Living Out Loud - Dr. Diva Verdun

Living Out Loud

Feeling that everyone has a L.I.F.E. but you, or that their lives are better, more important or more valuable than yours is a self-defeating thought.  It sabotages your dreams and stumps your growth.  It leaves you feeling defeated and useless, as well as, totally victimized by L.I.F.E. itself.  It is a belief that is based on low self-esteem and the lack of understanding of who you actually are.  It is a feeling of no self-worth that cripples you into complacency of living when you were born into an abundant inheritance of all good.

Living Out Loud means you are willing to step outside of the box of complacency and fill your L.I.F.E. with the charge that is necessary to take control and live the experiences of your dreams.  It means you are willing to live your L.I.F.E. at the top of your proverbial lungs.  It means you want to live as Loud as You can Scream. It means you want to Live as Loud as you can talk. It means you want to live as Loud as you can express yourself to live.

Living Out Loud can only happen when you take inventory of who you are.  You have to stop and look at all the things that you grew through and all the things you have learned and align them with all the talents and skills you have amassed.  That is who you are right now.  You are a real viable person with real thoughts and things to add to L.I.F.E. from your own mastery.  You are ART.  You are the ART of Living in manifest form and you are here to create more of that special artwork called YOU.

Living Out Loud - Dr. Diva VerdunThrough concentrated self-mastery you will begin to do the mental surgery to pluck out the thoughts of low self-worth to repair the mental damage that has been done by the trials and pains of L.I.F.E. experiences.  You begin to realize that the pain and trials are merely there to teach you more, not to sit and bask in while thinking there is nothing more of L.I.F.E. available for you.

You must understand that there is a strong and apparent difference between L.I.F.E. and what you experience.  L.I.F.E. itself is walking in your God-given POWER to accumulate experiences and use them to multiply your abundance of joy, happiness, finance, love and every good thing.  It is in the pain and the trials, that you learn more about living and more about who you are.  It is through the pains and challenges that you grow into the full use of your POWER.

At no time in any part of your L.I.F.E. have you had no value.  Stop believing this to be the case.  You have explicit value.  You have the highest value that can be given. You are Spirit living a human experience, gifted with all the POWER to co-create any experience you desire. There is no greater value than that.

The key to living is in the trial runs of L.I.F.E., where you learn how to weld your POWER.  You learn how to manifest joy, love, happiness and every other good thing in your experience.  The key is in LIVING ITself as you grow-up into the full-blown use of your POWER and you exercise your truth to fully LIVE OUT LOUD.

You are not a secret. You are not a mistake.  You are not worthless.  You are LOVE! You are POWER! You are JOY! You are full-blown ABUNDANCE!  You are the very POWER of God in manifest human form and you are here to learn how to use that POWER to live L.I.F.E. fully in the magic of all ITS glory and magnificence. You are here to LIVE OUT LOUD and be Proud of BEING the very person you are because only you can add to the Universe the Unique and Individual Light that you add as YOU.



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