You have faith. Where's your POWER? - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Have Faith. Where’s Your POWER?

And Yeshua said to them, “Why are you afraid, you small of faith?” Then he arose and rebuked the wind and the sea, and there was a great calm. ~Matthew 8:26 (Aramaic Bible)

It is not a matter of having faith, it is a matter of what measure of faith do you have in what?  Jesus shared with the disciples that they had the POWER to do the things he did. He never said that only he was capable of the great feats of faith that he performed.  He said he came so that you would have L.I.F.E. and have it more abundantly.  He came to share with you how to have faith in your POWER, not in your failures and your fears.

We exercise faith in our failures and our weaknesses with such great intensity that we have no portion of faith in our actual abilities.  Faith is not something you need to have more of, you have faith already.  It is a matter of taking your focus off of the negative things that you have faith in so that you can focus your POWER on that which you truly desire to manifest in your experience.

When the storms of L.I.F.E. begin to blow we must learn to exercise our faith in the assurance of the POWER within us to still the storm.  You can speak stillness into you experience at any moment.  Just stand up and speak it. You can literally tell your mind to be still so that you can walk on water.

You have faith. Where's your POWER? - Dr. Diva VerdunThere is great symbolism in the statement to walk on water and when we fully grasp the meaning of it we are empowered to take action to make adjustments in our own lives.  Let’s break down the words in this message so that you can gain the full depth of truth from them.  You see, to walk, we must be actively engaged in moving our feet.  Our feet represent understanding.  They represent being grounded.  They represent being upright and in the motion of walking we are moving our understanding forward.  This has to do with our thought processes.  Thus, when we are walking with Spirit we are grounded in the knowledge that Spirit lives within us.  We are upright in the fullness of Spirit. We understand, or have the knowledge that we are ONE with Spirit.

As well, water represents the fluidic MIND, the movement in consciousness.  It is the Universal consciousness from which all comes from.  Thus, to walk on water means you are grounded in Spirit and moving forward in the Universal consciousness and open to the awareness of your POWER and your Good.  It means you are grounded and moving forward in the knowing that you are always experiencing your good and that you have the POWER to still any storm.

The storms represent your negative thoughts that stir the water, or your mind keeping you grounded in fear and off focus and powerless. Once you understand fully the meaning of walking on water, you then realize your POWER to still the storms of L.I.F.E. Yes! You can walk on water once you still the storms of your mind (your negative thoughts).

You have faith! It is not something you gain more of. It is a matter of redistributing what you already have.  You do not gain more faith from somewhere any more than you gain more L.I.F.E.   The L.I.F.E. force is within you already, there is no more of it to be had, you are fully sufficient with the L.I.F.E. force you have.  Likewise, faith is already a part of you.  It is something that you are already filled with, you do no run out of faith, you simply re-direct the focus of your faith from your fears.

Through self-mastery you begin to take control of your faith as you begin to find the key to your POWER lives within you.  You tap into this POWER through love of self, because you begin to realize that the more you love yourself the more you are actually loving Spirit, because Spirit lives within you.  In turn, as you begin to love yourself more, you are loving Spirit more, and Spirit begins to open reserves of POWER you never knew existed within you.  You begin to realize that you have the POWER to quiet the storms, which are your negative thoughts, and once you do, all around you gets still in peace.  You realize that in this peace you can then walk on water.  You literally can step into the water, which is your conscious mind to find the answers and solutions to all your problems.

Stop looking for more faith! You have all you need already within you.  Look to your fears and see how much faith you have misdirected and begin to get still in mind so that you can come to peace and redirect your faith to still the storms of your L.I.F.E. so that you too can stand up and get out of the boat and walk on water.



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