Smudges on Your Mirror - Dr. Diva Verdun

Smudges On Your Mirror

When we look into a dirty and smudged mirror we clean it so we can see the best reflection of ourselves. L.I.F.E. presents us with mirrors as well. They come to us in the form of relationships, both intimate and otherwise, which are designed to point us directly back to the reflection we see of ourselves in the mirror.

Intimate relationships go through periods of romantic fantasy and euphoria.  They allow us to experience an emotional high that takes us into a magical place that we wish we could stay in forever. Our emotions are heighten and we feel totally and infinitely connected with our beloved.  Unfortunately, like all highs we must come down.  It is in this period that we will discover if the relationship warrants our favor, true love and devotion and we awaken to the realization that romantic fantasy and love are not one and the same.

We realize that romantic fantasy is a magical period of heightened sensual emotions, driven by chemistry and passion, designed to bring us together with a selected mate in the sexual ritual.  It is not until we come down from the impassioned frenzy that we will discover what we need to realize about ourselves and about the one we have attracted into our space.

It is at this point that we begin to either confirm or pull back from a commitment to work with the other person to combine our L.I.F.E. Force through true LOVE.  It is also at this point we begin to find the pet peeves that bother us, and the attempts to change the other person begin to play out.  It is at this point that control and victimization raise their heads.  It is at this point that we must be consciously aware of the smudges on our own mirror so that we can fine tune the relationship by coming to terms with the things we need to change about ourselves, not the things that we feel are wrong with the other person.

Relationships are not a part of our experience so we can change the other person nor to prove how much we are capable of love.  They are part of our experience so we can grow and make changes to ourselves. They are a mirror reflection of who we are.  They either are showing us exactly who we are, or they are showing us what we attract into our space by how we are.  They are an opportunity to move through challenges to fine tune ourselves by wiping our own smudges off the mirror so that we can improve the reflection the other person sees.

Smudges on Your Mirror - Dr. Diva Verdun As we mature and begin to realize the differences between romantic passion, fantasy and love we see the complications and the challenges in the relationship as something that is fine tuning us as we go deep within and find those behavioral traits that have attracted these certain experiences to us.

We begin to see self-mastery exercises as the most opportune activity in refining the relationship as we begin to realize that the more we work on ourselves, the better the relationship seems to become automatically as the Divine begins to unfold the necessary changes in the other person. Remember, they are also looking into a mirror.  They are looking at you and seeing things that they need to change about themselves as well.

Relationships provide a foundational level of truth and serve three basic purposes: healing, teaching and growing.  Some relationships we experience so that we can heal from emotional, mental or financial crisis in our past and once we have that healing we are ready to move forward.  Some relationships teach us more about who we are and more about L.I.F.E. in general, which in many cases we experience through pain.  Some relationships guide us into a path of higher awareness as we continue to grow together in deeper levels of truth and realize that together we are refining each other into the jewels that we are designed to be.

Many relationships suffer from only having one or two of these qualities.  Ideally having all of these would bring about the ultimate relationship based on a solid foundation of growth.  We would then discover Love is simply a knowing that we are Divinely connected to another person and that they are Divinely connected to us.

Having all three foundational truths in our relationships leads us into the discovery that Love is a constant in the Universe and that the more Love we have for ourselves the more we allow Love to flow to us through other people. This is evident in the love we have for people we are not intimately involved with.

Love is a constant quotient of ONE in the Universe and exist in all as ONE.  IT is not an emotion, it is Spirit in Full Essence as You.  As we come into this awareness of truth we begin to stumble less in our relationships. We learn that we are the mirror reflection of truth so that when we look in the mirror we like what we see.  In liking what we see in our own mirror we are now open to reflect into the Universe exactly the likeness of who we are and we will see the same reflection mirrored back to us in the ones we love.

We must be mature and openly honest to see our mirror reflections in our relationships.  We must be willing to grow and improve in our understanding of self to grow into our best, knowing that as we do we provide our best to those we love.  It takes deep soul-searching to find the smudges on our mirrors.  It takes love of self to be willing to exercise self-mastery to improve for the greater good without attempting to control, rescue, change, or manipulate the other person.

So while we are enjoying the magic of romantic fantasy and the passion of the chemistry of a new relationship, it is wise to remember that this is not love.  It is our sensuous chemistry that explodes into passion and generates strong emotional feelings based on our desires and beliefs for a particular outcome in a relationship.

Your relationships are fully about loving self first so that you are presenting a smudge free and spotless mirror reflection to the person that you love. Love is not a feeling, emotion or passion. It is a KNOWING, a BEING and simply is SPIRIT ITSELF living within you.



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5 thoughts on “Smudges On Your Mirror

  1. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but
    I find this matter to be really something which I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complex and extremely broad for
    me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try
    to get the hang of it!

    1. As you begin to contemplate the truth within your own being the answers begin to come forward. This is a process we are not taught, it is one we evolve into a realization of. Continue to allow truth to flow freely to you and you will come into the full understanding necessary to move you into higher levels of awareness.

      Love and Light!


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