Soul Mates vs. Twin Flames and the Stages of Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flames - Dr. Diva Verdun

What’s the difference between soul mates and twin flames?

Soul Mates: Soul mates are divine extensions from the same oversoul. The oversoul or I Am presence oversees and stays connected to all of it’s soul extensions bringing lessons and soul experiences to assist the soul in becoming an ascended master. The oversoul sets up soul contracts for learning within it’s “group” of soul extensions. Every person in your life….your parents, close friends, romantic relationships, children, bosses etc. are all your soul mates. Soul mates do not necessarily mean that they are “loving” relationships. Our soul mates can be some of our most difficult relationships as they teach us our greatest lessons. (Technically, since we are ONE….everyone on the planet is our soul mate….however, there are definitely closer, more resonate soul mates that are from the same oversoul.)

If you are wanting to draw a romantic “soul mate” to you, make sure you ask for the most compatible soul mate for your highest and best good, and one that has a monogamy gene….unless you are ok with having an unfaithful partner and want to experience multiple partners at one time. In essence, make sure you are very clear with what you want in order to attract a soul mate that will be balanced for you.

The more you love yourself….the more loving soul mate relationship you will attract. Remember, it is your state of consciousness that creates your reality ~ so whatever programs and beliefs you have will attract relationships to you to help you heal any distortions within your being that are not based on truth.

Twin Flames - Dr. Diva Verdun

Twin Flames: Are soul mates that are exactly like you. Your twin flame is your closest soul extension and can be a very powerful, deeply loving and fulfilling relationship. However, if you don’t love your self then you will not have a compatible relationship with your twin flame. They will mirror every negative program, emotion, feeling and belief you have…..these relationships can be very trying if you have not cleared your negative programs and stepped into self-love, respect and compassion for the self.

“Usually,” we do not attract our twin flame until we have found balance within our masculine and feminine energies and have reached a state of unification and enlightenment …..but that is not always the case. Because you are a Creator Being, through the focus of your attention….you can attract your twin flame. Oftentimes, our twin flame is not incarnated into 3D….more times than not, our twin flame is an aspect of our higher self who resides in the spiritual realms who guide us and helps us move into oneness and unity consciousness. If our twin flame has incarnated into 3D, then usually we have work to do together to assist with the transformation and healing of the planet. This is RARE, but it is definitely an option….remember….CREATION has no limitations!

Our soul mates and twin flames are our soul family. We know each other from other places and other times ~ our hearts will be attracted. We have many soul mates yet only one twin flame to choose from, and it is our subconscious and heart-felt intentions that will draw to us the soul mate/twin flame based on our negative and positive qualities. Usually, the twin flame is not magnetized forward until the soul is purified enough to give and receive the unconditional love and universal mirrors that will be reflected to them. The twin flame is an aspect of our higher self… will lovingly show us what we need to work on so we can merge into oneness and unification.

Reprint from Sabrina Reber

The Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

  1. Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening
  2. Testing
  3. Crisis
  4. Runner Dynamic
  5. Surrender
  6. Radiance
  7. Harmonizing

**The Key to getting to the final Harmonizing stage with the least amount of suffering is to bypass one’s own Testing, Crisis and Runner stages.  This can be accomplished by staying surrendered to G…od throughout. **

Stage 1:  Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening

Characteristics of Stage 1:

Both Twins recognize one another at the soul level and feel as if they have met before.  Synchronous events surround the union.  The heart chakras open and both souls quickly merge into a third unified energy.  Both Twins experience an acceleration of spiritual understanding.

The purpose of the Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening Stage:

To activate the memory of each soul’s life mission and to help awaken each Twin to higher levels of consciousness.

Stage 2:  Testing

Characteristics of Stage 2:

The initial temporary spiritual awakening (illumination) fades. The ego (“little self”) begins to re-emerge.  One or both Twins may attempt to fit the relationship into the “old model” of Love, couple-hood and relationship as it relates to their ego desires and learned belief system.  Inner conflict arises.  Twins ruminate on what they were taught to believe their beloved “should be” and how relationships are supposed to serve them.

Both Twins feel simultaneously inspired and toppled by the power of the union.
Doubts creep in making one or both Twins begin to view their beloved critically or suspiciously.

The purpose of the Testing stage:

To cause outdated mental concepts about relationships to rise to the surface to be cleared.

Stage 3:  Crisis

Characteristics of Stage 3:

The crisis of the Twin is realizing they must reject their egoic beliefs about Love relationships or reject their beloved.  Having to shed “little self” or identity-based beliefs and desires to embrace a higher expression of Love can lead to stubbornness and anxiety.  Fear can take hold, triggering many dysfunctional emotional patterns.  In staying present with the patterns, they can be witnessed and released.

Despite fears, both Twins naturally come together in cycles for bonding, confession, forgiveness and Lovemaking.  These rituals cement higher levels of consciousness into the energy fields of both Twins.

The purpose of the Crisis stage:

To provide opportunities for the healing and maturing of the mental and emotional bodies.

Stage 4:  The Runner Dynamic

Characteristics of Stage 4:

The human ego naturally fears annihilation in the face of the Unified Consciousness encoded inside the Twin Flame Union.  The pain body rises up and old ego survival mechanisms or “bottom of the barrel” emotional and mental patterns like defiance, resistance, manipulation, anger, punishing and judgment arise.

One or both Twins become emotionally and mentally flooded with deep pain from what feels like soul-level rejection and abandonment.  The unbearable soul-level pain leads one or both Twins to withdraw physically and block communication in fear and futility.  One or both Twins may unsuccessfully try to re-create the original unified harmony.

The purpose of the Runner Dynamic:

To propel both individuals towards God for healing and maturation of the spiritual body.

NOTE:  The temptation to engage in ego battle or withdrawal is very seductive and difficult for many to resist, which is why many Twins never reach Surrender, Radiance or Harmony.

Remember, there is no room for judgment in Twin Soul pairings. Each soul learns from much walking its own path and choosing through its own will.  Your non-attached loving thoughts will be felt by your beloved in the subconscious, keeping them strong.

Stage 5:  Surrender

Characteristics of Stage 5: 

The direction and outcome of the relationship is surrendered to God in full faith and trust that the Union is under Divine Protection.  It is accepted that what is best and destined for the final physical harmonizing will transpire in its own time. (Both Twins must reach Illumination in order to harmonize in the physical)

The “Runner” Twin is allowed the space and freedom to choose to evolve at their own pace in their own way.  At this stage, the frequency of compassion returns and maintains itself.  The Surrendered Twin holds a heart space for their beloved while fully exploring life on the way to becoming an Illuminated human.  This may be a time of channeling Unconditional Love into art, music, writing, teaching, active service or some other creative outlet.

Purpose of the Surrender stage:

To help each soul release the ego, develop regular communication with God and demonstrate their full trust in God to do what is best and when.

