Happiness is an Inside Job - Dr. Diva Verdun

Being Happy Is An Inside Job

“I am responsible for what I see.  I chose the feelings I experience . . .” ~ A Course in Miracles

We have each experienced deep sadness, or times void of joy.  We want to be happy and open to L.I.F.E. but at times we allow our negative energy to dominate our emotions and embed us in a deep darkness.  Smiling in the dark brings forth more pain and the cycle seems to be a never-ending spiral of despair as we continue to move through our experiences like zombies locked in a twilight zone type experience.

No matter how much we claim we want to be happy, we have to get it in our heads and hearts that happiness is a choice we make and requires work to bulldoze past the negative energy that has veiled us in sadness.  We must work through the negative emotions and the pain that we have allowed to crystallize in our hearts.  We must make a conscious decision to be happy. We are naturally designed to be filled with joy and to be happy, thus we must make a conscious decision to move back into our natural state of being.

Happiness is an Inside Job - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen we look at little children we can see them have momentary issues of pain and crisis, but look at how quickly they return to a place of joy and are too happy to go back to play.  As adults we allow our pain, shame and guilt to scar us so deeply that we become literally afraid to live L.I.F.E.  We are afraid to let go of the hurt because it cut us so badly.  We have grown to a point in our fear that we no longer trust ourselves and no longer trust Spirit, thus we have mentally checked out of living L.I.F.E. allowing depression to set in and immobilize us from living.

Depression does not necessarily mean something is wrong with you.  It means you are processing something that has happened to you.  Depression is Spirit’s way of putting you on time-out.  It is Spirit’s way of taking you back to the womb, the darkness, so that you can contemplate and allow new thoughts to gestate to prepare you to move out into a new experience by taking new decisive actions.

The problems arise when we do not allow ourselves to fully process our pain.  We get stuck in the pain and allow it to crystallize into a deep dark sadness filled with despair and the belief that we are simply dealt a hand of sorrow and pain.  NO!  You are here to live L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly.  To live a more abundant experience you will fall and stumble and skin your knees and bruise your heel during the exploration process.  It does not mean you give up.  It means you take a time-out, you stop and address the issues so that you can devise a new plan of action.  It means you take a time-out to heal from the stress of climbing the mountain so that you can get up and climb some more.

Happiness is an Inside Job - Dr. Diva VerdunBeing happy is an inside job.  No amount of money, fame, fortune, possessions or relationships will make you happy.  Only you have the POWER to be happy.  Only you have the POWER to go deep within and find the lessons that each trial is designed to teach you.  Only you have the POWER to carve a new path for your own experience.  Only you have the POWER to choose to be happy and to move forward and Live your L.I.F.E.  Only you have the POWER to move through your depression cycles, which you can extend for as long as necessary until you decide you want to come back out and play.

You are here to play!  L.I.F.E. is a glorious playground and sometimes you will fall and skin your knees.  Take a time-out to address the problem and like little children, put the pain behind you and get back out there and enJOY (IN JOY) playing.



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