Healing Your Heart to Attract Love - Dr. Diva Verdun

Healing Your Heart To Attract Love

Thoughts of not being loved crystallize because we continue to practice feelings of unworthiness, guilt and shame that prevents us from realizing true love, which is the love of self first.  What we experience as love, or otherwise in relationships, manifest in exact measure in accordance to how we feel about ourselves because we attract the exact equivalent of what we believe.  Thus, thinking you are not lovable will manifest in your relationships demonstrating your belief. You will continue to believe that all relationships end badly as you expected; or worse you will continue to be by yourself and lonely as you continue to nurse a broken heart that never heals while feeling unlovable.

When we cease loving ourselves we cut off our supply of love in expression.  While we deeply want to be loved, the lack of self-love keeps us from experiencing true love in our relationships.  The truth you must come to realize is that Spirit is LOVE.  The Universe is manifest of Love (Spirit), through Love (Spirit), as Love (Spirit).  You are fully manifest as Love in human form called ________________ (insert your name here).

Healing Your Heart to Attract Love - Dr. Diva VerdunIt is self-love that is the key to the manifestation of healthy and mutually beneficial loving relationships with others, both intimate and otherwise, because they can only be mirror reflections of YOU.  Thinking you are not loved is truth because you are not loving self.  Because of lack of self-love all love becomes superficial.  If you cannot love yourself, then you can have no reference of what true love is and you begin searching for superficial love to fill your needs. Superficial love cannot fill the hole in your own soul or heal your broken heart.

Suffering from a hole in your soul means you have a deep emotional wound that you have never allowed to heal.  You have told yourself that you are not worthy of love and do not deserve to be loved because of some form of guilt and shame brought about by hurtful and painful experiences.  These wounds can never heal as long as you do not face the pain and go into it.  The wound remains open and no matter how much you want love, your belief that you are not lovable or that no one loves you will continue to overshadow your L.I.F.E. and manifest as the loveless experience you are now having.

The hole in your soul can never be filled by any other relationship except the one with self. Wishing and longing for someone to love you will never manifest until you love yourself first. Temporary relationships will continue to crop up but will quickly dissipate into a typical groundhog day syndrome, where you feel everyone is exactly the same and that love is non-existent in the world. This is because you are processing everything through your filter of non-love of self, thus you continue to manifest non-loving experiences because it is always done unto you as you believe.  Thus, the Universe must make you correct in your belief that you are unlovable because you don’t love yourself, thus neither can anyone else.

The love of self is not conceit.  You are loving yourself as Spirit loves you.  You are fully loving Spirit, which is living in manifest form as you and the more you love yourself the more you are directly loving Spirit. This is the love of God that in turn manifest and multiplies in your L.I.F.E. all you desire in the form of love, joy and happiness.   This love begins to attract to you exactly what you are investing in yourself.  Likewise, when you are not loving yourself the same is evident.

Self-mastery begins with practicing self-love and forgiveness of self.  It means you are gentle with yourself and know that you deserve to live in the fullness of L.I.F.E.   It means you are aware that all you desire, including your emotional healing, becomes manifest through your own demonstration of self-love.  As you begin to practice love of self, the hole in your soul will begin to heal and you will begin to attract into your experience the love that you truly deserve.  You thus prove to yourself what you deserve because you have given it to yourself first. In return, the Universe will begin to prosper you with the exact equivalent because it is done unto you as you believe.  Believe you deserve love and invest love in yourself first and the universe will take care of the rest.



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