Stepping Out of Family Drama - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stepping Out of Family Drama

One of the hardest things to do is to step out of family drama.  These are people we love on a very deep level.  They are people we have known all our whole lives.  People that we have cherished memories of years past.  However, for some reason there are issues that we cannot seem to get past after we have grown into our adult lives.  We fall out with parents and siblings and aunts and uncles and even our own children. These broken relationships cause severe pain because of the bond that has been established from the nesting stages of L.I.F.E.

The truth of it all is that it is normal.  It is normal for you to all go your own way.  It is normal for you to have ideas that are different from family members. Disagreements and changes in feelings and attitudes come up and drive wedges because one person believes that all should think and feel the same because they are a family unit.  This is not true.  Each person has their own reference points based on their own experiences, which have affected them in different ways setting in place a new belief system based on those feelings.  The problem with family is they are not willing, in most cases, to accept that there could be a difference in values and morals and choices when all were raised under the same roof.

Stepping Out of Family Drama - Dr. Diva VerdunYou are an individual person.  You may have nested with a certain group of people, but you are not the same person as any of those people nor are any of them the same person you are.  Each one is totally unique and designed to have a totally different experience, even though they may be all members of the same family unit.  There may be similarities, but each will move out of the nest and begin to fly in directions that serve their own interest and prosper the language of their own soul.  Each will go through their own good and bad choices and live the experiences that are necessary to ground them in the use of their own POWER.

The key to stepping out of family drama is to simply step out.  Step out and be who you are and allow them to be who they are.  It means you may have to step back from family for a time and resolve within yourself the pain and hurt of not having their support.  It means you have to develop the strength and resolve to know that all the support and love you actually need is within you and that the experience you are living through with family members is not about the other person but about you discovering who you are through the pain you are experiencing.

Stepping out of family drama means you are willing to allow them to be free of your judgements of them and that you are free of allowing theirs to dominate your mind.  For a time you may feel unloved.  You may feel unappreciated.  You may feel betrayed.  You may feel like you simply are not even a part of this family unit.  But the truth is the experience you are having with your family is the exact experience that brings you into the fullness of who you are.

Your family may or may not be your support system.  But know that your true support system is Divine.  All you are is Spirit, you are ONE with the Creator.  You are ONE with LOVE.  You are ONE with all that you need in every measure and there is absolutely no judgement.  The drama you are living through with family members is designed to refine you into being self-sufficient.

We grow up and leave the family unit.  This is the normal process.  Many species are left by the parental units before they are even born and left to fend for themselves.  As humans we are blessed to have the family for a small time as children, but the process is to develop into a fully functioning individual that is capable of deep self-love and self-reflection.  The normal process is to move past the family into an independent experience to live YOUR L.I.F.E. Thus, what the family feels you should or should not be doing is not your thought and is not your shame to carry.

You are here to live your L.I.F.E. and only you can discover what that means.  Yes!  Discover what that means.  You are literally discovering how to live your L.I.F.E.  because living is an exploration process.  You cannot be free to explore if you are attached to one train of thought.  You grown so that you can take what you knew and learned and move out into a new zone to discover more.  Thus, you take what you got or didn’t get from family and move forward to explore the deeper levels of your own experience as YOU!

Stepping Out of Family Drama - Dr. Diva VerdunYou move into loving and appreciating yourself and you release your family to be exactly who they are knowing they are traveling at their own frequency and that what they think of you is actually none of your business.  Release them and detach. Love your Family right where they are, they have no idea that what they do is hurting you.  They only feel they are sharing love in your best interest. Accept their love in their way and just let it go.  You cannot change anyone but yourself.  Let it Go!  Let them be who they are!  As you grow they will grow because they will see you becoming more and they will begin to be more to mirror what you are becoming.  They will give you credit for changing, but through your change and growth they change and grow as well.

Allow the family stress to be what it is and move on.  Let them do their thing.  Do you and stop feeling guilty or feeling obligated or allowing your family to have undue influence over you.  Detach from them in love and work on loving yourself now by practicing self-care.  It is about you living a healthy and meaningful L.I.F.E. and you can’t do that when you are stuck in family drama.  You cannot make decisions that move you forward when you are held back because you are to scarred to upset your family.  It is totally OK to say no to our family if that is what we need to say.  It is OK to say yes when it feels right, not out of obligation.  It is perfectly normal for you to be a different person and you must know, THAT TOO IS OK.  Let it go and LIVE YOUR L.I..F.E. that is what you are here to do.



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