iPad Steals the Show with Production of New TV Series Airing on Facebook


For Immediate Release:

Contact: Diva Verdun

iPad Steals the Show with Production of New TV Series Airing on Facebook

Visionary Producer, Carlton Enoch, makes historical milestone with series of 1st in the Production of his new urban reality talk show shot on Apple iPad cameras on Hollywood Blvd., in Hollywood, CA

Los Angeles, CA, October 1, 2012 ~  Visionary Producer, Carlton Enoch, known for his cutting edge concepts and ideas, set a milestone in entertainment history last week with his new TV series, “On the Streets” becoming the 1st TV Show taped exclusively on Apple iPads in a multi-iPad-camera shoot. Apple shares the limelight with Facebook, with the show boasting another first, becoming the 1st TV Show to air on Facebook using Enoch’s custom Facebook app allowing users to stream the show directly to their profile page.

Enoch, the show’s host, envisioned a production with reduced setup times, that could move quickly and stay with him, to capture on camera a constant barrage of live interaction and engagement of unsuspecting guest on one of the busiest streets in the world; Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, CA.  With over 100,000 pedestrians and 95,000 vehicles traveling up and down the boulevard daily, The Hollywood Walk of Fame presents a list of costly logistical issues for television production and filming, making the venue the perfect location to test the viability of  Enoch’s wireless TV set.  With light weight iPad cameras mounted on Steadicam and jib, Enoch had the luxury of darting in and out of traffic for quick sound bites with cab and bus drivers, tourist on the double-deck buses and other passers by as the opportunities presented themselves without interrupting traffic to capture live candid reality television.     (See Video of iPad Cameras in Action on Hollywood Blvd. below or click here to view on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVCakg1U1go )

“On the Streets TV Show” is an amalgamation of Candid Camera, Jimmy Kimmel, and Punk’d all in one, where everyday people off the streets are asked the strangest questions or requested to do the silliest things.  Anyone on the streets is an open target for some fun.  It is simply amazing what people will do on camera.

“On the Streets with Carlton Enoch” will air a new episode every week on Facebook and YouTube for the next 16 weeks. To watch this week’s episode go to https://apps.facebook.com/onthestreetstvshow


Host & Creator – Carlton Enoch
Executive Producers – Carlton Enoch, Diva Verdun

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