Being the Selfsame Same - Dr. Diva Verdun

Be the Selfsame Same

“Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing the self is enlightenment. Mastering others requires force. Mastering the self requires strength.” ~Lao Tzu

Being the Selfsame Same - Dr. Diva VerdunIn our efforts to BE, we attempt to control other people without ever giving thought to what we demonstrate in our own lives.  We interject our thoughts and behaviors and opinions on other people in an attempt to change them or control them into conforming to who we are so that we ourselves do not ever have to change or grow.

Growth is frightening because it takes us out of the comfort zone of the facade we have created of ourselves into the depths of seeing who we really are.  In mastering self, we must be willing to step out of our natural egotistical attempts to control other people to force them to think or react like we do into moving into a deeper understanding of self.

When you are so busy attempting to control the thoughts or natures of other people you are not willing to see them as who they really are because you have not learned who you are.  You are attempting to make them into something you envision they should be because you don’t know how to fit into the puzzle of L.I.F.E. yourself.  This illusion creates havoc in your relationships with other people because they never see you as the real person you are designed to be, but as one that is like a fish out of water always panting for the next breath of air.

Being the Selfsame Same - Dr. Diva VerdunYour fear of living becomes evident in wearing mask and creating facades to live behind to disguise who you truly are.  People can see through the mask even though you may feel totally safe behind it in all aspects.  The mask you wear is like the King that got new clothes made of nothing.  You think you have covered yourself, but everyone else is seeing the naked and scared individual that you are.

By becoming the selfsame you learn how to be the same same.  Yes, it is a play on words, but think about the meaning here.  When you are the selfsame you are being the authentically identical person that you were created to BE. You are BEING the ONE POWER in Manifest Human Form.

Through self-mastery you become so consistent in your nature as the selfsame emanation of Spirit that you are always the same same in your actions, reactions and associations with other people.  You become the indisputable same in any situation.  You are the ONE and the same Spiritual identification united in the human flesh. You are the stable and peaceful POWER that allows all to manifest in your experience in order.  This is a very deep thought to ponder.

By becoming the selfsame same you have elected to go within and to discover who you really are and find the fears you have that cause you not to want to identify with your own wholeness.  You are using self-mastery to mark-out the spots within that are screaming for attention and love and give them to yourself.  You become the selfsame same so that you can always be the same person all the time.  You live in your own confidence of who you are and you are perfectly OK with everyone else living in their own facades or in their own mastery because either way does not sway you or pull you out of the sameness that you are.

Living the selfsame same means you are willing to do the necessary work to seek new levels of awareness in every situation.  You see revelation in everything that happens.  You see it in every thought and you sit and contemplate your judgements of others before you rise to question or attempt to control their thoughts and actions. You release the attempt to control anything and surrender to the fullness of L.I.F.E. knowing that in being the selfsame same you are being authentically who you are. You realize there is never a need to cover any weakness or flaw because you recognize your own weaknesses or flaws in the demonstration of others. You also in turn find your GREATness stems from recognizing the weaknesses of others as your own and through concentrated self-mastery you don’t run away from it by attempting to change other people.  Instead you sit and focus on what is necessary to bring you back into wholeness by returning to the Spiritual Center to BE the Same POWER that you were born in the ONE PRESENCE to BE.



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