Finding Strenth in Weakness - Dr. Diva Verdun

Finding Strength in Weakness

We are always being told to stay strong in the midst of our trials or grief. The best advice seems to always be “stay strong, God will provide”.  But many times we simply don’t feel it.  We are not feeling strong and we certainly question if God is ever going to provide.  We are so deep in a process that we have no idea which direction to take to get out of it, let alone how in the world we can be strong in the midst of it. The key to moving into deeper awareness and finding the answers in times you feel totally defeated and weak, is in allowing yourself to simply experience it.

By embracing our weakness we find a mountain of strength.  It is a time-out that takes us to a low period so we can mentally, spiritually and emotionally refuel. It is a time when we are POWERing UP to be strong in our new plan of action to move forward.

There is absolutely no way to be strong in the midst of being weak.  It is designed to separate you from your ego and mental over analyzing to sit still and process your pain, feelings and circumstances.  It is a time to allow grief from all types of loss to move through you so that you can experience the full cycle.

Finding Strenth in Weakness - Dr. Diva VerdunWe are raised in a country to believe we are supposed to always be at the ready.  Like soldiers on the battlefield of L.I.F.E. always ready to charge in.  However, even soldiers need times to rest and recharge and restrategize.  In those moments they can be caught off-guard because they are weak and weary, but the objective is needed rest to regain strength and position.

The essence of who you are is pure POWER, but you have to allow your humanness to give way to realize it in some instances.  You are actually exercising true strength and resolve by moving into your weakness and accepting that you are in a moment of transition that requires you to stop and simply be still and process.

At times there is more action in taking no action.  Being weak is one of those moments.  Do not run from it.  Do not fear it.  Allow it to be a part of you and do not worry about what the world is telling you about being strong in these moments.  This is totally the wrong advice, because there is absolutely no way to make anything stronger without reinforcing it.

You are being reinforced during times of weakness and you will emerge stronger and more aware on the other side.  You will have deeper realization of who you are and what you want. You will devise a new plan of action and come out motivated and inspired to step into it to experience L.I.F.E. anew.

It is OK to be weak.  Do not shun it and do not feel shame because you feel this way.  Your gender does not make you strong.  Your career or relationships do not make you strong. What makes you strong is the internal POWER that is resident within you and at some point you will move into a process of defeat and loss to experience grief on some level. Allow it to move through you and process every stage because you are building your muscles to move into a new dynamic of your L.I.F.E.   You are finding your strength in your weakness and it’s OK!



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