in our P.A.S.T., trying desperately to change it, not realizing that we are actually allowing it to control us rather than using it to learn from the experience so that we can move forward.

Standing in our pain, shame and resentments we want someone to recognize our hurts or we feel guilty about things that happened and simply will not let them go.  We blame ourselves for everything and never let go as if we are supposed to suffer through something for some period of time until we gain some sort of spiritual favor. However, the key to packing up and moving out of our P.A.S.T. is acceptance and forgiveness.  We must first come to terms with what happened by facing it and then we must tell ourselves that it is absolutely OK.  We accept that it happened, and we allow forgiveness of self to absorb the impact that it has had on us.  We let go of the other person and recognize that they are traveling in their own frequency and may not even be aware of the pain we are suffering.  We let it go and KNOW that there is more ahead for us to experience filled with joy and abundance as we come to terms with the P.A.S.T., which means we are Presently Accepting Sadness and Trials.

Moving out of the P.A.S.T. - Dr. Diva VerdunPresently Accepting Sadness and Trials (P.A.S.T.) means we realize we are living NOW experiences and we are accepting all that has previously happened right now as we continue to grow and move forward.  We do not fight the P.A.S.T., we simply take our present now moments to accept the pain that it brought us and we prepare to move forward.

Moving out of your P.A.S.T. is a matter of doing the mental surgery to dissect the issues and to allow the mending to begin NOW.  You cannot go back to undo what was done and it is fruitless to expect anyone to remember the pain they have caused you or even to actually care.  In almost all cases, you are bearing a pain from a wrong of the P.A.S.T. that people don’t even remember happened because they are not suffering from it, you are.  You are carrying a weight around that is stealing from your present moments because you are waiting for someone to recognize pain that they don’t even remember they caused you, or worse may not even care.  So let it go! The memories that you are weighted down with in pain are hurting no one but you, so why allow them to continue to detain you from living NOW?  Be FREE! Presently Accept Sadness and Trials and Live the fullness of L.I.F.E. you are here to experience.



Click here for a prayer treatment to move free of your P.A.S.T.


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