Good and Bad Define and Refine You - Dr. Diva Verdun

Good and Bad Define and Refine You!

We all have character flaws, negative thoughts, negative ideas, negative beliefs, or negative energy.  We have done bad things, failed, cheated, or gotten explosively angry.  We have lied, lost trust, or turned our backs on someone.  The list of bad can be exhaustive, but the negatives are great tools that direct our growth into BEING ALL THAT WE ARE.

Living is an accumulation of many experiences both good and bad.  Each experience generates a process that brings you into an ever-increasing higher level of awareness about L.I.F.E. as you begin to understand your own POWER and know who you are.  The unfolding of the journey is YOU!  It is the process of taking each experience and molding them into a broader realization of BEING.

There is no challenge in accepting the good things about ourselves.  It is the bad things that we don’t want to accept.  We don’t want to believe that the bad things actually are what define and refine us.  However, it is the bad things about us that bring us into the deeper and more reflective journey of self.  It is the bad things that direct us to look for answers.  It is the bad things that we find about ourselves that makes us sit and contemplate what is right and wrong with us. They are designed to motivate us to find the answers to become better. Good and Bad Define and Refine You - Dr. Diva Verdun

The biggest challenge in accepting our flaws is tempering our ego to settle down so that we can accept that we need improvement.  Once we can still the ego, which is always afraid of dying to what is right, we are then ready to deal with our negatives so we can grow into our POWER to reach higher levels of joy, happiness and abundance in our experience.

The key to acceptance of the bad things about self is in knowing that these are all things we have the POWER to change.  It is in knowing that we are OK and that our bad or negatives are simply part of the process of growing into the fullness of BEING.  We come to learn that our bad is the greatest teacher.  It is directing us right into the good that we are in totality as we silence the ego and grow.

Underneath our negatives there are many positive traits that are sitting dormant waiting for the perfect timing for their development.  It is the negatives or bad about us that directs us into searching deep within to awaken the good.  We must be fully prepared to realize the good that is awakening however, and we can only do this by knowing and accepting the bad or negative things we discover about ourselves through certain experiences we live through.

In accepting the bad you grow into the good, which in turn brings you into the full awareness and development of your POWER.  It is a beautiful balance of lessons that cycle through your BEING, guiding you through numerous experiences grooming your beliefs and values.  Your bad is your good buried within you that you are on a quest to discover.



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