Stage 6:  Self Realization, Illumination, Radiance

Characteristics of Stage 6: 

Twin Flames - Dr. Diva VerdunThe ego or “little self” dies and the God-force energy takes over the body.  This leads to a complete spiritual awakening, arriving at one’s fully awakened divinity. This is the stage of radiating Divine Love rather than seeking romantic Love.

At this stage, the surrendered Twin’s emotional, mental and spiritual bodies arrive at full maturity.  New creativity and healing abilities arise, which are put in service to assist others.

Purpose of the Radiance stage:

To establish an outward flow of Divine Love through one’s body and works, which vibrates at a level that uplifts humanity.

Stage 7:  Harmonizing

Characteristics of Stage 7:

By this stage both Twins have awakened.  They come together in the physical to assimilate their newly evolved energies, flowing into the new dynamic of their Unified Potential.  Both Twins integrate fully into the third energy of Unconditional Love in a way that influences others towards their own heart opening.

Purpose of the Harmonizing stage:

To fulfill the intended mission of the Twin Flame Union.
**Twin Flame relationships come into your life to help mold you to embody the vibration of Unconditional Love.**

Reprint from Dakini’s Bliss Yoga

Summation by Tiffany Williford

Twins and soul mates are two entirely different things.

If you do believe in reincarnation and past lives, you could literally have thousands of soul mates out there, people you have bumped into constantly over your many, many lives along with the karma which comes with it.

But the Twin is different. It is literally your missing half from the beginning of Time. You can have 1000s of soul mates but there is only one Twin. The reunification of Twins is also a very, very holy event.

This awful event caused Twins to separate and the search of true love is really a search for the missing Twin. Their reunification is holy because it is literally the coming together of a PRIMARY energy from Source itself. Meaning, the energy Twins generate is of such a high frequency and so pure, that the work that Twins do together is of immense importance and usually helps inspire humankind to evolve to a higher state of consciousness, which is why Twins finding each other during this time of transition would go a long way.

All Twin relationships are a reflection of the most ancient and primary of Twins, Osiris and Isis, the first king and queen of Egypt. Twinship is not about romance, candle light dinners, great sex, buying a condo together and shared investments and retirement savings plans (Though it probably will include that later). It is about two souls coming together to be of benefit and service to humanity, usually by inspiring and leading others with the creative work they do together, whether that be the books they write together, the ideas they come up with together, the healing work they do together, the artistic and creative output they do together etc. The works they produce together usually live on, long after they have gone.

51 Responses to “Soul Mates vs. Twin Flames and the Stages of Twin Flame Relationships”
  1. I experienced a total misunderstanding while reading the second to last paragraph introduction sentence use of the term “awful”. I kept reading it over and over again. I thought it was a typo. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary it is defined as first, “inspiring awe.” Second, “terrifying.” Third, “very bad.” All my life, I have only known and been aware of the two latter definitions.

  2. Kate says:

    I feel as though who I’m with could very well be my twin flame as we are experiencing these stages. My problem is that I have no physical or sexual attraction to them and so during the Crisis stage there is no Lovemaking. Which I feel is pivotal for progress. I need some advice…please help!!

    • Hi Kate,

      If you do not have a physical attraction, what makes you feel this person is your twin flame? Have you considered this person may simply be a soul mate rather than your twin flame?

    • Ni Bran says:

      Then that is simply not your twin flame. Doesn’t mean that you do not have life lessons to learn with them – but there is significant sexual attraction in Twin Flame relationships.

      • Annonymous says:

        Significant is an understatement… Sometimes it is so intense that we are afraid we will consume each other in the process… a bit like an Ouroboros eating its own tail until it disappears. It is on a completely different level than any other relationship we have had before.

  3. avos :) says:

    Hi I know that I have been in a relationship with a soulmate of mine… I started wondering if he is my twin… We ar halfway through the stages and also at the beginning. It is like a circle it seems. I am at the stage of surrendering, but I have a lot of anger and negative emotions and obviously I don not want to mess it up. So then we are at the start again. I am working really hard at my anger and not isolating myself . I actively surrender those feelings to keep the relationship. could he be my twin flame? My ego has been getting in the way very very often.

    • A Twin Flame relationship is not about the relationship with the other person as much as it is about the relationship with the other person bringing you into a higher level of awareness in relationship with self. You do not have to mold a romantic relationship with a twin flame. It simply is what is. You do not attempt to mold the other twin into your ego concept of a relationship either. You simply allow them to be who they are and love them as they are. There is no judgement, there is no need or want to control the other flame. You come to understand that everything that you are experiencing is really about you! It is about you becoming more of who you are.

      If your ego is in the way then you may not be in a twin flame relationship at all. You may simply be attempting to idealize this person as your twin flame in order to sooth your ego because the relationship may be co-dependent and dysfunctional and you may not be willing to simply look at it for what it actually is.

      Twin Flame relationships bring you out of your own ego and into spiritual awakening of self at a level of unconditional love, starting with self, and then bridging out to all others. As you reach this stage of harmony within yourself, the twin flame relationship will evolve to a higher dynamic as the other person has been awakening on their own spiritual path all along as well.

      Twin Flame relationships cannot be conceptualized by what we deem “regular” or “typical” romantic relationships. They are so far above this experience that your soul knows without question when you meet your twin flame. You have no doubt and no question regarding the soul experience with your twin flame. When you meet that person, you simply know in your soul that you are one… and they do too. It does not mean you will have a Hollywood type romance. It means you have met the other half of your soul, but you are still both two fully individual and fully functioning people.

      If you are trying to force the relationship into being, then the person may not be your twin at all. They may simply be a soul mate that has come into your experience to teach, heal or challenge your growth.

      ~Namaste! ~Diva

  4. avos :) says:

    I don’t really understand the stage of the runner

  5. avos :) says:

    I don’t understand what is meant by the runner… Do they mean it literally? Is the runner the surrendered twin or the other twin?

    • At the point both twins reach surrender the relationship is elevated to a level that is outside of both individuals. It becomes more about community and more of a pastoral type caring for all others. It becomes a harmonizing work of art where the twins use the POWER OF THE FLAME to effectuate Universal LOVE on a larger scale. Remember, twins have been separated, but always attached, so the stages they move through are not so much about maintaining a “regular” or “typical” relationship based on what we have traditionally come to know as relationships. In moving through the stages there is confirmation of the KNOWING of each other at a soul level, but the stages are actually regarding the awakening on one’s own soul to a higher level of spirituality and BEINGness.

      The Runner stage is not about someone running away from you or the relationship as you would typically believe it to be so. It is about you running from the awakening of self. Your ego is fighting with all it has to stay alive to the erroneous ideologies that have kept you bond in traditionalism and submerged in negative energy and negative thoughts that have buried the higher POWER that lives within you. The runner stage is about YOU! Not about the twin. If the twin is Running and you sense it, you have moved to a higher stage, but at this stage you have already experienced the running stage and you have submerged the ego and no longer allow it to attempt to hold the other person captive based on your own neediness. You are receptive to the growth of the runner stage and the death of the ego, which is necessary in order to arrive at a place of POWER in KNOWING self at a deeper level.

