Stand On Your Faith - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stand On Your Faith

Faith is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  Thus, faith is not simply about our religions and dogmas, it is about everything we do. We have complete faith in gravity and know that when we get up our feet will be on the ground, or when we sit in a chair we don’t have to look at it while we fall back to sit.  We have faith that the sun will rise and set each day.  We have faith that there is air to breath and that our lungs will process the necessary oxygen.  We have faith that our hearts will beat to sustain our circulatory system.  Faith is not simply limited to our spiritual development, it is how we process and assimilate information in order to maneuver through the human experience.

We use our faith as a barometer to gauge our actions and reactions based on our validation of facts that we have come to believe as truth in our own lives.  This is why what one person has faith in another may not, because what is true to one person may not be true for the other.  This also means we may have faith in negative things that we have come to witness as our own truth.

Stand on Your Faith - Dr. Diva VerdunStanding on your faith means you are grounded in what you believe as fact.  You are firmly planted on a foundation of truth that you have come to trust either good or bad.  Faith is faith. You cannot obtain more faith anymore than you can obtain more of a brain.  But the brain CAN absorb more information that grants you access to more knowledge.  This knowledge generates new belief systems that you discover through L.I.F.E. lessons that create a broader awareness.  It is this new awareness that shifts your faith to trust and have confidence in your new knowledge.

We don’t realize that many times we have more faith in the bad than good. It is still faith. It doesn’t matter what the faith is in. Again, faith is faith. When we have faith in the bad we are standing in the foundation of what you have come to trust as fact pertaining your own experience.  You may have faith that the economy is bad and that it is not likely that you will succeed.  You may have faith that you are not lovable, so looking for a partner is hopeless.  You may have come to have faith that even God is not there for you because of the trials and tribulations you have experienced.  Regardless of what you believe both good or bad, it is your faith regarding that belief that sets the tone for how you live your experience.

In the Holy Book, “ye of little faith” does not mean you have a small measure of faith, it means your faith is skewed and weighted in negativity and fear.  It is rooted in fear as you look at the problems and see all the storms of your L.I.F.E. as your truth.  It is in the bad things that you think will happen and because you have seen them already demonstrated again and again in your experience.  You have placed your trust and your confidence in the negative energy that surrounds your L.I.F.E. and taken them to be your truth, thus you make all your decisions based on your faith in the negative energy.  This is what “ye of little faith” means.  It means you have more faith in fear than in good.  It means you have faith in the storms you can see, not in the peace you must find within.  It means you do not have a full awareness of the vastness of the Universe and how the truth of your good manifest from you taking control of your own POWER.

Stand on Your Faith - Dr. Diva VerdunTo shift your faith into good, you have to see yourself as good.  To shift your faith into your POWER, you have to know that you are ONE with Divine POWER. To shift your faith that all things are possible, you must know that the POWER of Christ is the POWER of God that lives within you.

There is no more faith to be attained.  You already have a full measure of faith.  How are you distributing your faith?  How are you using your faith to manifest your experience?

  • Your faith is a simple process of KNOWING that you are capable of doing all you desire and achieving your dreams simply because you were born into a Divine Inheritance.
  • Your faith is a simple process of letting go of fear and investing your thoughts and energy in the good that you are made of.
  • Your faith is a simple process of standing in the midst of your own POWER and taking control of your experiences through the understanding that all that happens is merely part of your educational process.

You are here by Divine plan.  You are not a mistake and none of the experiences you have had are mistakes.  They are all part of your growth to guide you into the full understanding, awareness and use of your POWER.

Faith in Spirit, means having faith in YOU!  It means you have faith in L.I.F.E. ITself because you trust the Almighty to give you the kingdom as promised.  It means you have faith because you are fully aware that there is nothing in your experience that you cannot change.

You have the very GREATNESS of the ALMIGHTY surging within you.  Standing on Your Faith means Standing in the Awareness that You cannot fail because a Greater POWER is living within you.  Every part of your L.I.F.E. experience is about faith.  You do not need more faith, you merely need to look at what measure of faith you have invested in negative issues and circumstances so that you can do the necessary mental work to clear your mind to settle the storms of L.I.F.E.



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