I'm Scared to Choose I Might Make a Mistake - Dr. Diva Verdun

I’m Scared to Choose – I Might Make a Decision

We are so desperate to make the right choices that we ask for everyone’s opinion before we can settle on a decision.  We take a mental poll of what decision seems to be the right one based on other people’s answers.  Then we experience the agony of actually making the decision because we are still not sure if we are making the right choice.  When we have a fear of choices we are fearing living because L.I.F.E. is filled with choices to be made in each and every moment.

I'm Scared to Choose I Might Make a Mistake - Dr. Diva VerdunNot having the capability to make choices presents a huge problem in moving forward.  The fear cripples you and halts all progress because you are too afraid to make a wrong choice.  It is this fear of making choices that allows others to have control and influence over you.  It means you are allowing L.I.F.E. to literally pass you by because you are in fear of making a choice.

In order for you to get the most out of L.I.F.E. you have to know that it is your choice and responsibility to decide how you’re going to live it.  If you leave these decisions up to others you are not in control of your experiences.  You check out and simply allow anything to happen as you drift through L.I.F.E. based on the thoughts and decisions of others. It means you are living by stressful attempts to make others happy and leaving yourself totally out of the equation.

The fear of making choices is unprocessed pain.  It is a fear that controls you because you are afraid if you make a choice you will experience something similar to what you have already gone through. You have to process the pain and gain the awareness from it, which then catapults you into a new experience of living while equipped with knowledge to make better choices.  It is this fear itself of past mistakes that is holding you back from moving forward into the manifestation of your good.

Choices are a natural process.  You hold that process captive when you are in fear of making a decision. Choices are a natural progression in the Universe.  The Universe simply makes a choice to do, to act and to move and all else flows with it.  There is only the choice to do or not to do in essence, and the Universe always makes the choice of peaceful action even in the still moments because it is always actively creating.  If you are always sitting on the fence you can’t get down and play.  In order to live L.I.F.E. you have to get in the game.  You have to get off the fence, the bench or come out from wherever you are hiding and get on the playground.

The Universe has no investment in the choices you make in your individual expression of living.  The Universe recognizes you as a perfect part of the whole, perfectly capable and free to complete yourself in whatever way you choose. Yes!  Complete yourself.  This is because the Universe has no preconceived pattern of how you should live your L.I.F.E.  It does not see your mistakes as a factor that hinder you from moving forward. Your mistake actually are designed to move you forward because they teach you what you like and don’t like.

I'm Scared to Choose I Might Make a Mistake - Dr. Diva Verdun There is no such thing as the wrong choice.  You are completing your process with each choice you make.  You will only know that the choice is wrong after you make it.  Agonizing over a choice is wasted energy because eventually you will learn if the choice was right or wrong.  However, in the moment that you make the choice it is will be and always is the right choice at the right time.

No one can make the decision for you no matter how much advice you get or how many polls you take.  You still have to make the choice yourself. You can never avoid the process of making decisions. You always know intuitively what is right for you even if you are making a choice that doesn’t quite feel like it is the right one.  Just make a choice and stop sitting on the fence and allowing the game to be played without you.

The Universe could not care less which choice you make. It has absolutely no expectation of you.  It will not make any demands of you and has no requirements that you have to live up to.  You are the Spiritual POWER!  The Universe is waiting for you to make the decision so it can manifest for you that which you are deciding upon.

The beauty of making a choice is that you always have an option to make another choice to correct the one you made. Let go and trust your decision-making POWER.  Its OK!  Its taking you on a journey of L.I.F.E. that you design by the choices you make.  Stop giving your POWER away to others to make your choices.  Its your L.I.F.E. and It’s your Choice!



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