      The pain you feel at the runner stage comes from your own past hurts and pains as the ego raises up to protect itself from being hurt and reminds you of your own deeper centered fears of abandonment and rejection. Because you are re-living through a sequence of past pain you may withdraw or cut off communication as your ego directs you to protect yourself from potential pain. Again, the runner stage is not a stage of judgement of the other twin, it is a stage of growth for you.

      The beautiful blessing of the Twin Flame relationship is that it is so POWERfully unique to YOU and YOUR SOUL that YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT that the other person is part of your own SOUL. The truth is that there is nothing that that person can do that will ever blot out the love you have for them. NOTHING!!! The deepest LOVE you can ever experience is Unconditional at every level and not afraid of rejection, abandonment, hurt, or shame. It is not there to control anyone or force your own needs and directives either. Everything about the Twin Flame relationship simply seems to evolve at its own level when you step back and allow the POWER of SPIRIT to explode within you. This POWER is LOVE at its purest level and this love is the love that births the soul. It is this soul love that you share with the twin flame that can never be broken, judged, hurt, damaged or thread upon. IT SIMPLY IS WHAT IT IS!!!

      Only you can know if a person is your Twin Flame. It is not a co-dependent, sociopathic, needy, hot and cold relationship. IT IS SOMETHING YOU FEEL AS PERFECTION IN YOUR OWN SOUL, EVEN WHEN IT MAY NOT SEEM TO BE PERFECT AT THE MOMENT. TRUTH IS, IT IS STILL WHOLLY PERFECT IN YOUR OWN SOUL AND IN YOUR MINDS EYE. You are not sacrificing yourself in the relationship and you are not giving up yourself in the relationship or anything you have. You are growing deeper in the knowledge of self and your awareness of your own POWER.

      Love and Magic! Namaste!


      • Ivy says:

        Thank you Diva, this is the most beautiful description of a Twin Flame relationship I have ever read. I feel exactly the same and I resonate with your words. It is not easy to describe it for people who haven’t been going through this, because it’s something nobody can imagine until it’s experienced. And those who are going through it can’t find the right words either – so intense the feelings are. I have never felt any need to change him and he has never made any attempt to change me. There is nothing that would cause me to love him less than absolutely, unconditionally. I have drown my ego in tears that burst out of love that flooded my soul. Every stage is always about yourself, not about the other person. That’s the mystery, that’s the message this relationship has for you. And your mission is to accept it and surrender…That’s how I see it. We are still in the process somewhere between running and surrendering. He needs some time and I wait…and I will wait even if it lasted eternity…

        Love, hope and strenght to all <3

      • you are so very welcome.

      • CA says:

        thank you very much for your wisdom and generosity in sharing with us. i want to mention something equally important to the discovery of this unconditional love relationship, and that is, the false twin. i have experienced the false twin. it was a very difficult relationship that i didn’t want to be in but was so manipulated and controlled through it that i stayed. i had anger, fear, judgment toward this person and was under constant criticism and being asked to change/be more like them… i could never understand how someone, I thought was so perfect for me, and i for them, would be so demanding of the need for change. i finally ended that relationship when the stalking became so bad that i threatened to call the police.
        i met someone new. actually, he came to me, out of the blue. the first day we spent together i knew i wanted to have a baby with him. i accepted him completely. we conceived the first time we were together. we lost that baby. while the baby was here, it brought a remarkable creation to us… a light medicine for the purpose of healing humanity. in our relationship, people see me as the pure light and him as the bad boy dark. none of that is true. i don’t identify in any way with being his savior. he doesn’t need me. there is nothing in him that needs to change. he is exactly where he is/doing what is needed in every moment… i have remarked on that several times… he drinks, does drugs, and if he wants to have sex with someone else he asks me first… he hasn’t been unfaithful. sometimes he dresses like a homeless bum. one time he dressed like that to go to a wedding. we went together. i was completely happy to be with him, have always seen him for who he is and have never felt an inkling of a need to change him. i see he is growing just like me. when i am with him i feel happy and free and more like myself. grounded, practical, and excited about making the small steps of progress i need to make to be more supported here on earth to bring forth what is needed. neither one of us has much materially. we have both been there/done that with other partners. trying to fit a role/ be faithful/look the part… that’s not who we are. we are faithful to our own truths and celebrate one another. we broke up after we lost the baby. i left town for a while. met someone else, etc… but never stopped loving my true partner. he waited for me. when i returned home, we picked up where we left off… no questions, no judgments. and we are both wanting to bring the baby forth again. and the light medicine is coming too…
        mostly i just want to say that no one out there can tell you what is right. you will know it in your heart, by the peace you feel, and the total acceptance of the other, which does indeed help you grow to accept yourself, your life, your destiny.

      • What you express is your journey to truth. As you state, no one can tell you what is right for you. Why? Because each person must follow through with their own experiences because this is why they have incarnated into this expression. No one can deter your direction, or keep you from making the choices you make because they are part of the learning curve you must travel to find your own light and it does not matter if one person sees it as right, and the other sees it as wrong. What matters is that if FEELS right to you at the time you make the decision to experience it. The beauty about living and choices is that we always get to make a new choice when we are prepared to change our experiences. That is what makes L.I.F.E. so magical. It is always about choice.

        Ashe’ CA

  6. This article was so beautiful. I’m confident I’ve met my Twin Flame (we both received dreams and spiritual confirmations) and we are traveling through these stages with grace and guidance. We’ve started a few projects together that we hope will share the light. What bliss and joy it is! The challenges are so beautiful as well as we grow so much through them. It’s powerful stuff, a sacred alchemy. I’m so thankful. We both feel we’ve met in previous lives as well and that in each life are returning to bring new light and bliss. Wow! It’s so exciting!

  7. JungleJulia says:

    How do I really know if the person is my twin flame? Even if all the signs are there, what if I am idealizing? Before reading some of the comments I was sure of the connection, but you mentioned idealizing and now I don’t know what to believe.

    • When you have meet your twinflame, there is a deep knowing within that can not be shaken. There is no question within, there is no wondering, there is simply the KNOWING that is. You simply KNOW!!!

      You can see yourself in the other person. You are not co-dependent in their presence, or dependent upon their approval or nor are they dependent upon yours. You are completely two individual people apart from each other and comfortable in being apart. It is being together that ignites something at a soul level within you that triggers the KNOWING… This trigger is not a sexual or intimate trigger. IT IS A SOUL LEVEL KNOWING. There is a release within you that allows the other person to continue to be who they are and grow as they are growing without your interference. You are as comfortable with the person around as you are when they are not. Intimacy is deeper than words spoken, it comes from a KNOWING so deep that you simply KNOW. It is not simply a level of reading thought or being empathic, it is deeper than that. Their feelings and experiences are theirs and yours are yours. It is a blending of those experiences in the meeting that seem to merge together into a deeper pool of understanding of all that is, and this happens regardless of the level of awareness the twins are traveling upon.

