Stop Crying Over Spilt Milk, Buy a New Bottle -Dr. Diva Verdun

Stop Crying Over Spilt Milk, Buy Another Bottle

There is no sense in crying over spilt milk. Why bewail what is done and cannot be recalled? ~ Sophocles

We want change in our lives, but we are more focused on what happened and how.  We sit and complain about how it happened, who did what to us or how we may never be able to recoup our losses.  Our focus is so skewed on the negative experiences that all we talk about or think about is the problem.  The thought that there may be a solution is so far away from our minds because we are stuck in the details and the dismay of the event itself.  It is as if we have split milk all over the floor and all we can do is stand and look at it and complain about how much it cost; how we can’t use it now; or a number of other admonishments, which in no way resolve the problem that the milk is split, and will never go back in the bottle.  The only solution is to clean up the mess and buy another bottle.

Stop Crying Over Spilt Milk, Buy a New Bottle -Dr. Diva VerdunWhen something happens it is OK to take a moment to adjust and shift your anger and shock, but the key is not to allow yourself to get so stuck in the pain that you literally never wipe up the split milk.  Meaning, you never take action to address and clean up the problem.  If you are so busy complaining about what happened and blaming everyone else for it, you are not vested in a solution to the problem, but in complaining about the problem while expecting someone else to fix it.

After the initial shock of the pain, comes a time to face your feelings.  Face the anger and the pain and allow them to move you through the process of the lesson.  Then clean up, get up and go out and do something new that brings about the desired results.

Yes, it is easier to blame your problems on others and point the finger to show what they did to you.  It is easier to complain about waiting for things to happen or even to proclaim that your L.I.F.E. would be better if someone would simply change their behavior and character so you can be happy.  Sometimes all of these accusations are justified, but in most cases they tend to lead us to want to control the other person by getting them to do what we want them to do so we can feel better, which does not fix the problem.  We still have to clean up our mess at some point and buy another bottle.

Wiping up the milk and buying a new bottle means you are in acceptance of your feelings, your pain, and your frustrations.  You are acknowledging your feelings, cleaning up the milk you spilt, rather than trying to control or force the other person to clean it up for you.  You have moved into the acceptance of how you feel and are ready to drink fresh milk; meaning you are ready for new opportunities.

In buying a new bottle of milk, you are exercising your POWER to do what is necessary to take care of yourself without pointing fingers. You are being gentle on yourself and moving through the temporary set-backs through acceptance as you come into the understanding and awareness that things happen the way they do for a reason.  Something as simple as spilling milk slows you down for a moment so you can process a new plan, which may mean you decide to drink tea tonight instead and buy more milk on another day.  Today,  you are content and grateful for what you already have because through the processing of your pain you found your own POWER.



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