God Meets Needs - Dr. Diva Verdun

God Meets Needs

Having needs is not a curse.  It is a part of L.I.F.E. and the list of things we need may be long and may be immediate. We may simply need positive reinforcement to keep moving forward, or we may have survival needs that generate an emergency. However, the urgency of what we need or the size of what is needed has no consequence to Spirit.  As well, it is not the fact that you are in need either that is in question, it is your fear of not receiving it.

God Meets Needs - Dr. Diva VerdunHaving needs is not only human, it is part of all L.I.F.F., it is a part of the interdependence in the Divine Flow and Love of Spirit.  Remember, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give YOU the Kingdom. Thus, all your needs are there to be met.  The problem is you are not believing in their manifestation.  Having needs is not a weakness, it is a part of living. We need shelter, we need love, we need occupation and vocation to have something to do as well as to make money.  We need channels for our interest and we simply need to be respected and heard.

The key to getting your needs met is to stop being needy.  No this does not mean you no longer have needs, it means you no longer have fears that they will not be met.  When we are being needy we are operating in fear.  We are afraid that what we feel we need we can never have or that it may not come in time.  To move past being needy you must accept the fact that Spirit never forgets what you need.  How would that ever be possible since Spirit is living in you as you and knows exactly what you need?

Spirit can never forget what you need and Spirit is not forgetful or wants you to suffer.  You delay your good because you are so needy that you simply are not allowing yourself to be in alignment with your blessings.  This is important, because Spirit manifest all you need by drawing it to you from within. The law will attract to you exact what you believe, both good and bad, because Spirit is no respector of persons, which means no respector of which thought you choose to manifest. You see, because it is always done unto you as you believe, Spirit has no choice but to give you that which you are believing in.  So if you are believing in fear, lack and limitation that is exactly what you will continue to call into your experience.  This is why self-mastery is critical and brings you into self-actualization to manifest your good as you change your thoughts and align them with the good you truly desire.

And my God shall satisfy all your needs according to his riches in the glory of Yeshua The Messiah ~Aramaic Bible in Plain English (@2010)



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