      Remember, finding your twin is Spiritual. It is about deeper levels of knowing yourself as Spirit. It is not about relationships as we know them to be. It is much much deeper than that. It is not about a feeling of completeness from being with the other person, it is more about the KNOWING that you are complete without them.

      The idealization comes from our own fears of wanting something to manifest that may not be so badly that we are willing to categorize it as something, including a twin flame relationship. In an attempt to categorize what we may be going through as a twin flame relationship we can make each and every step seem to be one that applies to our current relationship, which may simply be a dysfunctional experience that we are attempting to make more out of than what is there.

      If one person is suffering neglect or mental or physical abuse of any kind at the hand of the other person, this is not a twin flame relationship. The twins could not, nor would they ever attempt to hurt the other person on any level intentionally. If one twin wants to move in a different direction for their soul journey, the other twin never feels rejected or neglected because of these choices, nor do they stop living their lives because of the choice either.

      Many want to pool all they experience into a twin flame relationship as this information begins to come forth thinking that the stages apply to them because they are in fear of loosing the relationship itself, or worst in fear of dealing with their own relationships with self so they can heal their own internal fractures to be in a healthy relationship with someone that truly loves them. If there is co-dependency or sociopathic behavior patterns by either person, more than likely this is not a twin flame relationship. It may be a soul mate that feel familiar to you however that is in your experience to bring forth more healing and lessons that align you with the true awareness of your own POWER.

      Co-dependent and sociopathic relationships are not healthy. Many lead to abuse of all kinds, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Only you yourself can or will know if the person you are with is your Twin flame. It is something that only you can KNOW at the deepest soul level. It is a KNOWING that you can not explain to anyone else per-say. Again, you feel and know you are complete without this person in your experience, you are not searching for someone to complete you or for a wild romance filled with passion etc… This person simply arrives in your experience and something inside of you just KNOWS them on a deep SOUL LEVEL as if they have always been there, and you are free to allow this person to continue to be free to be who they are in totality as well as they are free to allow you to BE as well.

  8. C. J. says:

    Dear Dr. Diva,

    I’m very thankful for all your insight and the love and care that is transmitted in your messages, I just recently suspected that I may be a chaser in this TF triad, and the empathy that I sense from you was really something my poor and agonizing soul needed. I met him 8 months ago..all the signs were there and still are but not as often, we just clicked don’t from the moment we met, my whole body could sense him and i was just pulled to him and so was he, and had a “relationship” since then. I feel a huge soul connection to him, and in his arms I’m whole even when upset his eyes always looked at me with so much love and compassion I never saw hate or meanness in his eyes, unfortunately we are both in committed relationships and it was very complicated, our love that is. But that didnt mattered to us when we did see each other we could just sit there without talking just looking at each other and hugging with the most love. He just knows me so well never felt like that and he seemed as inloved, but then he just ended it..we argued and I tried many ways to reconnect and he would give in and then cut it off again. Problems were all around heart was devastated I cried and suffered like someone died. I think about him every second and dream him. I now feel him in my solar chakra and I jump when he pops ti mind very strongly. I know he loves me I can feel it..but I am just so sad and distracted without him.
    I can wait forever for him if I was sure he was coming back but what if he doesn’t? Am I to miss him forever? I know is my ego talking and I need to move on but how do you do this when your whole being is submerged in him. I need to make sure he is my TF and if he is coming back is there a way to know? And if you have any advise I would really appreciate it.
    Lots of love, :D

    • CJ,

      Thank you for sharing your story, your joy and your pain. Only you will know if a person is your soul mate or not. No one can tell you this. It is a deep knowing that simply is. Meeting your twin does not ensure you will have a relationship with them in this timing, as both parties may still have growing to do. If both parties are not willing to give up their current relationships to be together this also presents other issues and a big dynamic that becomes a very confusing ball of wax. Relationships are a slippery slope and must be navigated with great caution, because the truth is it is never actually about the relationship with someone else, it is always about the evolvement of the relationship you have with self.

      The caution always come when we attempt to define a relationship as a twin flame experience. If it is a true twin flame experience, there is nothing to define because it is already understood at a deep level. There is no acknowledgement of any kind that needs to be sought, you simply know that you know that you know and are willing to move forward together or apart without hesitancy in holding each other back from their own growth. Why? Because you are already whole within yourself. Which brings me back to one statement you made about being whole in his arms. The twin does not make the other feel whole, as both are confidently whole within themselves. Neither needs the other to feel complete, because they know they are complete. This is why it is easier to allow the other person to move forward without you, because you know that they must experience their journey for the life lessons they are here to get. Meanwhile, you are moving forward with your own life lessons, which can also be one of meeting the twin and experiencing physical separation.

      Note: that twins are not caught up in a romantic farce of a relationship… It is not a relationship that comes to fill the simple passions of being together physically, whether in intimacy, which is open dialogue, or sexually. This are great assets but are not what makes the relationship, they are merely expressions of the depth of the relationship and can be very very rewarding but are not the catalyst that makes the relationship what it is in a twin flame experience.

      If this person is your twin again, only you will know this. However, the questions are not if you should wait for him, but how you will grow without this person in your experience. The question is do you love your husband and your family or are you willing to sacrifice what you currently have to risk it all for what you believe to be your twin flame? The question is that while this person may seem to know you so well, are you both traveling the same path, with the same interest and is there a desire to work together for the betterment of all. There is a much bigger thing twins feel must be accomplished and when they come together they unite to do this together.

      Meditate and heal your broken heart. Allow yourself to move forward out of the fantasy of thoughts you are experiencing and bring yourself back into the fullness of L.I.F.E. itself. Release the other person to their highest and greatest good and know that if they are to be in your L.I.F.E. there is no need to attempt for feel you need to control or subject yourself to anything to make it be so. If this person is your twin then all will come full circle, but only if you continue to live your experience and grow through all your emotions and use each and every opportunity to build your relationship with self and your HIGHER POWER.

      Love and Magic!!! Stay in the Light and walk in Balance!


      • C.J says:

        Thank you very much. Your words make so much sense to me now, I am a very controlling person and it hss always caused me problems, and like you said, if he is meant to be in my life, he will need to control that. I am resolving my personal issues now, and no, I am not happily married. My My husband and I had major issues before this happened and I did tell him about the situation and he feels the same i do; that we have fell out of love and and lost respect for one another. It is hard, but i am glad I’m making this this decision without my TF in the middle. .not physically anyway. I understand that what I thought i wanted was love above all, but now all I want is inner peace and I’m letting go. Thank you very much and please keep on lighting the way for all of us who may stumble in the darkness of love and human nature.

      • you are very welcome. Peace and light to you! ~Diva

  9. CA says:

    Hi Dr. Diva,

    My intuition tells me that my daughter is my twin flame, she is 18 months. I started my self work journey about 5yrs ago and I believe that all that has followed was and is for my growth in some shape, way or form.

