What? Potential! - Dr. Diva Verdun

What? Potential!

Potential is like a puzzle. If we do not pick up the pieces and put them together we can never solve it. You have unlimited potential, but if you never exercise your options to become what you have the potential to be then it only amounts to potential and nothing more.

Great Potential does not equal the manifestation of the Dream. The manifestation can only come about when you exercise your spiritual, mental and emotional muscles to develop your God given potential into the that which you Dream to BE.

Being born with unlimited potential means you were born with the capability to BE something more, which you have not grown into yet. It means you have possibility, capability and POWER. It means you have the ability and capacity for growth and development to BE that which you design yourself to BE, as you continue to take action to become.

Knowing that you have potential is good, but not good enough. It is like having cake batter but never baking the cake. You will never have anything more than a bowl of batter, it will never be a cake. You must become aware of your potential and be fully engaged in developing it to grow into that which you desire to BE.

What? Potential! - Dr. Diva VerdunContrary to what you may believe:

  • YOU have the POWER within YOU to be nothing or to BE GREAT!
  • YOU have the POWER within YOU to choose to live well or to suffer through.
  • YOU have the POWER within YOU to step into the fullness of your own L.I.F.E. to enjoy ALL of its fruits.

No one else can force the development of your potential. Only you can develop your potential, which may be different from others because of your natural abilities and talents. You must design a plan to take your natural abilities and talents and groom them into the required skill level to have them become profitable for you. The key to living YOUR potential is wrapped in taking action to overcome all your fears.

You can not force or develop anyone else’s potential except your own. You see the potential in your loved ones and they can see it in you. However, you cannot motivate them to further their own development or to take the necessary action, nor can they do this for you. You are not here to enable someone, or for them to enable you by stunting your growth in the development of your potential by doing everything for them. Potential must be worked and molded and developed to manifest into the full POWER that is YOU. It is a waste of energy and time to attempt to lead anyone into the reality of their own potential. Like you, they must see it for themselves and take the necessary action to step-out and develop it.

Potential is endless and is always seeking higher levels. This is why You have Unlimited Potential. You were born with it. You were creatively designed to develop it as well. When you are ready to overcome your own fears and stretch to grow through all your trials and pains you will then embark on the development of your potential to overcome, to be more, to do more, to have more of what you want in L.I.F.E.

You were born with GREATness within you, but you must exercise your muscle to manifest that GREATness. You know your own potential. You truly know your own POWER. You may be afraid, and don’t want people to think your ego is to big, or that you think more of yourself than you should. So you hold yourself back because you don’t want to seem out-of-place in a crowd. This is erroneous thinking, because your ego wants greatness, but doesn’t know how to be great. It does not work on greatness, it is motivated by fear and will do all that is necessary to sweep fear under the covers if it feels it is not so great or harbors low self-esteem. Remember, your ego is not great. YOU ARE GREAT!!! You are GREAT even in the moments you feel the least. You ego is filled with fear. YOU ARE GREATER THAN YOUR EGO.

If you can see potential and Greatness in others, why can’t you see it in yourself?  Why can’t you want to develop it for yourself? Why are you invested in helping someone develop into their Greatness and holding yourself back from your own? Why is it shameful for you to believe in your own potential? Your own GREATness? Drop this thinking right now!

You are not conceited, or being egotistical because you believe in yourself and your own potential. You are not self-centered and selfish because you believe in your own POWER and GREATness. You are acknowledging the fullness of who you are and accepting it as fact as you clear your fears and begin to develop your own God-given potential.

Get up and develop the potential within you. Stop fearing what others think. Stop worrying about how you may leave others behind. There are so many new people to meet going forward. Those you have to leave behind are dead weight. You served the period of time needed in their experience and they did the same in yours. Now it’s time to grow forward. Your timing is now to develop your own potential. Your time is now to invest in yourself.

Stop sitting on your POWER and get up and BE the GREATness you are.



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