Don't be afraid to grow out - You're bigger than you think you are - Dr. Diva Verdun

Growing Out! You’re Bigger Than You Think You Are!

You are a perpetual child to Spirit.  You never ever truly grow up.  There is always something new to learn or experience.  We think we have the corner on one thing and then we experience a setback to find we have not really learned all we need about something or someone.  We study and gain knowledge to find that what we know becomes quickly outdated as new information and new technology continues to emerge. We are always learning something in some form or another.  However, in many cases we get stuck in the cycle of what we feel comfortable knowing and refuse to allow new information or new opportunities to arise in our experience.

We stunt our own growth. We hold ourselves back from new experiences because of fear of having our foundational knowledge shaken.  We even become so comfortable in what we know or what we are already experiencing that we will stay miserable in the experience while wanting changes to happen, but refusing to refresh our minds with new information so that we can effectuate those changes.

There is a difference in growing up and growing out, but they are also closely related.  We out grow information, people and circumstances that no longer serve us, but elect to stay stuck in the misery of the old and comfortable because we are afraid and in denial of the reality of truth that we already are aware of.  We grow up by taking a stand to move forward through our fear.  We then grow out of the issues we no longer want to experienceDon't be afraid to grow out - You're bigger than you think you are - Dr. Diva Verdun.

You do not have to be afraid to grow, you are bigger than you think you are.  You do not have to be afraid to grow out of love, grow out of a career, grow out of relationships, grow out of experiences etc… You are constantly growing up into new information, new experiences and discovering more about yourself and L.I.F.E. When you are too afraid to move forward you are only delaying your own good to live the experience of your dreams.

Staying stuck in a situation waiting for something to happen or for someone to appear in your experience equates to more waiting.  It means everything around you is growing into more but you are not willing to participate in the growth and newness of L.I.F.E. by letting go. You cannot hold yourself back waiting for anything or anyone to catch up to you.  You have to grow out and BE who you are and LIVE the experience you dream.  As you become more and more accountable for your own dreams and living your own L.I.F.E., you will allow others to do the same and stop putting yourself on hold.

You are not here to put yourself on hold.  You are not here to wait for anything or anyone to catch up to your current level of BEING.  You are traveling at your own light frequency and vibrating your own L.I.F.E. energy at the exact vibration that is YOU!  You do not have to be stuck because someone else is stuck.  You do not have to abandon your dreams because someone else is not ready to grow with yours.  You do not have to wait for the seemingly right opportunity to grow.  You simply have to take a stand and grow out of all the fear that has been holding you back while you use denial to cloud your vision.  It is what you see it is!  It is your right to grow and change, even though others may not be growing and changing with you.  Let it go and grow out into your own L.I.F.E. and begin to take control of your own dreams and all that you truly desire will perfectly manifest as your perfect and right good in your experience.



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