    Do you have an insight that you could share with me on this journey?

    • Your soul knows… no one can tell you yeah or neah. Follow your soul and keep your ego from steering the direction of intention. Allow Spirit to fully blossom in your experience and connect with the Divine at a soul level as you continue to invite every aspect of your Spiritual nature back into ONEness. YOU KNOW AT the CORE LEVEL!! Meditate, and trust your intuition.

      Stay in the light and walk in balance.

      Love and Magic!

      Rev. Diva

  10. Cristina says:

    Thank you so much for this post. It is now that I am understanding the dynamic of a twin flame relationship that I never had the proper words to describe before. I really believe that meeting your twin flame is an overwhelmingly beautiful yet nervewrecking experience. A little over 2 years ago I went through the crisis and runner stage and couldn’t quite understand why I felt these intense emotions for someone who was never my boyfriend. Feelings of rejection, anger, depression and isolation consumed me once I realized that he was retreating from me even though he was the one who initially came on so strong. Years later, I find myself in the surrender stage. I am now in a long term relationship with someone else, and I’m at a point where I can openly give and receive love advice from my twin flame. I’m also proud of his achievements and feel for his tribulations. I can feel this way now because I’ve let go a lot of my egotistic perspectives on our relationship and have learned to love myself and him unconditionally. All of this to also accept that we may never be in a tradtional romance, but rather exist to co-exist harmoniously. Thank you again for clarifying this on an analytical level, Dr. Diva :)

  11. Jen says:

    Greetings dear Diva!
    I appreciate so much this article! I happened to be in a relationship with a soulmate but my twin flame found me almost 2 yrs ago… I went through stage 1-3, I don’t think I experienced or will go through stage 4 (is it possible?!) and I believe that I’m experiencing stage 6 or 7 right now. From what I overstood, it ok to be apart from your twin flame? It was overwhelming to me that I was not physically in the same part of the world as my twin flame… Despite that fact we both know that we are each other’s reflection… Mirror as we say to each other… It’s like a physical long distance relationship but yet we are so close to each other. Can you Mme Diva explain to me (or maybe reassure me) that this not cheating on my current soul mate? Knowing your twin flame is sooooo powerful!!! All that surrounds me is love!
    Blessings to you!!

    • Hello Jen,

      You or correct, one may or may not currently be in an intimate relationship with their twin flame.

      Remember, the KNOWING of a twin flame is something only you can truly KNOW at the deepest core of your own soul. It is a soul connection to someone at a deeper level that simply knows.

      As far as the question regarding cheating this is something that you would know by the definition of this relationship in your own heart. What type of relationship have you determined in your own mind and heart to engage in with the person you FEEL/KNOW is your twin? Flirting or leading on or making promises to someone other than the one you are in a relationship with is generally felt as cheating or betrayal by the original partner.

      The conversations you are having with a twin can be neutralized to respect the relationships that both parties are having with other people in the interest of preserving their current relationships. This comes with maturity and discipline. It may not be the perfect timing for the reunion of the flames even though you may know each other.

      Note that many allow their ego to carry them into the belief that they have found a twin based on their own desires and yearnings to be in this type of relationship. The struggles experienced may be conveniently packaged into the stages of the twin flame relationship giving a false assumption that one has found their flame based on a need to control a particular outcome. One knows their true flame in the full release. There can be no attachment, only the knowing and love to allow the other person the freedom to move through the self-realization of their own journey.

      Again, the council you seek is in your own heart. There you will find the right answers. Do not be afraid to KNOW they are right. Allow Spirit to guide you through your process. Spirit is guiding both flames so there is nothing that can be left out. It is not up to our ego to make a twin relationship work or happen. It is up to our understanding to allow it to evolve in peace and right action so that no other parties are hurt in the process. When the timing is aligned in the Universe Twins come together. Until that time allow all to be as you both continue to go through your growth in self-realization.



  12. Ni Bran says:

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    So I can find it.

  13. Jmarie says:

    I strangely found out we could have the same mission to help children who are less fortunate, but he closed that opportunity. But when he said he had been thinking about doing something to help less fortunate children, I thought that was crazy. And for a few nights, I was getting some awakening signs- I woke up during the night thinking about 2,4,6,8- which are feminine number and the name Zack came up and I looked that up and that described his personality and then I got the name Jacqueline which sounded like me..
    Since then we had an intense eye lock, but then he has acted mean to me since but I’m seeing him drive around town always on the opposite side of the road that I’m on.
    It is a crazy thing. Sometimes I don’t know if he is my twin flame but wierd sychronicities happen when I’m not around- lines I hear on movies that I see remind me of him or things on tv or when I’m out and about. It’s an intense experience!

    • We are all ONE in MIND, so synchronicity does not actually proved or disprove a person is your twin flame. If you are destined to be with this person it will happen. If not the lessons you glean from this experience will continue to mold you for the relationship you desire to experience. We do not need to force a twin flame into our belief system based on what may seem to be a sign. Twins are connected at the soul level and both twins know each other on some deeper level even if they are not prepared to be together as of yet. They may not have incarnated to come together as of yet. They each may have some more growing to do before they may come together in this experience. Allow yourself to settle your mind by giving it space in the release as you continue on your personal mission to help children and the less fortunate and be open to the path you are taking, which may be opening a way for your twin (be it this person or another) to come to you and unite with you as you GROW forward.


  14. Sara says:

    Hi Dr Diva,
    Thank you so much for elucidating the Twin Flame concept. It resonates so much especially about soul evolution towards self-realization and harmonising on our journey back to God.
    I have been undergoing spiritual training for almost 20 years now. Recently i was blessed with an experience in which i met whom i believe to be my twin flame. We are of different race and religion and age difference of 4 years. I feel it so because my spiritual endeavours have taken on even more tumultuous emotional upheavels which help to purge my negativity a lot faster than my past 20 years of efforts or so i think. We fit into the typical TF signs. Though i am convinced he is the one, he on the other hand, denies the connection. Though he admits he is inexplicably drawn to me, he says he doesn’t feel for me. He had a romantic relationship 3 years ago which ended bad. This traumatic experience has catalysed his own spirituality. We met 5 months ago. Our encounter has eradicated whatever negative misconceptions and ignorance he previously held about my race and religion n has become more sensitive towards social injustice which before this he was indifferent to. Midway in our 5 months of friendship, he admits to having a wake up call to seek God.
    Dr Diva, how would you explain his inability to recognise the connection or do you think i am idealizing him to be my twin flame? We are no longer in communication as we both are married with children. We never had a sexual relationship.

