Innovative Producer Brings iPads to TV Production as Cameras

On the Streets TV Show with Carlton EnochPRESS RELEASE

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Innovative Producer Brings iPads to TV Production as Cameras

Visionary Producer is a technological genius using available iPad and social media technology to level the field to get his projects produced and in front of a billion viewers

Los Angeles, CA, October 16, 2012 ~ The soaring cost to produce TV and Film projects leaves many Independent Filmmakers with insurmountable challenges to fund their projects. A visionary producer came up with an innovative way to produce a new TV Show, On the Streets, an urban reality talk show filmed on the streets of Hollywood, CA, using affordable Apple wireless technology. He brings the iPad into film and television production combining traditional equipment designed for heavy and expensive cameras with affordable and economical mobile devices.

On the Streets with Carlton EnochMounting the iPads on jibs that swing up to 12 feet over the set and on Steadicam gives the same look and feel of a elaborate and expensive television production, and provides the same 1080i quality that the bigger more expensive cameras can tape. His innovative vision to use the iPads in a multi-camera shoot became a reality with the taping of his TV show.

The two biggest challenges that independent filmmakers are challenged with are budget constraints and exposure. He found a way to tape a quality product and then expose it to the largest TV audience available, with over 900 million viewers; Facebook.

Carlton Enoch, an innovative and technological genius, is an aggressive visionary producer, with cutting edge ideas and concepts that he is using to level the playing field to put his TV project on the map. He took his vision a step further and elected to tape his show on Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, CA, one of the busiest streets in the world. With over 100,000 pedestrians and 95,000 vehicles traveling up and down the boulevard daily, The Hollywood Walk of Fame would be a challenge for the most experienced producers and directors in the industry.

(VIDEO – iPad Cameras in Action on Hollywood Blvd. – )

On the Streets with Carlton Enoch

On the Streets TV Show is Enoch’s current project. An amalgamation of Candid Camera, Jimmy Kimmel, and Punk’d all in one. Carlton Enoch is the show’s charismatic host that goes out on the streets and gets people to do some of the strangest things on camera, where everyday people off the streets are asked the strangest questions or requested to do the silliest things.

The show is first TV series to air on Facebook and can be currently seen at



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