Stop masquerading as you and BE YOU! - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stop Masquerading as You and BE YOU!

Stop masquerading as you and BE YOU! - Dr. Diva VerdunOver time we become so burdened down by our pain that we have learned to cover up who we are by wearing a mask.  We have learned the art of being two totally different people to survive.  Actor by day and someone we are no longer in touch with by night.  In most cases, we are living our whole experience playing a character that we don’t even like just to cover up our pain, guilt and shame.

Our masquerade becomes a heavy burden on our soul as it begins to yearn to be free.  It yearns to feel the light of day through dark despair and depression. It yearns to feel joy through the empty space of sadness.  It yearns to laugh through tears knowing everything will truly be OK.  It yearns to permanently retire the mask and show the world exactly who we are.

Because we are socialized in a culture to believe we must obtain certain things and have certain relationships to have value, we place tremendous pressure on our own shoulders by demanding from ourselves that we be someone we are not.  We feel we must cover our true dreams and aspirations because they do not meet with the approval of our family and friends.  We feel we must stay in careers and relationships because we may seem to be a failure. Living behind a mask creates excessive sadness on a deep level that is covered by a facade of who we are for so long that we have literally become so accustomed and familiar with it that we may not even be aware of why we are so sad.

Stop masquerading as you and BE YOU! - Dr. Diva VerdunWhile you may feel temporarily and reasonably safe behind the mask you wear, they create soul grief, which is a deep unconscious depression where the soul feels imprisoned, and it is.  You have shackled your L.I.F.E. experience to the mask and have become fearful of living the experience of who you truly are.

Through self-mastery we learn to raise our self-esteem by knowing we are living our soul journey.  We learn that everything we experience both good and bad merely sets us up to learn more about ourselves and how to stand in our POWER.  We learn that when we are fearful it is because we have not processed a lesson to find the strength that is resident in our pain.  We learn that when we actively begin to love ourselves we produce more love in our own lives.  We learn that we no longer need a mask because we know exactly who we are and we are not afraid to show ourselves to the rest of the world.

Let go of shame.  There is nothing you have done in your past that you could avoid.  You chose a certain path because your soul needed to experience a certain destiny. No part of your L.I.F.E. is about what other people think and no part of what you do or have done can be hidden from Spirit because Spirit/God is living inside of you.

Know that sin merely means to make a mistake.  It means you were born into a Universally Perfect system to make mistakes on purpose because the mistakes you make chisel you into the perfection you are.  You are merely the diamond in the rough and your L.I.F.E. is refining you into the beautiful jewel you already are.  You do not have to sulk, sink and hide from L.I.F.E. because you made a mistake/sin, or because you may feel unworthy.  You are totally and unequivocally worthy by the mere fact that you were born.

To overcome soul grief and return to your natural state of joy, you must know who you are and you must be willing to let go of your pain and shame.  You must be willing to step up and take the mic to speak your truth in your own L.I.F.E.  Stop masquerading as you and BE YOU!  You have always been awesome, you simply forgot to tell yourself you are.  So start now!  Take off the mask! Let your soul be FREE to be YOU, because you are simply and amazingly awesome.



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