    • Hi Sara,

      Race has no bearing on the twin flame relationship. Each incarnates for what their soul journey is seeking. Twins KNOW each other on a deeper level. No one can tell you if someone is or is not your twin. Only you and that person KNOW this… I accentuate the word KNOW this. It is not always a spoken KNOWING. It is a kindling in the eyes when they meet that is non-sexual… It is a powerful spiritual KNOWING. It is not a feeling of needing to be closer to a person either. It is a feeling of great release. A feeling of freedom in or out of this person’s presence. A feeling that does not long for the other twin but feels a wholeness simply in the KNOWING. Many times it is not even a discussion as the twins may not have a spiritual understanding in this regard. They simply KNOW!!!! Many many people may be our soul mates. They may feel the connection to us on a deeper level. Feel connected and celebrate the connection. Twins KNOW… It is past feeling… It is past a celebration… IT IS A KNOWING… They understand each other on a very deep level past any shared communication. If this person does not feel the same as you regarding the connection, he may simply be a soul mate in this life journey that sought you out for the explicit purpose of a deeper understanding of truth regarding race. He may have sought you out simply for the explicit purpose of being redirected to love as his heart had hardened and he may be seeking emotional restitution.

      Again, no one can confirm a twin for you… Only you and the twin can confirm this and it will eventually be mutual if this person is your twin and they are destined in this life time to be in your experience. Some twins function apart even after knowing each other without ever having more contact because they are not ready for reunion in this life time. It is interesting however to note that mostly women begin to tag the male as their twin flame. if you will read through some of these comments you will note that most of them are from women feeling they have met their twin, and share the traumas of their experiences while still convinced this one is the one. For the most part, without going into this dialogue, this is what we call co-dependency. This is why I can’t stress enough the point about KNOWING…

      As a spiritual person you understand KNOWING… You must allow yourself to be free in this experience when thinking about a twin, or a soul mate as well. The beauty of this experience may also be that you can use this to move into a deeper relationships with your current spouse as well through the experience of Spiritual KNOWING…. You can use this POWER to grow in a deeper love with your spouse than you have ever known, even if you may not feel that this person is your twin flame. Do not miss the opportunity to live in the EMPOWERED GOODNESS and FULLNESS OF LOVE in the relationship that you currently have because you deeply desire to find the twin flame in this life time. Allow the twin to find you as you continue to grow and enjoy your current life… The NOW is all the is truly important.

      Lastly, regarding your spiritual practice and the emotional upheavals. A spiritual journey is not dictated by time. We can have a spiritual practice and not understand the depth of what spiritual actually means. The truth of our spiritual practice is in its capacity to bring us back home to self in the awareness of the DIVINE. We are ONE with the DIVINE and never anything apart from the DIVINE. Spirituality is the full awareness and understanding that L.I.F.E. is the full embodiment of LIVING. Meaning you fully understand that the smallest element of your awareness is living a spiritual experience. From observing the dirt on the carpet to the awe inspiring awareness of a great landscape. You see my precious ONE! You are Spirit living a human experience called Sara… Thus, every breath you breathe, every beat of your heart, every thought and decision no matter how good or bad they are for you are all a part of the Spiritual experience because you are here to discover ONE THING… LIFE!!!!

      It is not your spiritual practice that makes you spiritual or the time you have observed it. It may have taken you 40 years to get to the point of emotional cleansing. It simply is all about self-awareness and growth nothing more. People come in and out of our experience to help us grow into these higher levels of truth and sometimes these experiences may be very painful. Regardless, they pushed us into a higher level of truth as we continue to open up to life like the budding flower. So this person may not be the catalyst that brought about spiritual healing as you purge negativity. You may have simply grown into the time where you were ready to release your pain.

      Sending you love and magic my precious ONE!!!
      There are over 900 articles here on my blog. Feel free to peruse them if you like. You are on the right track…


      Rev. Dr. Diva

  15. shenae says:

    Omg. Please respond! I’ve met my Twin mate, I am not confused in the least, its him. A few examples. I swore off real relationships with men, I’m female. After my prior relationship, whom I believe was the “preparer”. I thought wed be married, we were that close, yet no cigar and I’m so glad because it feels beyond awesome to know and love my twin. We telecommunicate! Upon reading on this beautiful union, I realized we could read each other’s thoughts, we tried it and he’d guess right, I’d tell him to concentrate while I yelled to him in my mind. Once I clearly heard him tell me to get up its time to get up in the morning, then he called me minutes later, once I asked God , in my mind, ok?! If he was the one..I can’t even remember why but my soul knew full well that’s how mystical this experience is…and I kid you not outloud seconds later he literally said “I am” I popped up off his chest and said…how’d you know that???? He says he was just singing a song but I was convinced from then on. We don’t finish each other’s sentences, its more like ill think it, but hell verbalize what I was thinking, the exact same thing, this happens too many times to count. Its been less than two mths and weve entered stage 5 he’s running. He says ii can’t be with you, can you believe it??? After all the undeniable, and that’s only a strong few, because he says he wants to be bettter. When we met we were on two totally yet strangely similar paths. Were both from the same city but met on the greyhound because where he was living they put him out, he’s a sweet, calm mannered gentleman so I can only believe God did it because it was time. I was pursueing music in another state after mths of convincing myself to. We were on our way back to our home town. I could go on , I swear. Like the fact I could look in his eyes for years, I’ve had trouble with eye contact all my life, the thing is we both were unemployed, I found employment..him not yet and it makes him feel not like a man because he can’t provide for himself let alone me, how sweet right, but the fact he’s cutting me down to friend one is hurting. Your article truly helps me get this. I’m concerned with how long will it take for him to come back. I love Jim with all my heart everything about him. Please help

    • Hello Shenae,

      Telepathy is something each of us can tap into as we are all of the ONE MIND. We can tap into each other’s thoughts and we can feel them if we are sensitive to our empathic capacities. Only you can truly KNOW that a person IS your Twin. No one can tell you any different because this is something only you and the twin can KNOW… I stress KNOWING from a deeper level past experiences like telepathy because this can be a generic experience for anyone that is attuned to these natural tendencies. Natural twins access this power from the womb, many times finishing each others thoughts verbally. One can start a sentence and the other finish it and they both shake their heads in agreement during a conversation. It is a strange situation to witness and rather entertaining to have a discussion with natural born twins that are so naturally plugged into each others thoughts. However, just because they are plugged in telepathically does not make them twin flames, even though they may share the same zygote. Thus, I state again to KNOW… accent KNOW… the twin flame is much deeper than physic intelligence. It is a CONNECTION FROM A SOUL LEVEL.

      I receive many women’s responses here, very few from men that claim they have met their twin, siting the difficulties they have had in the relationship and their belief that this person is their twin despite the red flags they are seeing. It is so easy for the ego to see what it wants to see than to recognize red flags for what they truly are. I caution all to really search deeply for clues that the ego may be tricking you into believing and waiting for a unhealthy relationship to manifest as something that it is not.

      Many people come in and out of our experience in relationships to teach us many lessons as we grow in the awareness of our higher selves. This is the nature of relationships. Many come to us as soul mates that trickling into our experience briefly as we both share a moment that attunes us to new thoughts and allows us to grow through old pent up pain to resolve our own insecurities and fears. It is interesting to note that all relationships can fit into this pattern of the twin flame relationship if we so wish to fool ourselves into this belief. Again, this is the ego determining to make itself right in a particular relationship that this is the right one, when in essence it may not be all that we originally thought it to be.

