What's Right With Me? - Dr. Diva Verdun

What’s Right With Me?

We tend to always belittle ourselves by picking apart every part of our character.  We look at every negative aspect of who we are in an effort to over analyze ourselves to fit in and avoid shame.  We see everything that is wrong, but never give ourselves a pat on the back for what is right and who we really are.

Taking inventory of yourself does not have to be limited to listing your negative traits.  You can elevate your self-esteem by looking at what’s right with you and step back up into a balance that allows you to feel self-assured and love yourself.  It moves you out of a place of codependency where you are always waiting on someone else to love, honor and respect who you are. You then learn you have the POWER to do these things for yourself and can stand on your own without the need for validation from others.

By asking yourself,  “What are my good points?”, you will find greater value within than you have given yourself credit for.  You will discover that there are things that you do very well and find qualities that are very likable and make you proud of being YOU!

I like myself - What's Right With Me - Dr. Diva Verdun - divaverdun.comYou have character assets and in most cases you will find that your assets far outweigh your flaws. Focusing only on your character flaws and where you may need improvement tears you apart mentally leaving you in low self-esteem.

For example:  Because you are quick to get angry does not necessarily mean you are a bad person or that you have no loving traits. It means you have an area where you can learn how to process your anger so that you can use this particular tool more effectively to move you into higher levels of BEING. Just because you get angry does not make you a bad person, it simply means you have not learned how to manage one of your emotional tools for greater effectiveness in your L.I.F.E.

By balancing your awareness of your negative character traits with those that are good and favorable you begin to take notice of the fact that you aren’t that bad of a person, and that you are just as worthy of love of your own love. It ALL starts with love of self first.

Remember: Balanced thoughts about yourself empower you into naturally improving your character as you grow comfortable being OK BEING you.

Learning to love yourself means to love all of you. It means you are OK with making improvements, but you are also aware that there are parts of you that work. By changing, accepting, or transforming your negative aspects and building on your positive ones you empower yourself to deal with the areas that need improvement through self-love. You begin to align positive energy within while developing and transforming character traits you would like to change.

It’s OK to LOVE yourself.  You’re worth it!



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