Your Dreams are Your Divine Blueprint for Your L.I.F.E. - Dr. Diva Verdun

Your Dreams are Your Divine Blueprint for Your L.I.F.E.

Just because others can’t see or understand your dreams doesn’t mean they are not valid or real.  They are your dreams! Dreams only you can envision for your own L.I.F.E.  They are not designed to inspire or motivate anyone else.  They are dreams that set a blueprint for YOU to build on your own L.I.F.E.

Your Dreams are Your Divine Blueprint for Your L.I.F.E. - Dr. Diva VerdunNo one can see what you see for YOU!  They will listen and either agree or in most cases disagree, as their negative filters begin to tell you what you can’t do or shouldn’t do.  You do not need advice on how to build your dream from someone else.  It is a dream because it is a special and specific design, a blueprint that was birthed inside of you and you alone.

Once you begin follow your inner blueprint and begin building the dream the necessary people and resources will come into play of their own accord as the Universe begins to align all the resources and people under the guidance of Universal Perfection and Divine Planning.

Many people will never be able to see your dream in their own mind because they only can process through their own failed attempts to make their own dreams manifest.  They have given up and feel they are giving you good and valuable advice that will save you from hardship and pain.  However, nothing in L.I.F.E. comes to us without effort, and work, which we undertake based on the belief and faith we have in ourselves.

Do not allow other people to take you off target from your dreams because they failed in their own.  Your dream has absolutely nothing to do with theirs and while their advice may be valid, it is still not applicable to you.  Your dreams are part of your Divine Inheritance that move you into living L.I.F.E. and living it abundantly in accordance with the promise.  Your dreams are the key element in you stepping into your passion for living.

Your purpose for BEING is to seek the POWER and Guidance that is within you to come into the recognition of truth that you can create whatever you want to create in your experience.  Once you become aware of your own POWER, you will find that the dream within you becomes so dynamic that you burst into a mode of living with great passion and zest for L.I.F.E. prepared, equipped and ready to manifest the experience you wish to live.

Your Dreams are Your Divine Blueprint for Your L.I.F.E. - Dr. Diva VerdunNo one will work with deep joy and passion on your dream like you do, because it is their dream.  Do not expect others to understand you, or your dream.  The only understanding that is necessary to see it manifest is your own.  As you being to explore the depths of who are and begin to learn to operate through the depth of your own POWER the right people will automatically gravitate to you and align their dreams with yours for the manifestation of global good for all.

There will always be the naysayers that say it won’t happen.  You must know deep within yourself that all dreams manifest in the glory of the Creator when we take action on them.  It was the Creator that birthed the Divine Blueprint into your Spirit when you were born.  Take the Divine Blueprint and study it.  Look deep into your dreams and find all the places that you have fears and doubts and begin to meditate on your POWER to overcome and meet all the challenges because you were Divinely created to do just that.

Challenges and obstacles to your dreams are merely object learning lessons that allow you to correct the path you are taking as you begin to construct the dream.  If you get caught up in the trial, or lesson you will lose sight of the vision, the dream.  The goal is to keep your eye on the prize.  When things seem to be going wrong there is a Divine reason.  Stop and take note of your pain, stress, strife and shame and go deep within to find the answers that give you greater awareness on your journey of self-discovery that will illuminate the path for the manifestation of your dreams.




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