      If a person is our twin, that person may not be ready to unite in the twin flame relationship. However, the twin that is aware does not chase, does not pursue, does not force, but KNOWS that the other twin must discover all that it is here to discover in this experience. There is no forcing in thought that one is the twin. There is no question. In fact, for those that have true flame relationships they feel no need to confirm their relationships by anyone, because they simply do KNOW…. It is that small level of doubt that makes us question, no matter how minute. Interestingly, there are very very few that come to this post and share the burst of life and renewal that they are living in the actual twin flame relationship… this is why I always share that only YOU CAN KNOW… If you KNOW this person IS YOUR TWIN… No one can tell you otherwise… YOU SIMPLY KNOW…

      KNOWING is a very deep spiritual experience. It is like your heart beating. You KNOW that it is beating. You don’t question the beat. You don’t doubt or wait for it to beat, you don’t demand it beat or attempt to control the beat of the heart. You simply KNOW it is doing what it was designed to do. Likewise, you simply KNOW your twin when you meet them, and they KNOW you… One twin may be further in evolution than the other one, but this twin KNOWS they cannot force, manipulate, rush or insist on a relationship with the twin that is not ready. They KNOW the twin must be free to explore. They are open to allow soul exploration and continue on their own path because they too can learn and discover more during the process of growth of the other twin allowing them to bring more to the relationship at a later time, even if that is in another lifetime. If there is some heartbreak, this is ego wanting to force what may not yet be or be time to be.

      I do not wish to discourage you from KNOWING… If you KNOW that this person is your twin and you KNOW deeply that this is for you, then I celebrate your KNOWING… Allow this person to explore what is needed for them to satisfy their carnal and materialistic issues so that they can move through life discovery on their own. By releasing the twin to grow, you grow forward and open many more wonderful opportunities to love and have love be a part of your life right now in this moment with or without your twin as you continue to explore and live life fully. You do not stop and wait for the twin. You keep living forward in full force. You then come to realize that if you have met your flame all will come to be as it should be in due time. Meanwhile, enjoy life.



  16. Helenah says:

    hello Dr Diva

    Can you explain about the false twin please?
    And the differences you felt with the true and false twin? Can they be the same person?

    • Generally the false twin is not your true twin, but then it could also be that it is not time for you to come together as well. The false twin has some similar traits to a real twin but they have not connected to their soul purpose. They are not running, they are not connected or aware at all. They mirror the true twins passions and feed on the true twins energies. They have not found their own soul connection or know their higher purpose in their own lives so they plug into the higher purpose of the true twin. True twin flame relationships are healing at a soul level. They are total connection and freedom in the intimacy (this is not sex) of the relationship. The false twin bears forth some traits but the challenges will bear the fruit of what type relationship it is, if it is simply codependent, false twin etc.. the key is to go within and find the answers within yourself. Only you have the answers. Do not be afraid to listen to your own soul. It is telling you what you need to know. Do not allow your heart or mind to overrule what your soul is telling you as truth. You can not force something that is not real, and that which is real will always bear forth in due time. Your inner guide already knows which is which. Trust IT!!!


  17. Helenah says:

    Hello again Dr Diva

    Thank you so much for your answer :)

    Maybe it was a false twin relationship. It was really weird, I felt a knot in my stomach with that person, but a bad one, and that person was destroying me. Although he said I was destroying him, but judging for the way he lives his life over the years, and for what other people told me, I don’t know… could it be both?

    Although i cared for him, and loved him, wanted to help him, but I really felted all along that was not the time for each other to meet, and we needed to be so much mature. and needed to be focusing on ourself’s first, needed to experience life, be more open, be more independent, etc
    We had telepathy and synchronicity, very, very, very strong.. The strongest I’ve ever had, and in very short time.

    We always know what we were thinking and what we were going to say in like, a split of a second!
    And this happened every second, every day! It was very intense.

    We were very much alike in some things, although different in others, but it was so deep, that it was scary, it was, so dark…it was a black hole.
    Although, we were very supportive off each other, and encouraging of each other’s talents.
    We also liked to share with each other our things, and do stuff together. Show to one another what we could do. And we really vibrate with that.
    I did, at least.

    Never got to know if he was sincere about the stuff, From the beginning there was something inside me telling me that he was a liar. He was a really dependent person.
    But in other way, so am I.

    We never saw each other again, and now we are apart. I dream about him all the time, and I still can feel him. It’s like I can feel it’s emotion’s. This has never happen to me with anyone.
    And this relationship last less than a year. I had so intense and durable relationships in my life, I just don’t know if this was traumatic, or if it was really important.

    The mystical, spiritual factor, was always present in our relationship from the beginning.
    And besides the opposite ways of thinking in some ways,it looked like we were growing with each other, but it was so beautiful, deep and so hard and so painful and co-dependent! We we’re going mad! At some point, I felt it wasn’t supposed to feel like that, and I was drained, physically and emotionally sick,
    So i had to give up. And I run from it. I escape.

    I am sorry for the big text, but I am really confused about this.

    Thank you very much.

    • It is good to see you growing through this process. All relationships are tools we use to learn more about ourselves. No one can give you the specifics of what this experience is granting you in the form of growth. Only you will come to know that with time. For each person can have a similar experience and gain something totally different from it. The problem comes when we feel our hearts sink because what we thought in mind the relationship was it is not in reality.

      You note above shares many different references that share the insight you are coming into because of this experience. By surrendering to the growth experience you will come to know the fullness the process is guiding you through. You can have a soul experience with someone and that person but it does not warrant that the person is actually your twin flame. It is a soul experience that takes you higher into new awareness of self.

      In your note above you reference many red flags that you actually ran through. Red flags are our intuition speaking and when we override them them to move forward we suffer through the consequences, which brings on emotional pain. Per your note you state that the experience was dark and resembled a black hole. Relationships that teach are not dark and do not take us into a black hole when they are right for us. Your note is filled with insight that you have already come into, and if you take the time to re-read it and note the red flags you will see your subconscious has already started guiding you into the light from this experience.

      Experiencing the mystical, spiritual factor is available in all relationships and begins with you. This is because all relationships come from the spiritual element. We all have the capacity to move in this direction and some people have mastered the gift of using it negatively in relationships, while others are afraid of this gift when it surfaces because the connection it generates feel unnatural to them because they have not been socialized in loving and rewarding family experiences.

      Again, there is no way for a person to speak specifics to you regarding if a relationship is good or bad. All relationships are good and may turn out to be unhealthy for us. They are good in the beginning because they are what we want. They may not be the best in our highest and greatest good in the long run, but through the pain we step into because of our own will to override our intuition we get into trouble emotionally and even in that Spirit is still granting us a gift of healing and higher insight.

      Love and Light Precious ONE!!!


