Get Real - Dr. Diva Verdun

Get Real

People cannot see what you see as real.  They cannot see or feel your pain or your joy.  They cannot see your dreams, nor can they know the agony of any defeat you experience.  They can have compassion and sympathy for you, but they cannot know the reality of what you see.  What is real to you may not be real at all to another person.

Your dreams of being and doing the wonderful things that only you can see in your imagination are only real to you.  You run the danger of having your reality shattered by other people’s definition of reality, which is based on what is real to them.  This is because their reality is based on their experiences and thus, their advice will be be grounded in that experience as they feed to you all the reasons why you can not accomplish or become what you see for yourself.

What is real though?  Do we know what is truly real and what is not real?  We feel pain.  We experience defeat.  We live through various disappointments and setbacks.  But are these reality?  In essence they are because we have the painful emotional scars from those memories we lived.  However, once they are over, are they still real?  Where do they really exist?  Do they exist in our experience right now in so called reality? Or are we making them a part of our now reality by continually being buried in the pain that we are reliving day after day after day?

We allow others to shatter our dreams based on their reality of a past experience that they advise us to make our reality NOW.  No, you do not have to accept any other reality for yourself besides the one you see. You don’t even have to accept the scars of your past as your reality now either.  You can chose your reality to be whatever you want it to be and more.  The more you imagine, the more you can become.  You are a Spiritual Being with the POWER to co-create.  Thus, this is also very very real.

Get Real - Dr. Diva VerdunRealistic means to represent what is real; not abstract or ideal. It means being aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are.  So in reality what is real?

Your painful emotional scars and experiences of your past are history.  They are merely recordings in your memory.  Thus, are they the awareness of things as they really are?  No, they are an awareness of the way things were or something you experienced.  The awareness of the way things are now is based on your beliefs and dreams right now, not on experiences that you lived yesterday. Thus, being realistic is a matter of what is real to you.

You attract everything into your experience based on what you believe.  It is always done unto you as you believe, so the question becomes what do you believe is real NOW?  Do you believe that you are here to suffer and live a degraded experience until the end?  Do you believe that your dreams are fantasy and can never become a reality for you?  Do you believe that you were born into the wrong time, the wrong body, the wrong experience?  Do you believe you are not worthy of love and respect? What is real to you becomes your reality.

You are a real Spiritual Being having a human experience.  Thus, your reality is Spiritual and is based on the ever present NOW. Everything that you experience becomes a part of your NOW through what you are currently believing is your reality.  If you are waiting for other people to validate your dreams and aspirations as real and possible, they cannot.  Only you can see them as real because they are only real to you.  Thus, you cannot waste your dreams by sharing them with others that give you advice based on their own failed experiences.

You are a Spiritual Being with the POWER within you to create all that you desire to experience in your L.I.F.E.  It cannot become real in your experience until it becomes real to you in your mind.  If you are focused on the reality of what happened to you in your past, then you can only create more of that experience NOW because that is what is real to you.

It does not matter that you have not actually lived the dream.  It only matters that it is real enough to you and that you believe in it.  The more you believe in your dreams as your reality, the more you attract that which you see in mind into your experience.  Get Real!  Think Real!  Live in the NOW and see all you dream as your reality designed specifically for you by you.



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