I Need Money Honey! - Dr. Diva Verdun

I Need Money Honey!

We are raised in the greatest country in the world, which is filled with tremendous opportunity to achieve the so-called “American Dream” but most are living the “American Nightmare”.  If the country is filled with wealth and there is no shortage of any good thing including money, then why are so many struggling from pay check to no check?  It has to do with our beliefs about money and the POWER we have given it to control our lives.

But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries. ~1 Timothy 6:10 – Aramaic Bible

Money is not evil. It is a necessary commodity that we use to trade for things we need and want.   It is the worship of money and the fear of not having any that bring about self-defeating behaviors, which are rooted in our fears of not ever having enough of it.

Money has the capacity to make us crazy and obsessed in worshiping what we have or stressing over what we don’t.  It can break up relationships or create ideologies of power.  But over all, money itself is simply an energy of abundance that is moving through the Universe to supply our needs.  It is not the ruler. YOU ARE! You must learn to rule it, and you do this through your energy.

Growing up with belief systems that taught you that money was evil or that being poor is closer to God is an erroneous understanding of abundance.  Spirit is fully about abundance as there is nothing else to Spirit but Abundance.  There is no thing in the Universe that is not abundantly filled including you.

For example: You are always abundantly filled with air to breathe.  There is more than you can inhale in any one moment and it is not exhausted by you inhaling another breathe.  You do not worry about air to breathe because you are confident that the Universe will supply enough air exactly when it is needed, and in a fraction of a second you have all the supply of oxygen needed met.

Because we live in a society that focuses on lack and limitation, money has weaved a web of negative beliefs and fears that are very messy to tackle in our minds.  We see our lack and limitation and we see there is no money to take care of our needs and this is the hard truth of the reality we live. This in turn cements our belief that money is hard to come by and that no matter how hard we work or how much we give up we will continue to be limited because money is in scare supply.  The truth is there is no scarcity of money, there is only scarcity of positive thought regarding what you believe you deserve because of fear.  Remember it is always done unto you as you believe.

The process of unraveling fears and negative thoughts about money is so complex that we are not receptive to hear spiritual truth in most cases. To tell you to think positive and to look at the laws of attraction and Universal Principle sounds like a fairy tale when the heat of not having enough money is on. How can you think positively when your mind is focused on the problems to be solved and you are weary from the pressure?  Your objectives do not seem to have a spiritual answer at this point when the rent is due, the car note is due, the kids have needs, or you simply feel your whole L.I.F.E. may be an emergency. At this point, your mind is already frazzled and frayed by the stress you have endured and the last thing you want to hear is pray and be positive and God will provide, when you have been praying, begging and crying for relief that has not come yet.

However, to find the keys to your birthright, which is to live L.I.F.E. and to live it abundantly, the very thing you have to do is Spiritual.  You must still your mind and go to peace to see abundance in everything; including YOU.  You must begin to handle your frustrations and anger about not having enough money so you can be open to carve out the negative beliefs and fears that are buried so deep within you that they are keeping you grounded in lack.  This is the truest test of exercising self-mastery.  It is exercising the POWER to force yourself to slowdown and find the negative thoughts that are hindering you from living in your birthright.

Your faith regarding money must be matched by the same unwavering belief that you have for your supply of air.  Spirit can then supply money into your experience just as abundantly as air. Sounds simply crazy, but it is simply Spiritually true.

I Need Money Honey! - Dr. Diva VerdunThe Universe will provide all your needs according to its riches and glory.  The Universe is gloriously wealthy and there is so much abundance of everything, including money, which only has the value you place on it.  If you were on a deserted island and there was no trade but you needed something to light a fire to be warm and had a $20 bill in your pocket, you would use it to light the fire.  The only value the $20 had was to light the fire at that point, but it met the need of keeping you warm. Thus, the Universe has met your need through money.

Money cannot move out of your wallet until you take it out of it.  It cannot pay a single bill or meet any needs until you put it in action.  Money is literally Spirit taking action on your behalf to assure your needs are met through a form of trade.  Money is very Spiritual.  It is energy, and it is restricted by your negative thoughts, which block it from having access to you.

You do not need money, money needs you!  Why?  Because without you money cannot move about and gather momentum.  It has no value and has no energy without you.  It cannot flow freely and be in circulation unless you move it.  Without you money is worthless.  This is why you must mentally turn the equation around and understand the energy of money.  Money lacks energy when you think of lack and limitation and cannot flow. It has no POWER. It cannot flow back to you.

Money absorbs your energy and shares it with others in circulation.  So if you have a negative belief about money and feel it is evil, or you feel there is not enough, you are padding this negative energy around yourself creating a force-field that blocks free-flowing abundance, including money.

Money is not attracted to you, and therefore continues to flow past you to the area of positive flowing energy to recharge itself to pick back up and keep flowing abundantly in the Universe to meet the needs of those that are circulating positive energy.

Yes, you have to work to make a living, but you do not need to put your nose to a grind to grind it out.  This is a poverty mentality.  Money does not work hard, it flows and is attracted through your energy. See your work as an experience of changing energy.  The labor you provide is energy.  It in turn moves a product or service, which is energy.  This energy is being multiplied on your behalf, which then attracts money to you.  The more positive you can become about your work and the labor you do, the more money will flow to you. It will flow from your job. It will flow from others.  It will flow from unexpected places because heaven will open the window and continue to pour out the blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it. It is all about your energy.

No one wants to hear more spiritual babble or philosophy when they are going through a trial by fire financially, because in that position it simply seems like God did not show up.  The truth is Spirit is always right there waiting to catch you if you will simply trust the POWER that lives within you to attract money.

Affluence = abundant flow. ~Eric Butterworth

Money is Spirit taking action to meet your needs through a value we have placed on currency.  Money is a current, a flow of abundance and IT wants to flow to you, but you have to open the door by releasing your fears and negative ideologies behind money to open up your energy flow.  Money is a simple conduit of energy that moves through the Universe picking up momentum from those that continue to add to its free-flowing abundance through their positive energy.



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