What's Your Motivation - Dr. Diva Verdun

What’s Your Motivation

If your motivation for doing the things you do is a bargaining chip to get something you want from someone else in return, it literally can delay the manifestation of the very thing you want while closing the door to the actual object of your desire. You can literally be driven by your fear of not getting what you want to negotiate yourself into a bargaining trade-off to force control the outcome you seek.  This never results in the actual end result sought, because your actions are being driven by fear in its highest form disguised as caretaking, rescuing, and codependency, leaving you with disappointment and pain when what is sought after never manifest from the efforts being put out.

When your motivations are routed in fear they are not in perfect alignment for your highest and greatest good and the good for all involved. The person that suffers the greatest loss is always the one that is attempting to bargain and deal away their own value to gain what they desire.

Knowing what motivates you to do the things you do is key to manifesting the things you want to experience in your L.I.F.E.™.  If your motivation is not pure and the things that you are doing are a barter exchange in your own mind designed to control the outcome for what you want, then you are in fear of not being able to have the very thing that you desire.

What's Your Motivation - Dr. Diva VerdunSpirit supplies all your needs according ITs riches in glory when your motivation for that which you desire to manifest is in alignment with the good for all.  You must be in perfect harmony with the Source of your Good, which is always God.  You must be willing to release fear, negative thinking, limitations, and short-supply thinking in order to come into the full glory of your inheritance.

Investing your time into certain activities and fantasy thinking that turn you inside out by attempting to negotiate with reality is futile. You cannot bargain with reality for the manifestation of something that you are in fear of not happening.  What you want and what actually happens can only be one and the same when you have a clear motivation for the things that you are doing.

Using the things you do as the bargaining chip to gain what you want is not a pure motivation and will never result in getting what you truly want from the effort you put into it.  For example: Working to keep the house clean thinking it will cause the other person to stop drinking or by buying expensive gifts someone will love you.  It can be any bargain you set up in your own mind. However, it will not work to get the thing that you truly want because the Universe does not work on bargains.  It works on your belief system and only can manifest for you the things that you deeply believe.  It is always done unto you as you believe, so if you are bargaining one thing thinking it will pay off in a better job, relationship, or opportunity, you are setting yourself up for great disappointment.

You must be prepared for the fact that the dream of what you think you are bargaining for and the reality of what actually happens will never be one and the same when you are in fear and not singularly minded. The things you do directly manifest into your perfect result as a direct mirror of your belief in what you are doing.  If you are bargaining to control the manifestation of a certain result, the work you are doing to set the bargain in place will result in the manifestation of more and more work for a result that will never come to pass.  You can’t continue to do the same thing over and over thinking you will get a different result.

As long as your motivation for doing the things that you are doing is not in alignment to manifest that which you truly desire, you will continue to limit yourself in the demonstration of the reward desired from the work you are doing while closing the door on the results you truly seek in the bargain you are selling out for.  You cannot plant an apple seed and expect it to produce a four coarse meal.

Doing crazy things, over working yourself, taking on more than you should to demonstrate your loyalty, being the caretaker or rescuer are all things that you do to ward off, stop or stall the pain involved in accepting reality.  Your motivation must be pure, free of control, force and manipulation.  It cannot be a bargaining chip that you mentally exert to get what you want.

The Universe does not operate on making bargains and deals.  It does not negotiate or create on a system of exchange where you perform one act to gain something else in favor.  The Universe manifest purely what you believe.  Your motivations for the things you do must be based on the truth of what you believe, not on the fear of not having what you want.  They must be based on your free release and trust that the Universe is always faithful to provide you with exactly what you need and desire.  Bargaining your way into a manifestation only sets you up for grief and pain.



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