You Are Complete - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Are Complete!

We look for so many things to complete us, from relationships, to careers and family.  The truth is that we are born perfect, whole and complete.  Nothing is ever missing, nor will it be.  Spirit knew exactly who you were before you were born and knows exactly who you are now.  The truth is, you are exactly the same you were before you were conceived.  You were Complete and Perfectly Whole before conception, and you were complete, perfect and whole afterwards.  You have brought the complete, perfect and whole package that you are into the experience of L.I.F.E. you are now living.

Let’s explore this at the cellular level.  At the time before conception, you were one cell, one small tiny little egg in your mother’s womb, waiting for L.I.F.E. activation from the one and only sperm that was thrust from the safety and security your father provided it, to travel through a harsh acidic environment against unknown odds. You were that one little sperm on a journey alone to either die with millions or to be the first to find the counter part, you the egg, to become ONE in an explosive moment that literally created a human body just for you.

Your perfection was already eminent in that moment.  You were two cells that became ONE, that split into many that eventually came forth from your mother’s womb as YOU.  You were already complete at conception.  Everything that you ever needed to develop into the baby that was strong enough to push its way out of the same canal that the L.I.F.E. activating force of the small micro sperm was within you to complete the task then, and it is in you to complete whatever task you set out to complete now.

You are fully complete.  You have all you need within you.  You have never been lacking in anything. You are equipped with a great human mind that can absorb as much knowledge as you care to soak in.  You have a body that is designed to heal itself and sustain L.I.F.E. You have the power to look how you want in your physical package; small, medium or large and the power to change this at any time.  You have the complete and necessary POWER living within you to do and accomplish anything you can dream of.  Why?  Because you were born complete.

You are the whole package.  You have all you need within the gift; YOU.  You merely must stop and take notice and appreciate who you are.  Appreciate your own unique and individual POWER.  Stop and look and see your own beauty, it is not based on the media’s design, it is based on God’s design.  You are in the right body, with the right skin color, the right lips, hips and dips.  You are the right sex, have the right eyes and all the right physical make-ups that make you YOU.  You have the POWER of a Great Mind, and you were not given the spirit of fear. You were born with and in the POWER of Love.

What is the POWER of LOVE?  YOU!!!  You are the POWER of Love!  Love is Spirit in all ITs Divine Glory and YOU are created in the image and likeness of this Divinity.

You Are Complete - Dr. Diva VerdunYou are already complete.  There is no need to strive for completion or perfection or for wholeness.  There is only the growing into the awareness of who you are as the complete and perfect package of love here and now.  When you were the egg waiting for the activating L.I.F.E. force to become a human body, you had all of the creative intelligence within you.  When you were the sperm thrust into an unknown environment, you were not afraid or looking at the impending challenges you faced to procreate with the egg.  You simply traveled the harsh environment and moved through the obstacles with the knowing that you were the champion that would win the race.  You knew you would win.  It was your objective from the time you were thrust into the vaginal cavity, and you won.

This seems so simple but to actually sit and ponder the reality of truth from a cellular level about who you are and how you got here grants you a realization of truth regarding your own POWER and exactly how perfectly complete and whole you are. Everything you are dreaming of is yours.  Everything you want to accomplish can be accomplished with the same POWER of the L.I.F.E. force, the creative and activating energy, because it is WHO YOU ARE.  You ARE this energy.  You are this Power.  You are perfectly complete and equipped to move through any harsh elements to accomplish whatever you dream.

Stop seeing yourself as less than who you are.  Stop living in your past failures and pains and use them as lessons that empower you to know your greatness.  Stop believing that you are less than enough to do and BE what you dream.  Stop seeing yourself as not loved, ugly, unaccomplished, uneducated, silly, goofy or any of the other things the world would categorize you as.  Stop seeing yourself as a sinner or one that is not worthy of God’s grace and love.  You are here by perfect and Divine design.  Yes, you are born into sin, but this word merely means to make a mistake.  You were merely born to make mistakes, because your mistakes (sins) are actually what refine you into the true knowledge of your POWER.

You are complete! Feel It!  Know it!  Live it!  You have everything you need within you to chart and navigate any course you want to take and to actually get there and be more than you are now.  You are the very sperm that moved through great challenges in a harsh acidic environment after being unknowingly ejected from a safe and secure place.  You had no idea that you were about to be catapulted into the trials you experienced as a sperm, but you had everything within you including the POWER of knowing that more L.I.F.E. was on the other side if you simply believed in yourself and moved through the challenge and you did. You achieved greatness in a split second by becoming ONE POWER with the Egg.  You achieved Greatness, you became YOU here to live the Great POWER you are.

You are already complete.  Everything you are experiencing is simply teaching you how to navigate in your POWER.



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