Only You Limit Your Life - Dr. Diva Verdun

Only You Limit Your L.I.F.E.

The only limits we have in life are those which we set ourselves.

While we inherently know that opportunity is available throughout the Universe, we tend to feel in most cases that only a select few people actually have access to it.  We see our lives limited by our education, our resources, our environment, our exposure, or a number of other reasons that we blame for our lack of progress.  We are so busy blaming someone else, or our circumstances that we never stand-up and take control of our own experience.

L.I.F.E. cannot be limited.  It is not in the nature of L.I.F.E. to be limited.  L.I.F.E. is pure energy and capable of moving in incredible expansive ways.  Our limitations come from our own fears where we put ourselves in a box waiting for our circumstances to miraculously change.  We tend to wait for more money, more opportunity, or the exact and perfect timing or person to make a decision to move on our dreams.

Only You Limit Your Life - Dr. Diva VerdunThe truth of it all lies in our attitude and what we see as limitations for ourselves.  If we see limited resources as our obstacle, the Universe says OK it is done as you believe.  It is because we say and believe we have no money, no opportunity, or no job that we are cementing in our belief system lack and limitation as our reality.  Our true reality is that lack and limitation only exist within our own minds because there is no such thing as lack in the Universal whole, which we are 100% ONE with.

There is no limitation to the air that we breath.  We simply take it for granted that it is there because it is abundantly available to us, and thus the Universe makes it so.  There is no limitation to water, even though we have been trained we are supposed to pay for something that exist naturally in over 3/4 of the surface of our planet with a unique 90% of the water we consume actually making up our own bodies.  So where is the limitation? Not in the Universe, and not even in our own bodies.  It is in our mind, where only we can make it the truth of our own reality.   The truth is that we have not because we deeply seek only what we don’t have.  Meaning we are grounded in the belief that we are limited in whatever capacity we are feeling limited in.

While we are so busy being focused on what we don’t have, we are literally activating the Universe to continue to produce the exact environment necessary for us to live what we believe.  Remember, it is done unto you as you believe.  So the key is to look at your circumstances and find deeply what you believe.  For example:  you have no money to pay bills or to live the L.I.F.E. you want.  You believe the reason is because of the economy, because you don’t have a rich Uncle or an inheritance to set you ahead.  However, there are people with worse situations than you have that are overturning every rock to explore what L.I.F.E. has to offer and see themselves as more than they currently are to become exactly who they see themselves becoming in mind.

If you are putting off living until you have achieved a certain level, how much L.I.F.E. are you missing?  If you are depressed and unhappy because you have no money, why have you allowed money to control your emotions?  Many people have all these issues but choose to see them as what they are, while being grateful for the very breath within them, which they know gives them the opportunity to change their experiences at anytime they choose.

Only You Limit Your Life - Dr. Diva VerdunFor things to truly change in your L.I.F.E. you have to be about change.  This means you have to find new and effective ways to do things differently than you have been doing them. Doing the same thing over and over the same way will always get the same results.

Expecting to be happy when you get to the dream will always make the dream evasive. You have live in the power of the dream NOW, then it will manifest in your experience. You have to LIVE NOW AS IF… and then your reality will change and begin to align with that which you believe to be true of yourself. Stop limiting yourself.

You have to see your L.I.F.E. as the reality of truth that it is; EXPANSIVE.  You have to count all that is in your experience as JOY and sit and contemplate what you need to change in order to streamline your processes.

Only you can limit your L.I.F.E. and at some point that limitation will become the reality by which you filter all that you do anchoring you to a foundation filled with empty dreams.  Get up and see your L.I.F.E. as the EXPANSIVE experience it is.  You are 100% ONE with an ever-expanding Universe.  There is no thing that you cannot accomplish, because you can BE all that you see in your own mind.  You have to BELIEVE in what you see in your mind with greater intensity than what you believe you do not have.



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