  18. Lynda says:

    I cane across the twin flame concept when trying to make sense of a very difficult ongoing relationship. He and i were together when we were young – 42 years ago. It was head over heels everything and we had a child. but then split up. I was totally traumatised by it, but got on with life as best I could. All contact was lost.I settled with another man, but my first and only real love was always there.There were dreams when we got together during the years. The other man and i split eventually, 2 more children down the line. I eventually set about finding the first – for our daughters’ sake -not mine. It was so easy to find him There he was and eager to resume our relationship despite living with a woman who is a full on sociopath. It was so easy to be with him. I fell in love with him again, but his other (step)family means that he chooses to stay there. All the old trauma has materialised and I have never cried so much since we split. I suppose that this is the purpose of our meeting again. To release all that pain. He knows my feelings and I know his .I can’t go back to not having him in some way in my life. I can feel his presence all the time and it is the same for him. He complains about this and even trying to have another life with someone else just isn’t possible any more. How do i do that when he is in my head and heart all the time. ALL THE TIME .Even work flows in when he is running towards me. Even if everything else can be explained, this one is different. I can tell when he is about to reappear in my life because of this.

    • Hi Lynda,

      Relationships are tools that teach us on great levels. They are there to provide us with healing, insight, and growth. For many they seek the relationship for love, but the truth is that love starts with self first. In essence as women, we can get caught up the fantasy of a relationship that went wrong for whatever reason. We may even live our whole lives in the fanstasy of the renewal of the relationship to end up disappointed when we manifest it back into our experience. We have grown, the other person has grown and things will never resume from where they use to be.

      You stated that he may have surfaced so you can release the pain. Have you released the pain? Or are you still in the fantasy stage of wishing things were the way they use to be? Truth is that regenerating an old relationship takes so much more work than getting into the new and exciting prospects of one that is new. The old relationship is riddled with painful experiences and emotions that must be overcome as well as resentment. There are issues of children and new spouses and relatoinships in between that generate jealousy and envy. There are the questions of what were you doing when and why and on and on and on? If this person is your true twin flame then all of the pain falls away in the midst of the presence. There is no judgment, there is no process to overcome, there is only the loving embrace of the two becoming one again. Twin flames are journeying through their own souls quest to define what is needed in this experience. When they come togehter they are ready to be together and nothing in between is of concern. Only you can know in the depth of your own heart and soul if a person is your twin. It is in letting go and surrendering totally to a new experience with new people that you will find out is the truth of the relationshp. A twin does not need to sabotage your life, they are here living theirs and you are here to live yours.

      Many people want to force dysfunctional relationships into the twin flame experience because they are not ready to face that their fantasy is just that, a fantasy. Allow yourself space to heal and allow yourself space to surrender to the fullness of the process. Relationships are only difficult because we place to many expectations on them rather than using them as tools to find the greater depth within self. Once we become soul satisfied within, then we are healthy and overcome the fractures to allow love to flow freely from us. In turn the love we share multiplies in the Universe and comes back to us. In this magnification of love we attract our true love back into our experience in Divine Order and Divine Timing. Let go and allow all that was to be as it was… now a memory. OPen yourself to the wisdom from the depth of your own soul and surrender to self in the knowing that all that is yours is always yours in Divine Right Magnification and Love.

      Love and Light!


  19. mjb1988 says:

    Pls advise:

    How does the Surrendered twin assist in the growth of the other?

    Thank you

    • Hello precious one. True surrender means total release. It means letting go the need for a specific outcome as specified in one’s mind. In surrender we are trusting the Universe fully for our highest and best good and the best and highest good of all those we love and are associated with. To assist anyone in their growth we let go so they can grow and in the process we grow too. Let go of the desperation of fear that the twin will not return or the need to manage their growth. Breathe and release… Let go! Love and Enlightenment.


  20. Hmmmm… how does one know gender from an email address??? I read all comments. Only those that are relevant to the topic will get approved for the comment thread. Gender has no bearing on the comment approvals. Have a great day.

  21. Diwani says:

    Greetings Dr. Diva thank you for this very informative information. I have been seeking Soul Mate/Twin Flame for some time now and have been meditating, using gemstones (especially Rose Quartz), using astrology etc. I’ve been working on manifesting my higher mate by trying to become the higher me. Yet it seems the process has been slow. Although I never rush the timing of God/Universe it just feel it in my spirit the desire to be with my balance chi/ my yin/Aset. Can you share some exercises of manifestation. I feel the universe is working it is now up to me to do my part.

  22. Hello Diwani,


    First I send you blessings and peace in your desire to be joined with your perfect mate. Breathe deeply right now and receive the blessing I am sending you… Yes! Receive it in the breath and feel it move through you.

    Now that we are in a state of peace and relaxation, know that this is the state that you will find all that you seek and desire. Gemstones, astrology etc… are all tools… However, the tools can not be effective if we are mentally coercing the outcome. No amount of meditation, chanting, or incantation will bring forth any manifestation if we do not believe in our heart first that it is ours. The BOOK say, “Believe when you pray”… Meaning at the point of meditation and prayer you are merely confirming what you are meditating and praying for.

    That which you desire is always seeking you. With this thought in mind, you can only attract to yourself that which is at the same level. In a relationship we can only attract to ourselves the perfection or the higher good that we have come into realization within self. Thus, the mate we attract is as perfect as we are in that moment. We cannot attract anything that is better or higher until we have grown into that level of being ourselves.

    Therefore, your perfect mate is perfect at the time they come into your experience. Perfect for that timing. They may also be someone that you grow with as you both move into your own individual higher realization of self through the bond you share. This is the other equation to the perfect relationship. It is the growth you partake in together that makes the relationship perfect. Thus, your belief for a perfect mate is valid, and will manifest in perfect timing as you become the perfection you seek.

    Meditate for peace and release. Then blow out the candles, put away the crystals and allow yourself to simply let go and be open to enjoy those that are attracted to you. Be open to date and have fun. It’s all about discovery. A date is not a marriage proposal. It is a date. Enjoy yourself and lighten up.

    Love and Magic!!!


  23. Diwani says:

    Blessings Dr. Diva and thank you for the wonderful response. You have offered a different perspective and as you mentioned about timing it was perfect in it’s timeliness. I send love and light also in Namaste. I know my request to the universe has been heard now I must live it, breathe it, know it and believe it. Peace.

  24. Namaste precious ONE!

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  • Metaphysical Interpretation of Psalm 37:4-5

    Delight in the Law of the Universe; and IT will manifest through you the Desires of your Heart. Commit (diligently practice) to the Principles: trust in the Law of the Universe to manifest your dreams.
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  • If you have been blessed by Diva’s Love and Spiritual Gifts and would like to seed a blessing the link below has been provided for your convenience

    Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner & Counselor

    Thank You for Your Love Offering

    May the abundance of the Universe unfold before you and bless you with your heart's desire. Know that you are here to live fully all of L.I.F.E.™




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