No One Understands Me But Me! - Dr. Diva Verdun

No One Understands Me But Me!

We have all been in situations where we feel other people don’t get us.  They don’t get how we think.  How we live.  Who we are. What we want. What we do or why we do it.  For the most part we find ourselves constantly asking the question, “why don’t you understand me?”. The power in this questions is in asking it to ourselves to explore the reasons why we feel we need to be validated anyway.

When we are operating from a place of always feeling misunderstood, we are playing to our victimization tapes, which loop our thoughts back to a place and time when we felt less about ourselves than we should.  Sadly for many, this is not a place that is to far in the distant past.  It is a place that we live in now.  Victimization tapes steal our POWER and move us into a place of needed validation and love from someone else because we are living from a position of feeling unworthy and misunderstood.

Actually, people do get you.  They get that you have issues and that is what they see and understand.  So while you are sitting back worrying and upset about why people don’t understand you or love you, they are literally wondering why you don’t love yourself enough to step-up and BE who you are.

You are a Spiritual BEING living a human experience.  You are fully self-sufficient within yourself.  You do not need another person’s heart to beat for yours to function.  You do not need another person’s lungs to inhale air for yours to function.  The food someone else eats will not sustain your body.  However, you allow the thoughts that other people have to steal your joy and stop you from moving forward to live in the fullness and abundance of L.I.F.E.

Everything that exist in your experience starts with you.  From the time of conception, it started with you.  You were two parts that came together to grow and develop into the perfect human emanation of the Divine for your Spirit to dwell within.  You had to survive the birth canal at birth and you have had to put food in your own mouth and digest it and continue to grow and develop to become who you are now.

Nothing happens in your experience without you first.  Why do you give over your thoughts of who you are to someone else to draw up the concept of who you should be?  Why do you need validation from someone to understand how you think and why?  It is how you process things for your own understanding, and that is the reason you have your own mind, individually unique and different from anyone else.

No One Understands Me But Me! - Dr. Diva Verdun To sit back and contemplate, wish, whine and somber over why other people do not get who you are or understand how you feel is self-defeating.  It is self-sabotage that takes you out of the game of L.I.F.E. because you are no longer equipped to process the necessary information to grow into your own POWER.  You are waiting for someone else to tell you about your POWER, which you will never believe you have until you experience it for yourself anyway.

All your experiences were necessary in order for you to learn the depth of your own POWER.  If you are waiting for love, approval and understanding from someone else you will never grow.  All of the greatest minds that ever were did not worry about why people didn’t get them. They knew who they were and moved on that thought alone.  What other people thought of them was not their concern.  They were to busy living out their experience the way they felt Divinely guided to BE.

You must work through everything first hand to know how it works.  If you want more love, you must invest more love in yourself.  If you want to be understood, you must sit and understand the reasons you think and do things the way you do, and why you feel people don’t understand you. If you do not want to be judged for the things you do, stop trying to fit in.

Stop being grounded in fear and do what you feel you need to do and move on.  If you are seeking approval, sit and contemplate why you need approval from others when all you need is to approve of yourself. If you feel unloved, sit and contemplate why you feel so unworthy of love that you are not even willing to love yourself first when you are made of love.

You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine. You are a GREAT POWER!  You have already been stamped approved from birth and created in PURE LOVE, which is God. All that is important is that you understand yourself.  Once you get YOU, then you step into a level of awareness that elevates you to live as the POWER you are and all else won’t matter anyway.



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