Making Destructive Constructive

Some experiences tear us totally apart. They are a traumatic crisis that we feel we may never overcome.  Your heart may be severely broken from a failed relationship, or you may be suffering from deep traumatic grief from the loss of a loved one.  No matter what the cause of the crisis, the resulting destructive effect it has on your heart and mind affects your capacity for living.

In the place of deep sadness and grief, you find yourself wrapped in a depression you just can’t shake.  Afraid to grow.  Afraid to go out.  Afraid to trust.  Afraid to let go of the pain for fear of ending up right back where you are now.  This is all par the course that prepares you for your healing.  You are in a dark place so that you can take the time-out necessary to contemplate the information that will eventually lead to your healing.

The problem here is that many get stuck in the depression and are too afraid to move forward.  They have allowed this traumatic event to freeze them at ground zero.  The truth is that ground zero is where you get the opportunity to construct something totally new in your experience using the lessons you learned from the pain you have gone through.

Destructive relationships and the pain of loss are the two leading emotional crisis that create traumatic depression.  However, in the destructive relationships and the pain of loss there is a deep lesson that guides you right back into living.  Once you process the pain and look at the lessons you gain from these experiences you can allow yourself to grow in higher levels of awareness.

Making Destructive Constructive - Dr. Diva VerdunYou cannot walk in this healing until you are ready to step up and live.  This comes after an invested period of time in the solace of your pain.  The key is in pushing yourself to face the giant, your pain and fears.  Once you do you can move forward.  As long as you roll around in the pain you will simply be stuck in your hurt.

Whatever you are suffering from is part of your healing.  Whatever brought you to a point of destruction is a gift that allows you to build anew.  Whatever happened in the relationship, you are free now to build your own self-esteem and take responsibility for yourself to make the necessary behavior changes that attract the right people into your experience.

No matter what you have experienced you do not have to choose to be victimized by it.  You can use it to grow into your POWER.  You can use your pain to construct a new experience with a stronger and firmer foundation in which you are grounded in the knowledge of who you are.

While destructive and traumatic issues are bound to happen to you, they are not the end of you.  Contrary to what you feel in this moment, they are putting you at ground zero so that you have the opportunity to create a new blueprint for your new design for your L.I.F.E.   It is only at ground zero that you get the opportunity to choose the building materials and pick the color of the paint.  Remember, ground zero is the leveling of the old, and comes with great and tremendous pain.  But it is in your heart to step-up and begin to construct a new L.I.F.E. structure filled with all the beauty that is in L.I.F.E. after you see the dust settle and begin to clear your space to build something new just for you.



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