Sometimes I Forget to Trust God - Dr. Diva Verdun

Sometimes I Forget to Trust God

Sometimes the fires of L.I.F.E. get so hot we literally forget that we can depend on God.  We are simply so focused and to busy trying to humanly figure out how to get out of the fire we’re in to be still and even think about God.  We get desperate and end up doing things that make the situation worse in the long run looking for the immediate answer.  It is not until we have totally exhausted every human recourse we know that we finally end right back up at the beginning; looking to God for the answers we need in desperation and exhaustion.

We go through these difficult times so that we can learn something important from them.  We need a key piece of information from the experience so that we can get back on track to experiencing our good.

You are not here to experience challenge after challenge after challenge in a harmful and stuck mode.  The challenges are merely tools that you learn from that help you adjust your course.

Sometimes I Forget to Trust God - Dr. Diva Verdun When you learn how to go within and touch the peace that surpasses all understanding, you find the POWER to go through every storm of L.I.F.E.  It is in this peace that you can get still and find the answers that are being presented to you through the very problem you are experiencing.

Trusting God can move you through any problem is a disciplined habit just like trying to figure things out has become a habit.  It takes a conscious effort to be still in the midst of your problems.  It takes dedication and discipline to elect to try to do something a different way, especially when the fire is really hot.

You have two choices and both bring you right back to trusting God; 1) try everything humanly possible to work it out  or 2) get still and find the guidance from within in a peaceful and quiet space to actually get the lesson and get out of the fire now.  Insight and clarity do not ever come forth until you have mastered the lesson you gain from the trial you are experiencing.  Thus, when you get still you recognize there is a lesson to be gained and you are preparing yourself to get it so you can get out of the fire.

Trusting God means exercising your faith in your good, not in your fears.  Exercising faith is like exercising your muscles.  You have to take the resistance(problems) and use it to train yourself so you can fully develop your POWER.



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